Death by Banker

Let’s assume for a minute that a true patriot, wholeheartedly devoted to saving and serving this country, was allowed to run for president. With an honest vote count he’ll win by a landslide, so let’s also assume that his promises were sincere, and he had every intention of keeping them. He could assemble a cabinet of loyal, intelligent, and wise advisors, and they all might work tirelessly toward the restoration of our Bill of Rights. Even if both houses of congress supporting him, what could he accomplish?

“Don’t screw with us. We killed the Kennedys, we killed Lincoln, and we killed the Romanovs, too. Matter of fact, your pretty daughter looks a little bit like Anastasia, and I’ll bet she can scream just as loudly. We’ve lain whole societies to waste, incinerated millions, starved nations, and killed Kings. We rule the world, and you live because we allow you to. You had your fun being America’s hero, but now it’s time for you to understand how the world really works, because you have a beautiful family, and we wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to them. We can arrange for you to live like a king, or suffer unimaginable torture, and we do this for our amusement, so I think you should work for us now.”  

Do you see the problem here? We’re besieged by a power so deeply entrenched, so unimaginably wealthy, and so globally encompassing, that the intrigues and infighting of Washington D.C. are almost meaningless to them, despite all the importance they’re given by the media. The real rulers of this nation are never mentioned in the press, because the owners of the presses serve them too.

What Americans generally refer to as our “government” is nothing but a collection criminals, perverts and whores, all fighting for a piece of the rotten pie. They’ll never do anything that benefits the American people unless it’s profitable for themselves, because we’re the targets of their crimes. They maintain the illusion of “serving the country” because it’s necessary to continuing their theft, but every last skunk in D.C. makes their cash by betraying the American people for the corporations that stuff their pockets. They’ll only do as much of their job as is required to maintain the illusion of “serving” us, but they’re all living like kings on a modest salary, and that never happens honestly.

Our salvation lies in our ability to look beyond the circus, and find out who pitched the tent. It doesn’t make the slightest difference which party controls congress, the courts, the white house, or all three; only the rhetoric changes, but the invasion of the country continues, and someone keeps shooting kids in some vain attempt to disarm us. Open borders and disarmament have been our “government’s” policy for at least thirty years, despite the vast majority of Americans being strongly opposed to both.

Well we know who’s behind it. The bankers rule this country, and every other country of any importance, and their plans for global government require that Americans be disarmed, because we’re the last obstacle that threatens their goal of world domination. Another bunch of kids had to die to bring the gun control debate into the forefront again, and provide an excuse to pass new laws that could never have been discussed before the carnage. That’s how the population is emotionally manipulated, and since these deceptive practices are employed constantly, your only wise choice is to ignore all they have to say, and stick to America’s political constant that we call the Bill of Rights.

No one can name an honest politician, or even an honest sentence that came out of one of their mouths, but Americans keep listening to them anyway, so they’re either duped or entertained by this, but nothing they have to say is important; it’s only deceit. Regardless of who’s in power, if you’re an American, you’re going to keep getting taxed, robbed, imprisoned, and harassed until you die, and if this communist takeover of our country isn’t stopped, your death will come a lot sooner that you’re expecting.

The large populations that crowded into urban areas were important to the industrial revolution, but robots do factory jobs now, so they don’t need you anymore. Farming too is increasingly mechanized, and the humans that are needed on farms will soon be replaced by robots as well. You’re just in the way, consuming food and energy, claiming rights and land, and drinking precious water they need for their great grandchildren. You were profitable to them in the past, but that’s no longer the case, so they’ve decided it’s time for you to die, so they might live better.

Unfortunately, we’ve always been like roaches to them; continually breeding faster than we can be killed, and because we’re heavily armed and so outnumber them, we have to be killed without raising too much alarm. They’re forced to thread lightly or they’ll incite rebellion, at which point in the game their plans are not only stopped, but moved backwards too. Yes, “heads will roll” if any rebellion gains steam, but it’s never the bankers’ heads because when they detect an uprising, they infiltrate and subvert that movement just as they’ve done with our “government.”

Our Bill of Rights cannot be infiltrated and subverted unless we allow it to happen. It clearly spells out government prohibitions, as well as outlining a legal system that insures justice and fairness for all, without sacrificing any freedom. The only drawback of the Bill of Rights is that it requires eternal vigilance, and will only protect a population that’s devoted to protecting it in return.

The American people have stupidly allowed their rights to be trampled in exchange for luxury, and the trampling has proceeded so far that our rights are merely a documented memory. In reality, what remains of our rights only exists rhetorically, and in the minute quantity that’s necessary to prevent rebellion. As individuals, we have no rights at all. Americans are disarmed regularly for any excuse, thrown in prisons without due process, and homes are searched, and property seized without proper warrants all the time. Our common law courts have been replaced with the tyranny of arbitrarily enforced laws, and we’ve lost the access to the peoples’ courts that once insured equality, and justice for all.

By necessity, this has been accomplished incrementally. New infringements of our rights are always being tested, and ensconced when they meet no rebellion. Whenever there is public outcry, they lift their foot off of our necks publicly, and examine how they can advance their tyranny stealthily.

Their latest attempt to advance their disarmament agenda involved the slaughter of some Floridian school kids, and if you’re reading this, you already know it was another orchestrated mass murder for the purpose of emotional manipulation, so there’s no need for me to pour over the lies that accompanied the event.

