Dec 14/15 CRCD Photos – Snowmageddon!

bunker blownMax Velocity Tactical

It turned out to be a great weekend, despite some challenges getting everyone up to the site on the Saturday morning. Here are some far from professional photos, to give you a flavor, taken on phones. We can, and will, train in bad weather!

As usual, a great group, several of whom were returning students.  


Above: Group Photo, Range 1. 9 students on this class. I’m in the middle.  One is taking the photo!


Above: The schoolhouse. Warming burn barrel to the right.

rtr 1

Above: Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill.

rtr 4

Above. Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill. Prone would be better, but kneeling was permitted due to the conditions.

rtr 2

Above: Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill. Straight to kneeling this time.

rtr 3

Above. Range 2. Arctic Walk. RTR drill. Next part after moving positions.

rifle rack

Above: Rifle Rack. Looking up towards Range 1.

bunker blown

Above: ENDEX. Range 2. Bunker Blown. After completing the squad assault. Assault fire team getting up off the objective bunker.


walking back

Above: Heading back down after the bunker assault. Happy days.

For more information on the RTR drills, check out this post: React to Contact: Solid Drills to Keep You Alive.

Live Hard.

Die Free.


36 thoughts on “Dec 14/15 CRCD Photos – Snowmageddon!

  1. That’s great for those who can attend.Most folks have jobs/families/limited budgets ect.,they do the best they can as far as prepping including training with firearms but most live in areas where combat group training is not a option(luckily,I live in the sticks and have a few like minded neighbors!).I would find it much better to have articles that show folks what they can do/practice ect. to learn combat survival skills in a limited environment situation.I am glad citizens training but this article to me is just a about as useful as seeing a strangers vacations photos.

    1. James,dont you fret All american nationals are gonna get a belly full of ON THE JOB TRAINING very shortly and I believe once the inner survival mode kicks in (see cat video) we will all know how to survive this coming battle.One only needs to look at the way americans are standing up (only cameras at this point) to these gangs of vest wearing thugs as in it took 9 car loads to harrass a guy on a fkn bike and that was back in 2009,so stay positive as we all know the dark side can never win against the light.

      1. If you won’t/can’t attend training with a suitable trainer, at least get some knowledge and do some training on your own. Check out my training manual in the left side bar of this page: ‘Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival’.
        Relying on your inner mall ninja to emerge and triumph when the games begin is just not going to cut it. Sorry.
        Also, for articles in this like James mentions, there are hundreds of free articles in my blog:

        1. I have no “inner ninja” Max ,Im just an old man who can shoot straight is about the limits of my abilities and if each of us old farts gets at least one of them commie’s this thing will be over in about 2 minutes,now if any of you young uns want to runaround playing shoot em up thats okey dokey with me and if you happen to be in the W V hills you stop on by for a hotmeal. As for me and my friends we see no point in gathering in one place FOR ALL TO SEE to play army games. We do our practice in hunting season by taking head shots as in AIM SMALL MISS SMALL
          I have checked out your site and like most of my fellow AMERICANS cant AFFORD you or your preps for freedom ,when I prep I usually drag home some meat to can so once again if you find yourself around here stop in for an ALWAYS FREE MEAL I dont think your “army of 8” will be much more effectice than my hunting gang

          1. I have to agree with you Steve being an old man myself. I did my running around playing army already,the big difference is I was getting paid for it at the time. I have no intensions of getting into fire-fights with a larger force. Look for who is in charge then hit and run. We may be old but I assure you that us old farts will be able to bag our limit or more. Besides nobody lives forever and I intend to take more than they do.

          2. Steve &Red,glad to see there are others like me with a “f#@k it” attitude.I still hike a lot with my molle loaded and hunt/fish/have food put away ect. and train a bit with neighbors but agree,hit and run and or just take a few with me,till then just enjoy life as best I can.

  2. As one who was there this weekend (I’m the one taking the group photo), I can personally attest to the fact that it was nothing short of awesome. Anyone who is even the slightest bit serious about getting up off of there a#$ and actually DOING something to be prepared for the upcoming Liberty Games (not mine, just borrowed it), needs to go train with Max before it is too late. You will not find a better trainer anywhere no matter how far you travel or how much you pay!!!

