Dixie’s A State Of Mind

Dixie Pride Flag ImageNo matter who you are, or where you’ve been,
there’ll always be fond memories of way back when.
Soft Spring days, the gentle breeze,
wafting fragrence through the trees.

Dusty dogs with playful pups,
hot summer eves with mint julups.
Dixie’s a State of Mind.  

Sunday dinners after church,
always saying thank you and please.
Hot baked bread, home grown green beans,
parents praying on their knees.
Dixie’s a State of Mind.

Fishing holes and barking squirrels,
cans of worms and ‘ol cane poles.
Vegtable stands, real hardware shops,
home town parades and barbers poles.

DAR and SCV, monuments and veterens day,
honoring the fallens memories.
Dixie’s a State of Mind.

First true loves that always last,
holding hands, long walks through the grass.
Pick up trucks and drive-in theaters,
chocolate milk shakes in a gless.

Best friends made, endure, and last,
memories for one’s ‘ol age.
Dixie’s a State of Mind.

Sunsets sweet upon the lake,
That fading memories just can’t take.
Longing for days long gone past,
Looking to the future with hope and sass.

Spending time with that true love,
holding hands as days wind down.
speaking softly of days that’s past.
Dixie’s a State of Mind ………….

9 thoughts on “Dixie’s A State Of Mind

      1. Thank you, thank you Paraclete! Brings back wonderful memories of my original home state of Georgia! 🙂

  1. Paraclete, this Georgia Girl loves your poem! The older I get the more I
    look back on times past. Precious memories…..growing up in the late
    40’s, early 50’s, when the country was good and strong.

    God help us is now my prayer!

    1. Thank You …
      Having been born in VA.,
      and having lived mostly in South Carolina ….
      I’ve been greatly blessed with a rich heritage from
      both sides of my family.
      As the adage goes …
      “American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God.”

        1. Amen I agree! I may live in Texas now but my roots in Georgia are very deep, “way down South….in Dixie”!

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