DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage

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I know, you are probably thinking like I am after reading the title, “You’ve got to be kidding!” I’m not. Even after the Department of Homeland Security indicated that they had nearly 264 million rounds of ammunition back near the end of November 2012, they have sent out an email to Border Patrol agents yesterday informing them that they will not be issued any new proficiency ammunition for next quarter.

Townhall obtained an email sent to Border Patrol agents stationed in the El Centro border sector by a supervisor:  

Enforcement Personnel,

Due to budget concerns and ammunition availability, we will not be getting issued any proficiency ammunition for next quarter.  In addition to these reductions, we are also being limited to qualification ammo only.   What this means to you is that you will not receive the normal 150 rounds for practice and we will not have any extra ammunition for a combat course following normal qualifications.

If you have the ammunition available and would like extra practice during your qualification day, the firearms instructors will have a training course available for Indio Station Personnel, keeping in mind basic marksmanship skills as well as tactical training with a limited amount of ammunition.  You are not required to bring your own ammunition.

If you do not have extra ammo to bring, you will be given extra time to clean and maintain your issued handgun as well as station long arms.

If you have any questions about this quarters (sic) quals please feel free to send me your concerns.


According to my previous calculations, not only did DHS inform Tom Coburn that they had an inventory at that time of nearly 264 million round of ammunition (figure that was 73% of the previous three years purchases), but they had also budgeted over $37 million to be spent on ammunition in fiscal year 2013.

The local chapter 2554 of the National Border Patrol Council asks, “We get a 32% pay cut, even though Congress gave CBP enough money to cover salaries, and now we can’t even maintain proficiency with our service weapons to defend ourselves in the field…..Why is there an ammunition shortage? Why can’t Border Patrol agents get enough ammunition to maintain proficiency, especially at a time of increased cross-border smuggling and illegal activity? Where is all this ammunition going?”

This is serious national security threat as well when your border agents are not properly armed. However, it is a logical extension from an administration who has already admonished them to not fire their weapons, but run, hide and throw things.

Yes, it does make you wonder doesn’t it? Some of us have a pretty good idea too, which is why we are preparing for the worst.

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11 thoughts on “DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage

  1. That could mean a few things. They’re raising a false flag hoping a revolution starts, they’re sending the ammo to syria or some other foreign country, or they’re going to downsize the BP and absorb what’s left into DHS. Drones will take up the major part for border enforcement in their place. And if you think they can’t mount smaller rockets on the drones, think again. With so many bodies turning up near the border because of the drug cartels, who would know the difference?.

    1. The Border patrol is already part of DHS (or at least they drive around in DHS cars marked “Border Patrol”)

  2. “DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage”

    BAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAAHAHA!!! ROLMFAO!!! OMG! There really is no end to this insanity. They are nothing but pathological liars! Plain and simple. And yet no one will do a damn thing, as always.

    Wow……is there anyone in this country who has the balls to stand up to the corruption of these foreign insurgents who have taken hold of our government?

  3. DHS does not represent America. America has got to stop thinking that DHS represents only America. DHS represents the UN military suppliers and security force.

    Remember Janet Napolitano, a few years ago, stated in an interview that she wanted to branch DHS and TSA out into airports and transportation hubs around the world and not just here in the U.S., meaning she views DHS as a UN/World security enforcer.

    So the bullets they are hording are most likely for the UN troops and other troops overseas as well as the ones that will be revealing themselves soon here in the U.S.

    So any other national agency like border patrol, local police, FBI, etc, will NOT be covered under their policy.

    In other words, DHS has no jurisdiction and answer to no one except probably the UN. They are the New World Order security force and they MUST BE ELIMINATED, not just for the good of our country, but for the entire world as well.

  4. I think this is disinformation released to quell the rising questions regarding why our government is buying so many bullets.

    1. These huge DHS purchases are IDIQ contracts — Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity. They have not taken delivery of the ammo and may never take delivery. It is best seen as a psy-op. The result appears to be a full-on, out-of-control run on the physical ammo supply by civilians. Whether this is what the DHS intended or an attempt to intimidate us that backfired is open to debate. But it is interesting to watch a market response to physical vs. paper ammo the same way the price of physical gold and silver is manipulated with paper gold and silver.

      1. Bullshit, Tom. Why are you singling out this one issue and why are you trying to get us to stop buying ammo? Don’t forget California, Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado, and New York. This insurgent government is also blocking ammunition imports and ammunition was front and center in the UN Small Arms Treaty. There is a concerted effort to starve us of ammo. So don’t waste any and buy every round you can get your hands on, because I am pretty confident that we are going to have to fight a Revolution before this ammo thing “blows over”.

        1. I’m not trying to get anyone to stop buying ammo, I’m just agreeing with the author of this post that the smart money will sit tight and see where this goes. By all means, buy all the ammo you want, Henry, or all you can. However you can see the result on the store shelves and in your lighter wallet. I agree that the US gov is trying to starve us of ammo, but in the stupid and ham-fisted way I would expect from treasonous bureaucrats, which is why I called it a psy-op.

          If this situation went on for very long I would expect, being that we still have something of a free market, that new manufacturers would go into production to fill demand. I think the reason they haven’t done that yet is because no one with enough money to tool up a factory expects this to go on long enough to be worth it. Either the bubble pops and prices come back down to normal, or the Second Revolution begins and then all civilian ammo sales will be banned anyway. Either one would lead to a new manufacturer losing their investment.

          In my neighborhood I would guess that the usual steady sound of target practice is down by about 90%. Someone a half mile away had a mad minute a couple of weeks ago with a .30 machine gun, but mostly the silence says everyone is hoarding whatever they’ve got.

      2. I tend to believe they have a sizable amount of that order already. If you look around the stores, very few boxes are available to the public. The psyop can only go so far in bullshitting people. As in any poker hand, sooner or later you have put up or shut up.

        1. Good analogy with the poker hand. One place where we can both see each others cards is in the DHS purchase of 7,000 “personal self-defense weapons” (they think we won’t notice that these are what get called “assault rifles” for the rest of us). Compare that figure of 7,000 to the fact that background checks for We the People have been running at over one million per month for years. The purchasing power of an entire nation is overwhelming the purchasing power of the government, and they can see that clearly. That’s why they are resorting to “starving us of ammo” as Henry says.

          The cards the government can’t see is how much ammo purchased by the people in past years has already been fired off and how much has been hoarded, or how much spent brass has been discarded or how much is being pulled out of dusty boxes and being reloaded as we speak. These are cards they can’t see short of house-to-house searches.

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