    1. Tarter,great if you can afford,am glad you enjoyed it.On a side note will say if prone was the better way to be in the snow,you can count on me being prone regardless of weather!I am just saying would be nice to see more ideas for folks who train on their own/have limited training grounds ect.,most cannot afford the money/time/travel ect.These are people who are armed and want to do the best they can with what they have.I live in the sticks and have a bud who got out after many afghan tours,I though am the exception rather then rule to be lucky enuff to train/get some ideas from my bud and have area to practice.I would really like to see articles for the “average joe” to help improve skills and at least give em a chance if things go very wrong,best to all who are training and trying whatever path you follow!

      1. James,

        I have attended Max’s CRCD class 3 times since August 2013, and am signed up for his 3-day Patrol class in January. I AM NOT a rich man, and have to constantly remind my wife that I am not “playing soldier” but learning valuable skills I know that I will need in order to protect her and my 12 yo daughter once the “fun” begins. I have chosen to SACRIFICE in many areas of my life in order to be able to afford this particular type of training, in addition to other basic training in the areas of TC3, survival medicine and COMMS. The most valuable lesson I have learned is that no matter how much you read/study, you WILL NOT be ready unless you train effectively. Max’s courses are very reasonably priced, in fact, in my opinion, they are way underpriced for what you actually get in return. The 2nd most valuable lesson I have learned is PT, PT, PT, PT!! No matter what you may “think”, you WILL NOT be ready unless you are physically fit, period. It all comes down to what you make important in your life. But most people want to have their cake and eat it too.

        1. Again,many cannot travel/do this or other courses.As I said,am lucky,have a combat trained friend to help and land to work on,many don’t.I am also with Steve,as long as I take a few to the rock in hell with me tis a fair trade(i have no wife or kids).I am lucky but many prepping on a check by check basis,that said though school of hard knocks some will survive and prevail,history shows us that time and time again.

        2. Tater,did you find a need to bitch on Maxs site about posters here,really?!I will continue to visit the site for information despite folks like you being involved in any degree with the site/school ect.,survival is survival.

  3. James, Steve et al: you spend an inordinate amount of time making excuses. This isn’t even about my training. It’s getting any training. Making excuses about dying on your hill is simply cowardice, and thinking you are going to ‘take one with you’ is foolish.
    Why are you so adamant to say that training such as I provide is not worth it? The problem is that in your ignorance, you don’t know what you don’t know. If you are old (I have 67 year olds attending my training) then encourage the younger ones to train, and you support them.
    It enrages me to hear your ignorant cowardly naysaying about dying on your ficking hill. You may as well work for the Regime!
    Get a grip, wake up, stop spending so much time making excuses, and realize what you don’t know. Does anyone wonder why Liberty is lost with naysayers like you around?

    1. Max,as I do not know your background will not comment on it but if you actually read my posts you will see that I am lucky,live in the sticks and have a friend who did multiple tours in Afghan and willing and is teaching me and some other friends some basics,I am more then comfortable with his credentials as a multi tour combat veteran!When you actually fully read my posts you will also see that I am glad folks training no matter what and wish them the best whatever path they follow.You should be happy folks willing to make a last stand,cannon fodder does help.I will happily war with a experienced hunter who knows his/her terrain ect. and willing to sit in a tree with a bow or firearm all day or a blind all day with the patience for that kill shot.I am getting the impression if we don’t buy into your course or buy your books you think we are all doomed,screw that noise.As I said also,I went to the trouble to take a course/spend money ect. and prone is preferred position will take it snow or not,that right there makes me wonder about your course.I said it before and will say again,no matter how/who you train with best of luck in it.

