CT shooting– Man in camouflage pants grabbed by police – Was suspected of being second shooter?

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We found this earlier and it was SCRUBBED! (who can do that?)

from: http://www.wfsb.com/story/20345707/cbs-27-people-dead-in-newtown-school-shooting

Eyewitness News reporters on the Observed a man in camouflage gear being taken away from the staging area. He screamed to people in the area that he was not involved in the shooting.

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By Andrew Steele

A witness to the aftermath of the terrible school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut on December 14th described police cuffing  a man in camouflage pants and a dark jacket who was walked past him, and who looked at gathered parents and told them that he wasn’t responsible for the shooting.  At the time the witness was interviewed by CBS News, the man he described was not far away.  In fact, he was sitting in the front of a police car that was nearby.

Witness:  I saw them walk a guy earlier with handcuffs…he walked by us and said he didn’t do it.

Reporter:  It was a grown man?

Witness: A grown man, yeah.  He’s sitting in the front of the police car over there now.  So, I mean…

Reporter:  He didn’t have a gun?

Witness:  No, I didn’t see any gun…just had him handcuffed and he walked by us and looked into parents’ eyes and said “I didn’t do it”.

Reporter:  How was he dressed?

Witness: Camo pants with a dark jacket.


While it’s not unusual that in the chaos of a mass shooting the wrong person might initially be grabbed by police as a suspect and later released, what is unusual is the fact that the man described by the witness apparently was wearing military style clothes just like those worn by the alleged shooter– Adam Lanza– and described by some accounts as the same clothes of the shooter.

From the Sky Valley Chronicle:

“Broadcast reports from the scene say the gunman reportedly walked into the school wearing camouflage pants and opened fire in one room killing the principal and an unknown number of other adults and then moved into to classrooms shooting at students and teachers in those rooms.”

The Telegraph described the man in the camouflage pants and Adam Lanza– (who was wearing black “fatigues”)  as being two separate people. This, of course, makes sense since Adam Lanza died in the school, and therefore couldn’t have been the man described in the video above.

“The gunman, wearing black fatigues and a military-style vest, was found dead in a classroom, but it was not clear whether he took his own life or was shot by police.

A second man wearing camouflage trousers was seen being handcuffed. One witness described him shouting: “I didn’t do it.”

Reuters, citing CBS News, along with several other news sources wrote that the man in the black camouflage pants had been found in the woods.

“Another person was being held in police custody after he was detained in the woods near the school wearing camouflage pants, CBS reported”.

AL.com, citing Fox News, claimed the man was the shooting suspect’s younger brother, as did other sources.

“2:25 p.m. CST — A FoxNews report said
witnesses said a handcuffed man, dressed in camouflage was led out of a nearby woods by officers who reported to the shooting. The individual is Lanza’s younger brother, according to the Associated Press.”

The link back to the Fox News story, as of this writing, is dead.  Most likely this is because at the time the information was posted, Adam Lanza’s older brother Ryan was mistakenly being named as the suspect.

“2:15 p.m. CST — The Associated Press reports: A law enforcement official says the suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is 24-year-old Ryan Lanza and that his younger brother is being held for questioning as a possible second shooter. The law enforcement official said the boys’ mother, Nancy Lanza, works at the school as a teacher. The official also said Ryan Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey.”

Ryan Lanza, who lives in Hoboken NJ, was at work during the shooting. He couldn’t have been the man grabbed from the woods.  Adam and Ryan were the only two sons in the family, so the man in the woods couldn’t have been a third “younger brother” either.

The man in the camouflage pants at one point was suspected by police of being a second shooter.

From Fox 43, Central PA:

“CBS News reports that a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect. Miller reports that authorities have gone into a home connected with the individual in custody after seeing what appeared to be a body inside.

A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”


13 thoughts on “CT shooting– Man in camouflage pants grabbed by police – Was suspected of being second shooter?

  1. I guess we can expect to see the usual assortment of facts that don’t add up which always seem to surface whenever one of these “mass shooting” psy-ops occurs.

    One interesting angle raised on yesterday’s Word From The Trenches radio show doubts whether this shooting even occurred, as someone living close by, and apparently the TV footage as well, fails to give any indication that any dead or wounded bodies were even removed from the scene. It would be refreshingly humane of them to pull this off without actually killing the kids, but I think the sick bastards actually enjoy creating the carnage.

  2. I read the same thing yesterday on three different sites, (that they had a second man in handcuffs). One of the sites was an interview with a student talking about a man in handcuffs. I read so many articles yesterday that I probably could not find it again.

