Cuba releases political inmates on US list: Psaki

Cuban students march in a Havana street after Washington released three Cuban spies (file photo)Press TV

The US State Department has announced that Cuban authorities have released some of nearly 53 political prisoners on Washington’s list.

The department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said on Tuesday that the US government wanted to see the release of all those on its list of political activists held by Havana but refused to elaborate on the identity of those freed so far.  

“They have already released some prisoners… Obviously we would like to see this completed in the near future,” said Psaki, adding, “This list is not to be seen as the end of our discussion on human rights with the government of Cuba.”

The development comes following a historic move last month by US President Barack Obama, ordering his administration to begin a process of re-establishing normal ties with its southeastern neighbor after decades of hostile relations that included imposing sanctions on the tiny island nation.

This month, meanwhile, Cuban and US officials are due to meet in the Cuban capital of Havana for talks on renewing ties.

This is while Republican Party critics of the Obama administration have raised concerns about alleged human rights abuses in the Latin American country.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio demanded the postponement of talks, scheduled for this month, until the release of all political prisoners in Cuba.

Rubio and other Cuban-American members of the US Congress, who are staunchly anti-Havana, insist that Obama’s change of policy could provide Cuba with legitimacy and money while it continues with its alleged human rights violations.

He further stressed that he and fellow party members would seek to slow or block Obama’s moves towards normalizing Cuba ties.


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