      1. James,@ 4.40
        Where are you writing from,I read your words and as a fellow bowhunter I know them long hours hunkered behind a tree or up in one, waiting for that unaware deer to walk under for the kill shot. Is it not the greatest feeling to be that close to a critter that wary and he aint got a clue of the death about to be inflicted.Im in the middle of W VA near the little fart of a town called summersville,but I live a 1/2 hour from town in the sticks,you dont owe this kid max any explanation for your life unless he payes your bills in my opinion,he is just desperate to have more than EIGHT or 9 children in his lil club and has some nerve talking to grown ups like he did,his ass needs taken to the woodshed for a lesson in manners,as he is rude,could you imagine being stuck at his place for just a weekend NO THANKS I got over 300 acres of family farm right here and have no desire to go to S C or any other place as I have found my home right here,in fact I cant tell you the # of old city friends who make the trip here not to see me as much as to enjoy the lack of rat race and abudance of natural beauty that this place provides.

        1. Steve,live in the northlands of N.H.,about an hour from any big cities/towns.As for bowhunting personally am a spot and stalk kinda guy,if in a tree stand would have either a totem pole or 10,000 toothpicks by end of the day(nothing wrong with either of em).I still have yet to get a deer but as my comfortable kill shot only 25 unobstructed yards at moment tis why,in emergency will cheat with .308(sorry bambi),really,just time spent in woods studying other critters ect. the reason.I am not trying to start a pissing contest,just saying there are different ways to learn,hope his students learn well and pass the knowledge on to others,nothing wrong with practicing tactics,just want to see things for folks who want knowledge but don’t have time/money for schools,why my bud back from afghan tours a great resource as he is happy to teach us tactics ect. that may save our lives.I too am a guy many come for fixing different things,was taught by many patient folks over the years and try and help and pass knowledge on,my family has many different large plots of land,I am that guy though lives in sticks visits just for a change of scenery,ok,and to visit them folks,take care and may we all learn and pass on knowledge,to a degree we are all in this together no matter what direction our govt. takes.

          1. I wasnt interest in a pissing contest neither but this maxie guy tried to push his way on me and I just wont have that,calling my way”cowardice” and “foolish” and “making excuses”,when all I said was in response to you , it was really none of his damn business but he laid er out there so I responded,I ask no man for anything and always give better than I take.Im not as old as I let on just hitting 55 next month but Ive traveled far and wide and like you had a whole passal of great men as my teachers and chose to move here in this isolated place,back to my roots if you know what I mean and love living close to the natural order of things.The only time I roam and stalk is on rainey days as I am kinda loud and clumbsy in the dry woods.
            I never understood how anyone can “practice” for an unknown since the days of grade school and those silly assed “firedrills”( have yet to hear of a brick school on fire except maybe the chemistry lab which was small and isolated and mostly caused by what if guys like me LOL)at predetermined exits,no one could every answer the simple question of what if this exit we practiced on leaving from WAS ENGULFED IN FIRE, or those insane hide under your desk in case the eveeel rooskies dropped the “bomb”,it just all seemd so”keep the sheep panicked ” at all times to me ,if you know what I mean.Unless you are physic you can not know what tommorrow will bring,I woke up breathing today and that’s enough to deal with,just my opinion but it works for me .

    2. Hey Max,Let me ask you a question WHO THE F%$K ARE YOU?
      I dont ,didnt and never will make excuses,you see around here they are called facts,truth if you will.You see I have a life a simple one but a great one where I dont have to play CHILDRENS GAMES to try to feel better about my inadaquacies, which I put away when I became a man.I live life on my terms NOT YOURS you self centered f%$k.I tried to be patient with your goofey ass(I aint no J D) but I see that you are as thick as a brick so let me type real slow for your thick headed ass.(like I could type any other way).Have you looked in the mirror and seen how f%$kin foolish your kind look,youre a joke a silly boy playing silly games ,get a skill and I dont mean scamming folks out of their limited finances,I mean an honest to god PRODUCTIVE SKILL,I live on my terms not yours asking no man for ANYTHING except to live and let live,you see Im the guy they call to fix stuff from plumbing to haybailers ,from caddilacs to minibikes,from roofing to tilling,from dozers to tractors,from chainsaws to well pumps IM THE MAN they call BY WORD OF MOUTH not advertiseing( I see your ad on site) or begging ,you got that you insult slinging weekend shoot em up moron.I aint planning on dying ,Im PLANNING ON LIVING and not playing childish f%$kin games,so until you pay my bills you wont direct any aspect of my humble simple life where I am self sufficent where I grow and raise and can my own food where I DONT PAY NO F%$KIN taxes cause I dont live in their system. So you can chew on these words and maybe grow up and understand what it takes to BE A MAN as you guys look f%$kin silly playing childish “Rambo games,IT WAS A MOVIE MAXIE.

