Debuking The Russian Myths Coming From The Alternative And Mainstream Media

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I am getting sick and tired of some in the Alternative media sending the wrong narrative about Russia and the Ukrainian crisis. The accounts I am hearing from people who live in eastern and western Ukraine have a different point of view.  I am getting annoyed hearing the war drums from some in the alternative media. They’re sounding more like the main stream media.

First I do not buy what the main stream is saying. I do not read them much nor waste my time. I do not give them any attention either. because this gives them a false credibility they do not deserve. I hear them bad mouth Russia and Putin saying this crisis is making Russia a police state. Well Russia is not the aggressor in all this. They are acting in defense of their borders and the safety of their people.  

So now let me debunk  people like Alex Jones.  Sorry Mr Jones. If you have not been to Russia. Do not bash them. yes he may praise the government paying people to have children and encouraging Christianity. Still you call Putin being authoritarian because of the Ukraine crisis.

The truth is Putin is not cracking down on protesting or free speech. A new law has been passed that requires Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs) to register as a foreign agent. These NGOs before the law was passed were staging anti Putin protest around Moscow with rent a mobs funded by foundations outside of Russia.The Russian government under this law does not tolerate these NGOs coming in trying to destabilize Russia. That is not Russian tyranny with an iron fist. This is Russia protecting its interest from foreign influence.

To Paul Craig Roberts told the half truth Sunday said Putin is boxed in. Damn if he invades Ukraine and Damn if he doesn’t invade or do something.  He is predicting Putin will be unpopular because his lack of options. That is not so.

Russia and China just signed an oil and gas agreement to buy and sell oil in their own currencies instead of using the US Dollar that is considered the worlds reserve currency under the Bretton Woods agreement. With the B.R. I. C.S. alliance which many nations are signing onto no longer using the US Dollar to trade. If the many nation decide not to use the US Dollar to trade. The Central Banking system will collapse. The US dollar will be worthless. Putin has many cards to play to bring down the corrupt central banking system. Russia has the economic warfare card to play were no matter how many sanctions the US tries to impose.  Obama is screwed.

To make one more thing clear. There is no Civil war in Ukraine. There is a EU/NATO overthrow of an elected government because they refused to become a member of the European Union. A hostile takeover by the European Central Bankers. The forces slaughtering unarmed civilians are not mostly Ukrainian troops. They are mercenaries  paid for the CIA and the US State Department. The other forces are Al Qaeda fighters from Chechnya making up the Junta forces. Most of the Ukrainian forces are not taking orders from Kiev knowing it is not the legitimate government. Most of the units have joined the pro Russian forces.

Russia is doing what they are supposed to be doing to protect its interest and sovereignty. Russia stands in the way of the globalist dominating the world through private central banking issuing the currency. The Russian economy and monetary system is very insulated from a collapse of the western economies minimizing the negative effects when the nations dump the dollar.

We have to admit it. Russia is doing better than us. People I talk like the conditions they are living under. There is more free speech and freedom of religion. Russia has no political correctness where people are browbeaten by the term racist because there is a disagreement. They have no duel citizens undermining their national security.

I wish the new media think it through before saying things about Russia. Russia is not perfect. They have come a long way since the collapse of the old Soviet Union. Russia is thriving 20 years later. The Russian people have pride and very nationalistic about Mother Russia.

2 thoughts on “Debuking The Russian Myths Coming From The Alternative And Mainstream Media

  1. The US news media saw what happened to Michael Hastings……

    And although they went along with how he died – and NOT A SQUEAK FROM MERCEDES about how incredibly unsafe their product is – they KNOW – and will NEVER AGAIN stand up and print the truth.

    Besides; Amerikans are so incredibly lazy now, it’s easier to wait for ‘the script’, add a few words from the dictionary, and collect a paycheck.

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