DHS wants to use DNA testing to identify suspects and family relationships


DHS, is soliciting information from potential qualified businesses to perform deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) reviews of samples collected from encountered individuals.

These samples serve a variety of purposes, including the identification of family relationships and criminal suspects, among others.  

Homeland Security Investigations is comprised of special agents and support staff who need a better, more accurate and cost-effective way to identify individuals when fingerprints are not available or when a claim of family relationship needs to be proven. This need is also needed during criminal investigations where evidence is found and DNA is needed from the evidence.

Barack Obama has already said that he wants a national DNA database, and a recent Supreme Court decision has opened the door wide open for one to be created.  Someday soon, the federal government will have the capability of tracking all of us and those that we are related to using our DNA.  And eventually, a “DNA reader” could replace all of our Internet passwords and be used to log into our bank accounts.

Law enforcement authorities all over the nation are calling for the creation of a national DNA database, and Barack Obama is definitely on board.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles entitled “The Coming National DNA Database“…

A national DNA database is coming.  Barack Obama has already said that he wants one.  A major Supreme Court decision last month paved the way for one.  The DNA of those that commit “serious crimes” is already being routinely collected all over the nation.

Some states (such as New Jersey) are now passing laws that will require DNA collection from those charged with committing “low level crimes”.  And a law that was passed under George W. Bush allows the federal government to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the United States.

So how long will it be before we are all required to give DNA samples to the authorities?  How long will it be before DNA collection is routinely done when we take a trip to the DMV?  This may sound like science fiction to some people, but “security experts” and law enforcement personnel all over the country are now pushing for a national DNA database to be established.  Unfortunately, there is nothing really standing in the way of that.

Justice Scalia understood very clearly what the Supreme Court was doing last month.  In his dissent, he made the following statement: “Make no mistake about it: because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason.”

America is slowly but surely being transformed into a Big Brother militarized police state.
DNA identification, facial recognition cameras, passive listening devices and automated license plate readers are just the tip of the iceberg.


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino blasts Obama’s ‘toxic’ administration:

Dan Bongino, the Secret Service agent who turned on President Obama and is running for Congress, says he believes the “toxic” administration is “using government as a weapon exclusively to intimidate enemies.”

With Obama, you are not just his political enemy, you are his real enemy if you disagreed. I couldn’t listen to it any more.”

Bongino, a 12-year veteran of the Secret Service who once defended Obama and the Clintons with his life, is now running as a Republican for Congress in Maryland and has released a book,“Life Inside the Bubble.”

He told us: “We’re in a very dangerous place right now. There are so many scandals going on right now with this administration, any one of them in my opinion could be absolutely catastrophic for what this country stands for.” Taking on Obamacare, he said, “That scandal in itself is a huge deal.

We are in such a dangerous place with this administration, they use this government as a shiny new toy — this little red ball they just got — because they are so inexperienced with it.




4 thoughts on “DHS wants to use DNA testing to identify suspects and family relationships

  1. Over here in the UK, this has already happened, even if you are innocent you can expect an uphill struggle of years to get your DNA off their database and we have no proof of any compliance in reality other than a letter stating the DNA has been removed.

    I am surprised the Jewish lobby are not onto this one as DNA profiling does allow to determine racial genomes, now it was something similar to this that with IBM’s help Thomas Watson allowed Hitler to cherry pick the untermensch from German society except the DNA system will be almost perfect to pull out the Muslim, the black, the Mexican, the Asian, to pin point them, to remove them if necessary and all provided via a shopping list of names printed out for their convenience.

    One wonders what happened to plans after 1933 when the monied elite tried to install a fascist dictatorship in what is called the “failed coup of America”, the same names are still there but more have been added, Schwarzeneggar, whose father was in the SS, Karl Rove whose father was a regional administrator and ardent member of the Nazi party and so on, yet over here we see names like Max Mosely, son of Oswald, probably Europes most ardent fascist supporter and the originator of the current EU ideal yet I suspect that when they were beaten by real patriots in 1933 that they rebuilt their plans for a later day when the conditions were right and that success would be assured and that America would one day fall under the jackboot of fascist rule.

  2. My DNA is none of their business. I’m sure over the years they already have my DNA through gynecological exams and the two surgeries I’ve had. But I will not willingly participate to offering my DNA for them to use against me.
    . . .

  3. they wanna know who they’ll have to put down or frame in the future in case the oppressed, the criminalized, the marginalized, gain a foothold in the consciousness of their fellow human compatriots.
    i often wonder what else is it that they’re looking for.

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