DC Police Blocked Off Trump Supporters and Forced Them to Walk Through BLM Mob Where They Knew They’d Be Attacked

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Hundreds of thousands of Americans traveled to Washington DC to show support for Trump and to prevent the theft of this presidential election.

After the massive march and rally several Trump supporters were assaulted and bloodied by the Black Lives Matter terrorist group. 

This was allowed in our nation’s capital.

At one point Trump supporters were prevented by DC police from walking down a street and were instead redirected to pass through a mob of Black Lives Matter hooligans.

The Trump supporters were punched and assaulted.
The DC police did this.

Via Jorge Ventura Media:

Gateway Pundit

2 thoughts on “DC Police Blocked Off Trump Supporters and Forced Them to Walk Through BLM Mob Where They Knew They’d Be Attacked

  1. Well of course. Folks who think they are “preppers” or whatever are just gonna have to figure out how to bypass these thugs, the cops included. Prepare means prepare, not just go through the motions. For all I know half the DC cops are Antifa or BLM members! Certainly their police chief acts like it….

    Seriously, you who call yourselves “patriots”–don’t you realize that “being peaceful” isn’t going to work when dealing with paid-off cops and thugs and commies armed by Soros-Harris-Democrats-whoever. And you are “afraid” of these emo thugs who live in mommy’s basement when you ought to have them afraid of you? Have you so-called “patriots” learned your lesson yet? When you do, let me know!

  2. Agreed, listen ‘prepper’ kids. Your heart may be in the right place but you need to understand that the peace process is over.
    The more you give the more they’ll take. At this point in the game it’s better that the the ‘children of the insurrection’ are terrified to even look at you. It’s very much time to flip the game onto the ‘jew’ bankers and end their control before the US suffers a far worse fate than russia did at the hands of the bolsheviks.
    If the russian people had acted they could have stopped the murderous ‘jews’ and prevented millions of deaths.
    Now they suffer under a military dictatorship run by the khazarian red ‘jewish’ mafia and the common folk are still on their knees.
    Set your sights on high value targets. Forget antifa/blm go for their money supply chain and the people whispering into their ears. Waste the mossad agents bringing in pallets of bricks to protests and that’ll stop real fast.
    If you’re white and care not to go extinct, this is your moment.
    Otherwise the disappearances and night raids and encampments
    and genocide will be your last memories.

    It can all be stopped. Know the enemy.


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