    1. “One of the sites was an interview with a student talking about a man in handcuffs” That was an excerpt of live news coverage (CNN I believe) hosted by CNHI News Service http://www.cnhinews.com/ , All links to said video are either 404 dead ends or featuring newer content (or it sure appears that way). Example:


      However you can still see a small screenshot of the interview on this site’s front page:


      Hopefully somebody somewhere recorded the live feed and can find this kid’s eyewitness testimony concerning a second suspect for uploading (if it’s on DVR you need to move it to something more secure soon!). It’s really a travesty you know, censoring what is clearly a politically unbiased, first-person account by a child who watched friends and teachers die. This mere act on it’s own, much less the ambiguity which arises from conflicting reports, points to hidden agendas at play and speaks towards the mass media’s true level of human compassion. They really don’t give a #### about those kids when it comes down to it, ditto your safety and that of your loved ones. Gun control is a consolidation of political power…PERIOD

  3. conveniently done on friday, so tptb can get their stories straight! they sure don’t mind killing children, Waco,OKC bombing, columbine and many more. All to convince the lemmings to outlaw guns, when they should outlaw all these mind altering drugs. and why do so many of these shooters have jewish names, columbine, norway, and this latest massacre of innocents. could the problem be with their talmud teachings? (only jews are human and a goys life doesn’t matter).

    1. yes jews hate us and they want everyone dead or enslaved. they are not compatible with humanity their talmud and their teachings (from very young age) commends them to work hard to destroy the host culture and enslave it’s population. every where they have been it resulted in decay and destruction and i fell america is next.

  4. This was reported on NPR (national propaganda radio) exactly as stated in the article, but there was no follow up. Perhaps the guy was Lanza’s handler, who, after showing cops his guvmint ID, quietly disappeared. I doubt the subject will come up again in msm.

  5. I SWEAR, I honestly believe that they INTENTIONALLY put out all these conflicting reports, if for no other reason than to prove to those of us who are awake how STUPID and GULLIBLE the sheeple in this country actually are.

  6. I just watched the coroners press conference video. He was asked what caliber bullet was used in the investigation. He stated the long gun was used. He would not specify what caliber. The next question/statement was “we were told the long gun was found in the car..” Someone, I believe a police officer, said “that’s not true”. What is true and will we ever find out?

    I found some more conflicting videos here: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/12/videos-contradicting-official-elementary-school-massacre-story-2515030.html

    1. Coroners have a long history of cozy complicity when it comes to covering up crimes perpetrated by the state. After all, it’s who signs their paychecks. Google corrupt+coroner and you’ll get an eyeful.

      It must be pretty complicated you know, accounting for 5.56mm wounds when initial police reports (which I find holds far more credibility than the revised, carefully worded PR offered up by upper echelon spokespeople) clearly stated Adam Lanza was NOT found in the school with a Bushmaster, but with two or three 9mm handguns. Adam never took the rifle inside. Oh, but he had a mask on so no one witnesses or surveillance cameras got a good facial of the shooter.

      Putting two and two together it’s logical to conclude the following;

      IF indeed victims were hit by rifle fire

      BUT the dead suspect only took handguns inside

      AND there was a second suspect in black and camo arrested



      SINCE video testimony of highly credible witnesses who indicate the arrest of a second person is being removed from the web

      AND the mainstream media, from Fox to MSNBC, not only ignores these logic-evading loose ends but unquestionably PARROTS the OFFICIAL LINE

      while utilizing EVERY EMOTION-LADEN IMAGE AND STORY FACET available, either genuine or produced, as PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPONRY in a coordinated WAR of ANTI-GUN propaganda aimed at steering public opinion, thus DRIVING a POLITICAL WEDGE BETWEEN gun owning and non-gun owning AMERICANS all in order to DISARM THE NATION.

      Folks, this is Oklahoma City 1994 and September 11, 2001 all over again

      1. You see this is what is being lost. There wasn’t one, but two people arrested. The fellow in the camouflage pants and black shirt that ran into the woods and the fellow in the maroon van with the back window shot out that was arrested in town.

  7. Why didn’t someone film the guy? By last night I had begun to think that the misinformation was deliberate. That way as the story evolved, anyone pointing out discrepancies would be told that the press had their stories so screwed up they couldn’t get a single fact right and the real discrepancies would be ignored.

  8. Everywhere people are pointing to this video.

    Why don’t people ask “who is this man”? He’s from Ct. He is with the construction crew that was doing work on the school grounds……….lets ask him ourselves.

    Maybe 100 video posts from different people title “Sandy Hook: Who is this Man?” will flush him out.

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