      1. Steve,have to say am with you now.I checked site to see what I could learn(can always learn more!),some interesting articles but ,sure enuff,tater was over there whining about this site/article/posters,that if we don’t do as they we are never gonna make it.Tater,will put my buddies skills through multiple tours of Afghan over yours any day,I will learn more as can practice with him on a regular basis and would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with a local experienced hunter any day then with you,that said,will still mine the site for useful information despite some idiots there.Steve,I hope your hunting season goes well(Dec. 31 here)and enjoy nature and the day,live for today,prep for tomorrow!

  4. James & Steve: I call it like I see it. You made me think of a quote I found on the Mountain Guerrilla site. He quotes Julius Caesar:

    “It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”

    —Julius Caesar

    “I see a lot of guys respond to suggestions to do more PT or other training with the idea that “Training is too hard. I’ll just sit on my hill and die.”

    “Like Julius Ceasar, I think that’s a coward’s approach. Take it how you will.”

    Why the hell would you post your shit all over my post, from an awesome training weekend, you couple of assholes?

    F#@k You. I swear I would rather piss on you than ever help you.


    1. Right back at ya ,I replied cause you got a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth,I say stay in your own state as the park you children played in was in my State of W VA. You make up silly childish assinine slanderous fantasy statements,any day you want to play hide and seek with me in the woods( I dont mean those lil flatland playgrounds you train your lil cult in,we will go 1 mile apart in the new river gorge and see just how well your goofey ass makes out playing with a real 190# hillbilly, just let me know bimbo,Ill take my kel tech bow and you take whatever rambo equipment you see fit.I dont know who you have mixed me up with but I dont hang on the couch and damn sure aint been seen in walmart..

    2. Max,you have officially had a net tantrum.No matter what my friend who is working with me and a few like minded folks a much better teacher then you will ever be,have dealt with a martial instructor like you,only his way or the highway who also could not keep his temper/patience and thought he was the cats meow,you refuse to fully read others posts,just assume as we do not kowtow to your ideas we are automatically wrong,as I said before,screw that noise.I have learned something from you,never will bother with your articles again,a man who cannot read and has a golden shower fixation is just plain wrong.Here is a quote from James to you Max,”F#$K You”

  5. Max and Steve, as much as I enjoy listening to you guys bitch the whole day about who has the bigger balls, I think you should both worry more about fighting the enemy rather each other. We all are fighting the same enemy and bitching at each other doesn’t help.

    As I always say, “A warrior who only knows one side, leaves himself open for destruction”

    My point is that we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. One of the main things of conquering your enemy is knowing their strengths and their weaknesses.

    Both of you come from two different backgrounds. One is a soldier (Max), while the other is an outdoor hunter (Steve). Both are just as good in a fight and together can compensate each other.

    So instead of fighting each other, maybe you guys should find ways of working to compensate each other’s weaknesses. Especially when you will obviously have people with different personalities like yourselves. Not everyone can be a soldier and not everyone can be a hunter and not everyone is the same age and build as the other. But what one doesn’t have the other can make up for and if you guys join a group of people when the SHTF, you may want to keep in mind all of this, as it will help you survive. I’m no warrior or hunter, but I would think that the groups with the biggest hotheads and egos are more likely to fall faster than those who know how to compensate, think clearly and work with each other.

    Max’s books are informative and give good tips, strategies and tactics for a soldier and if practiced enough can be very useful and life-saving. However, Max, you out of all people, should know that a soldier can just as easily be shot and killed by a simple, unsuspecting peasant at close range or by someone who knows the roads, woods and territory as by a group of enemy soldiers.

