Corporate Elite on Wall Street Make Record Profits for another Quarter

A record number of US citizens have fallen into extreme poverty as the CEOs on Wall Street are reporting more record breaking profits.  In fact in the three years Obama has been President the rate of Wall Street’s profit has increased more than it did during the eight years under Bush.  And that is saying something.

In spite of these incredibly alarming numbers, the neo-cons continue to push for elimination of capital gains taxes on the profits of the rich, stating the need for the corporate elite to be secure in their futures before they begin to create jobs.  Tell me, if you continue to make record profits in every quarter, where would any insecurity come from?

This is all a lie and it has been a lie all along.  And it has been a lie coming from both sides of the false left-right paradigm, as Obama put this lie forth in justifying the Bush era tax cuts for the filthy rich while refusing to acknowledge the plight of the 99ers.

500,000 children are homeless in this country today and Wall Street is making record profits.  46 million people on food stamps and Wall Street is making record profits.  50 million citizens have been reduced to Medicaid and Wall Street is making record profits.

It is shaping up to be a winter with record cold temperatures.  Millions are living on the streets and in tent cities and the corporate elite continue to flaunt their gluttony in our faces.  Our enemies are pressing their attack against us without mercy.  I do believe they know their end is near and are now acting out of pure spite.

It may be hard to imagine but the filthy rich elite truly do despise the poor for merely existing.  All they can think about is how much more wealth they could pile up for their enjoyment if we were not underfoot and in their way.  We must literally wipe these bastards out as they have become like rabid dogs without the smallest measure of reason.

Outside it is twenty-eight degrees right now where I live and I’m cold and I’m living in a house, but I dare not run the heaters too much if I want to keep my electricity on through the winter.  I have seen fun and this is not it.  When I think of the fat cats flying around in jets, complete with Jacuzzis paid for with the resources of my country, I become outraged.  How much more are we going to take before we take this fight to our enemies?

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The GOP (corporate elite) could care less about anybody without a job. They figure if your not working, it’s your own damn fault. They even admit to this garbage while on television. Fox News anchors laugh about it between themselves on national television. All of this while Rupert Murdoch is wire tapping your phone for a scoop. I’ll be spending every available minute until my last breath fighting these pathetic media prostitutes.

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    1. I couldn’t access the site all day yesterday, but finally did late last night. I was wondering what had happened.

    1. All I know is that the web-host provider is playing games. Probably more politics involved somehow. Henry, is pissed to put it mildly. There is going to be some serious conversation with the Attorney General’s office.

  3. this is such bullshit isn’t anyone getting fed up with this these fucking scumbags in wallstreet are laughing there way to the bank and mocking the protesters there sitting up there yelling down to them saying how much they made im sitting im lucky if im working two days a week at the dream job im at the carwash the economy is so bad that even the rich aren’t washing there cars i live in greenwich connecticut this is the second richest town in america second to beverly hills stores are going out of buisness im seeing more homeless im still homeless staying in a laundromat and it’s getting colder by the day and im abought to blow my top the only way to get throught to wall street is shut them down storm the building and im at the thought process of going down there myself and lead the charge the banks the polititions and fucking wallstreet have to be sent a message and i hope you guys feel the same as i do it’s time we need to get revolution started or were all fucked

  4. oh and im sure if the banks start crying and need another bailout im sure congress will open the vault but fuck the rest of us there slowly trying to exterminate us there turning us into the rats and cockroaches making us sound like we are all the problem i hope everyone of these thieving bankers wallstreet and congress get fucking cancer and i hope they read my emails the fucking extrament of society i have said enough i hope henry clark and mark and angel are getting by ok hope you guys are hanging in there brian

  5. Well I’ve made it to the comment board through a proxy server. I still can’t get to WordPress to manage the site.
    Brian Sargeant, I understand you are upset but I can’t get to the site to fix your profanity. So do me a favor, clean it up a little so I don’t have a big mountain of f$#ks to clean up when I do get my site manager back.
    We are getting closer to solving the problem. Thanks to everybody who is hanging in there.

  6. henry i appologise im sick and fed up sorry for the language iv’e been working at a car wash and im the only american there guess who’s working they are you know why i make a whopping 12 dollars and hour while the mexicans make 8 dollars who’s country is this im in the bizzaro world im ready to go out in a blaze of glory sick of this country the grim reaper is coming for me and im going out with a bang

    1. Never a problem. If you could have been a fly on the wall here at my house for the last couple of days, you would probably be blushing.
      We’ve all got to hang in there just a while longer. It has been a long and arduous task in feeding out the hemp, but I tell you I believe they have taken about enough rope to hang themselves. Let them be the ones to go out in a blaze and us the ones left to laugh about it.

    2. brian sargeant,

      12.00/hr? At least you found work.That’ a 40 hr week I hope. If so you can live on that. It’s 25K/yr. Of course the rents are high where you live. Hope you have found a livable studio or something.

      Just curious…what was your line of work before the crash?

      1. what’s up brian my line of work is an electrician i was head of electrical facillities in a private school they shit canned me and gave my job to a gueatamalen i dont if i spelled that right but anyway made 65.000.00 a year with overtime i was making at the time just got a raise 25 and hour and the guetamalen got 15 and hour to take over my job found all this out later and the job i took at the carwash was supposed to full time im luck if get thirty hours in a two week span but as i said the mexicans are working everyday because they make 8 im f–king dying out here thanks brian for asking

  7. hey henry you know what the sad thing is dave crosby and graham nash are at wallstreet and the news is making it look like woodstock it’s cool that there but this isn’t abought peace love it’s are own countrys greed and slowly killing us off far as i see it it’s us against them there is no more solidarity in this country dont get me wrong love crosby stills and nash but there making it look like a joke

    1. You are absolutely right. This is not headed toward a group hug and singing Kumbaya, again nothing against these folk singers probably just trying to relive their youth. This is not the 60s. It is not about peace and love. It’s about we the people versus the international corporate elite. And when we are finished dancing this dance, only we are going to be left standing. There is no compromising with the rabid dogs that are our enemies. They must be put down or they will eat our grandchildren.

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