The bold attempt to see how far it would get them was Trump suggesting that some people should be disarmed without due process, and because this was met with outrage, they, and many of the American people, will “compromise” by accepting “red flag laws” being enacted in states throughout the nation.

Ostensibly, these red flag laws will allow for the disarmament of lunatics before they strike, but in reality, they’ll be used to disarm political dissidents. The “news” will report the stories of a few obvious lunatics being disarmed, and this will allow much of the public to believe our “government” is working in our interests, allowing them to ignore the process altogether. What goes unpublicized will be patriots’ doors being broken down in the middle of the night to help eliminate obstacles to the destruction of this nation.

Everyone in the White House, and the rest of our “government” is fully aware that these shootings are orchestrated theatrics, but they’ll uphold the lie forever, despite any factual evidence that destroys it. From this we can only conclude that they’re all determined to undermine our rights and freedom, and reduce us to mere peasants in the country we own.

The number of armed Americans is far too large for them to disarm us all, so they’ll concentrate their efforts on who they believe poses the biggest threat to their tyranny, which will give a larger force, such as an invading army, a chance at success in finishing the job. Know that if the police arrive to disarm you, you’re considered to be a threat, not to school kids, but to their larger schemes of destroying this nation, and ruling the world. You’ll not only be disarmed, but probably institutionalized as well, because the latest excuse for disarming you is based on claims of “mental instability”. You’ll receive a chemically lobotomy in a mental institution, so neither your guns nor your thoughts will ever threaten their plans again.

And since they’re going to disarm us individually, you’re not only going to have to defend your rights individually, but be ready to defend your neighbor’s rights too, because after his rights are taken, removing yours becomes easier, and we’re all on their list to be slaughtered.

Whether it’s the NRA, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, or tomorrow’s hero, someone will always appear to fight your battle for you, and you’ll always eventually discover that they’re not really fighting as hard as they should be, if they’re really fighting at all. You’re going to have to stand up and fight your own battle, because anyone who arrives to fight it for you only exists to allow you to go back to your television, and believe everything will be fine. Nothing is fine. Our nation and our lives are under attack, and we’re going to have to fight for both by ourselves if we want to secure any kind of future for ourselves and our children. No one likes the idea, but these are the cards we’ve been dealt.

If you can organize a weekend football game, or even a poker game, you can organize a civil defense team that’s ready to defend your community from all enemies of this nation, and our Bill of Rights. If you can’t organize any help at all, you should at least be helping to educate Americans by disseminating accurate information. Everyone who knows the truth joins our side, because fighting for what’s right recruits its own army.

All that’s need to win the war that will soon descend upon us is a little preparation, inspired by the knowledge that it’s coming. Don’t sit back and allow America to be destroyed. Spread the truth, and prepare to defend your nation. It’s your only hope for survival, because the people who rule this world, simply don’t need us around anymore. — Jolly Roger

“Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans, born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.”  — John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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13 thoughts on “Death by Banker

  1. “… anyone who arrives to fight it for you only exists to allow you to go back to your television,…”

    Assuming you even left it in the first place.

    THE # 1 reason for the TERMINAL STUPIDITY in this country today.

    Astute assessment, as always, JR.

  2. I remember what a relief it was back around ’04 when I learned voting was a scam. Resolved to no longer participate in the charade, I felt a burden lifted from my shoulders. A few years later, I learned the same about the entirety of our government. All theater, but with the power to move the world against the people. Yes, relieved again, that I no longer have to buy into the lie. But this time, burden not lifted. The realization of the falsehood surrounding us came with an increased sense of responsibility, responsibility to not only restore freedom, but somehow rescue truth. So I certainly understand your urging the reader to “not sit back” and to “spread the truth.”

    I still don’t know who or how many died in any of the many false flags we’ve had to investigate and endure. I do know, that deep suffering resulted in spite of being denied the fine details, and of course, more rights on the chopping block. Thank you, Jolly, for this treatise on what we’re up against.


  3. Bam, JR! I’m printing copies of this out and passing them out to folks around here as it is not enough to read

  4. “What goes unpublicized will be patriots’ doors being broken down in the middle of the night to help eliminate obstacles to the destruction of this nation.”

    What WILL ‘go publicized’ is the ‘fact’ that their computer held kiddie-porn, which is always easy to do or say, and plays on the heartstrings rather nicely to help ‘publicly convict’.

  5. …..” because we’re the targets of their crimes.”

    I find it extremely unnerving to have a target on my back, uninvited and unprovoked!

    These words alone are enough to stand and fight!

    Good one JR, thank you!!

  6. “The large populations that crowded into urban areas were important to the industrial revolution, but robots do factory jobs now, so they don’t need you anymore. Farming too is increasingly mechanized, and the humans that are needed on farms will soon be replaced by robots as well. You’re just in the way, consuming food and energy, claiming rights and land, and drinking precious water they need for their great grandchildren.

    It’s pointless to even have humans in Congress, they’re useless as a bag of rocks and are corrupt as hell. Get rid of them. Robots are more reliable.

    Great article JR.

  7. Thanks, everyone. I’m glad you liked the article, but it’s nothing new to this crowd. Mary has the right idea…there are other people who need to read it, and it’s always about reaching new people.

  8. Reminded me to read all the Fritz Springmeier research on the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. It’s still out there on websites and YouTube. Fritz Springmeier….interesting what happens to people who get too close to the truth and find a medium to expose it like his books. He’s still active but weary. All 13 banking / financial powered families listed.

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