    Steve, you may know a lot about hunting and the woods, but if you are going to take on the enemy, you will eventually have to move out of the defensive and onto the offensive, which means you would have to move out of the wilderness and into the city to finish off these bastards at their headquarters (basically taking the fight to them) which is where Max’s skill and strengths come in hand.

    Once again, learn to compensate with each other. Don’t leave your weaknesses open for destruction.

    Just my two sense.

    In the end, it’s all in God’s hands anyways. Ask the Marine guy and his story of St. Michael the Archangel saving him in South Korea. No training but the help of St. Michael through the the power and hand of God could have saved him from 7 close range China men.

    1. NC,you are right,as I said earlier in a post,we are all in this together,and will say again,no matter how you train/what you learn share it with others if you can.I also agree with your idea of folks complimenting each other with their strengths.I realize a ever changing/ harder world can bring out the worst in people,it certainly did with me today,will try and learn from that and try and be a better person tomorrow,thanks for your post.

      1. Actually James, you had the right idea compensating with your military friend. Max and Steve just seemed to have went a little overboard with it.

    2. Hey NC,
      You are right as rain ,the my way or the highway shit just sounded like my ol man and since a child I have had a no tolerance policy for any trying to push their narrow minded ways on me,by now you know I have a strong faith in our Creator ,my life is in His hands as I have made no provisions for tommorrow other than living on faith.I still live and act like Im 25 and am real active in the outdoors ,I do hunt for 3 months straight each year(how lucky am I)neglecting the cars piled up in my yard waiting for my undivided attention to diagnose and repair but have been wasting way too much time arguing in circles.I have no problem with his way its just not mine as I have never been a joiner,but do enjoy the intelligence on this site and am glad to be a part of the reformation of our country of which if not apparent by now Im all in with no retreat in my fiber. I survive on my abilities and learned a long time ago there are very few you can count on when it really matters so I am probably too wary when it comes to any infringement or demands on my needs.So Max lets just start over and chalk it up to a misunderstanding,and as men we will all figure out what works best for each of our own particular goals and abilities. Thanx for the calming input NC.

      1. Steve, your expertise in fixing things and hunting is way beyond my level of know how. You are probably far more knowledgeable in those areas than I ever will be. I have no doubt God is with you and that you would definitely be able to put up a good fight against these psychopaths when the time comes and it would be an honor to have a patriotic and God-fearing person like you by my said in battle. Keep the faith, brother.

        1. Folks,nothing the powers that be like more then the citizens divided,as days get more challenging will need to help each other.Steve,again,good luck on the hunt,am going out myself as yet another snow fall which is great for tracking.However you celebrate hope you all have a good holiday and new year(Max,includes you and your buds) and thru work and a bit of luck can be ready for whatever the future holds for us.On a side note the security ?’s have improved my addition skills!

    3. NC: I beg to differ. Any reading through the comments here would show to someone with basic reading comprehension that I am certainly not exhibiting the level of insecure ranting that James and his butt buddy are.
      I do not like being lumped in with their idiocy. I’m not going to be nice about it, because their comments are outrageous. A reading of my comments shows that I am simply speaking the truth (to stupidity – futile I know). The last thing I am trying to do is get in a pissing contest with these guys. I have no level of insecurity in what I do that would make me want to do that.
      Reading their comments shows they are simply ignorant and insulting, and I have a right to be irritated that they basically took a great post about a great weekend and shit all over it.
      My comments about training still stand. I have no objection to whoever it was training with their afghan buddy. It’s not my point. It never was.
      So, you know you are going to have to run a marathon, but you do nothing and hope you will do ok on the day? Right.
      But that’s not the point anymore with these comments. It’s the insulting ignorant childish remarks, by people who have no idea or understanding of what I teach, and clearly never will.
      I will not be lumped in like is some of sort of mutual argument.
      You really can’t fix stupid. And yes, I am banging my head against the wall, and making the futile mistake of trying to fix what can’t be fixed: and why? Because I actually care, and want people to survive, and also because they shit on my post. Assholes.
      And just to add: where is this misunderstanding coming from that I am telling them “it’s my way or the highway”? Reading comprehension?
      1) my compliant is they shot all over my post.
      2) my point is that they denigrated my training and the need for it.
      Points 1 and 2 is why I responded.
      Ad yes you need to train, and train right. Denial if this, head in the sand, is a form of cowardice as pointed out in my quote above: rail about it all they want, but I’m damn well right ad I know it.

