Documentary ‘What Happened in Vegas’ blows the whistle on local police

Published on Feb 25, 2018

A filmmaker’s brutal encounter with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department compelled him to make “What Happened in Vegas,” a documentary profile that blows the whistle on a disturbing pattern of excessive force and corruption within its ranks.

Ramsey Denison, a TV editor by trade, was vacationing in Las Vegas several years ago when he placed a 911 call after witnessing what he felt was police brutality against a handcuffed man, only to himself be subsequently arrested and sentenced to three days in the Clark County Detention Center.

Judging from the four case studies included in this documentary, Denison got off comparatively easy, given the fatal police shootings of Trevon Cole, Erik Scott, Stanley Gibson and Tashii Farmer-Brown, which to date have resulted in seven-figure settlement payments by the LVMPD to the families of Cole and Gibson.

Denison’s experience cutting true crime programs pays off, delivering a polished production that also profiles the work of an individual he deems a good cop — Larry Burns, a retired police captain who unsuccessfully ran for Clark County Sheriff against Joe Lombardo in 2014.

But his efforts to revise the film by incorporating the tragic events of Oct. 1 in a bid to further level accusations of systematic cover-ups against Lombardo ultimately prove less effective.

Despite Denison’s intentions, a very fine, uncomfortable line exists between being up-to-the-minute and opportunistic. #cc2arms

5 thoughts on “Documentary ‘What Happened in Vegas’ blows the whistle on local police

  1. This is every Dept
    Across this country
    If it’s not shut down soon, they won’t believe what they started

    The top fks know
    Their actions tell me so

  2. this is a outstanding film until the end when they bring up oct4 2017 and repeat the same old lie !!! been to vegas twice last time 20years ago and wont be going back ever again.

  3. Jewish made film. Covering up the cover up. That’s why it’s such a good documentary .. wasted my time .. it did sound good till they wrapped it up. The story doesn’t make sense cause v.i.p. Forget videos showing other shooters and locations.

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