Dallas officer Amber Guyger fired after manslaughter charge for killing Botham Jean

Dallas News

Dallas Officer Amber Guyger, who is facing a manslaughter charge after fatally shooting 26-year-old Botham Jean in his Cedars apartment Sept. 6, was fired Monday.

Police said in a news release that she was fired after an internal investigation found she had engaged in “adverse conduct” when she was charged with manslaughter. 

The firing came after widespread calls for action against Guyger, who had been on administrative leave since the shooting.

Guyger is allowed to appeal the decision under civil service rules, police said.

Police Chief U. Renee Hall said at a town-hall meeting Tuesday she couldn’t fire Guyger before an internal investigation. Her chief of staff, Thomas Taylor, said that an administrative investigation was on hold until a criminal investigation into Guyger was complete.

On Thursday, Hall said she did not want to risk interfering with a criminal investigation by making a decision about Guyger’s employment.

“As an employer, DPD can compel Officer Guyger to provide a statement during a DPD administrative investigation and those statements given to DPD could potentially compromise the criminal investigation,” Hall said in a written statement.


5 thoughts on “Dallas officer Amber Guyger fired after manslaughter charge for killing Botham Jean

  1. Perhaps, as a de-throned official, this individual will actually be liable, without the blue sheild of indemnity and taxpayer reconciliation?

  2. Not good enough
    but you pigs wont figure that out ..not even when the public decides your game is over will you even get it

    trying to wake you up to it is a waste of time .. but history has proven you pigs and copsuckers will pay for the ignorance of your government and your ignorance and treason against the very people of this country that put trust in you

    the backlash is huge ..

  3. They’ll wait for public outrage to reach an unacceptable level… THEN they’ll throw her murdering @ss under the bus.

    Just to prove to us all what fine, upstanding keepers of our Bill of Rights they are.

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