  6. Fellas.. out of respect to my fellow preppers (you!) I am re-posting a slighlty edited post I did on Max’s blog

    Big Picture:
    These men sound moderately competent and one of them is trying to learn from a multiple deployed buddy, thats good.
    (but what does that really mean? did he sit in the motor pool all that time? and even if not,.. surviving with lots of fire support is entirely different than irregular warfare which is what SHTF will be … still its good he does it).

    That means they are ahead of most and likely proud of it.
    But it also shows they dont know what they dont know .

    Why lose 80% of your team due to learning the hard lessons on the job when you could have only lost 10%.

    Yes training is inconvenient and costs money but w/o it its impossible to be competent.

    The guys were acting as trolls when he posted about a nice training weekend out of a mix of I-am-good-already attitude and a little bit of envy…

    human nature, no reason to despair about it IMO , they will come around. : )

  7. For those that are interested, you silent majority of good people out there, this discussion is also ongoing over at my blog:
    I am proud of the generally very high level of the commentariat that I have over there, I rarely experience the kind of blowhards that I encountered on this re-post here.
    Oh, and it really was an excellent weekend. And thanks F, your comments are both sensible and conciliatory, as usual!

  8. I think the main problems stems from the fact that there is so much poorly designed training out there.

    Training in the woods with your deployed buddy really IS a better way than spending small fortunes with EAG or Magpul Dynamics of Viking tactical or similair big name “tacticool” schools IMO.
    And more cost effective to boot.

    Its easy to be lumped in with those kind of guys in peoples minds so the pushback you got is explainable a bit when one considers this background.


    F : )

    1. I did love Max’s comments which sums it up quite nicely IMO:
      “Relying on your inner mall ninja to emerge and triumph when the games begin is just not going to cut it.”

      1. Nobody said nothing about no damn “inner ninja” again sounds like tooooooo much T V,tried to reach out and start a new day but roid rage is his mentality SO BE IT

    2. This is what started the “drill tyrants tirade” I must be missing somthing or it’s his time of the month! No one “dissed him or his pics until he started his my way or youre all doomed insanity.I merely told James he is not alone in not sending maxi money he aint got to drive 600 fkn miles to walky walk down a hardly snowy road to play wargames.then he got his camo panties all knotted up slinging insults,talking about dissing “His post” this is a PUBLIC FORUM” too hot stay out of kitchen!
      James says:

      December 17, 2013 at 8:51 am

      That’s great for those who can attend.Most folks have jobs/families/limited budgets ect.,they do the best they can as far as prepping including training with firearms but most live in areas where combat group training is not a option(luckily,I live in the sticks and have a few like minded neighbors!).I would find it much better to have articles that show folks what they can do/practice ect. to learn combat survival skills in a limited environment situation.I am glad citizens training but this article to me is just a about as useful as seeing a strangers vacations photos.


      Steve Apple says:

      December 17, 2013 at 9:03 am

      James,dont you fret All american nationals are gonna get a belly full of ON THE JOB TRAINING very shortly and I believe once the inner survival mode kicks in (see cat video) we will all know how to survive this coming battle.One only needs to look at the way americans are standing up (only cameras at this point) to these gangs of vest wearing thugs as in it took 9 car loads to harrass a guy on a fkn bike and that was back in 2009,so stay positive as we all know the dark side can never win against the light.

    3. F,reading my posts will state my buddy combat vet,was lets just say one of the mountain guys,given some of their deployments would not surprise me if the motor pool guys even ended up in combat,but my bud was in a combat brigade.Well,no luck hunting this am but as awaiting a deposit check for next gig off to hand split more wood(next years of course),have fun and play nicely!

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