Domestic extremists, and foreign insurgents.

I wasn’t taught the Bill of Rights in a remote camp in the Iranian desert. It was part of the standard curriculum in every U.S. government-run public school. How did I become a “domestic extremist” because I happen to agree with it? Whose behavior can be considered “extreme” in this equation; mine, or the government’s?

The newest suggested crack-down (always cracking down on something) are supporters, listeners, thinkers and dreamers of “domestic extremism”, with of course, no mention of who will decide how “extremism” is to be defined this week, or next, but you can safely bet that it will begin and end with everyone who disagrees with King Obama.  

As usual, they’re closing the barn door after the horses have left by thinking they’ll be able to stem the tide of political awakening that’s been silently steam-rolling across the country for decades, and this is just their latest, desperate attempt to scare the dissidents into silence.

Their arrogance has left them completely out of touch with the population for many years, and now they’re shocked to discover that Americans are angry, and not quite as dumb as they believed. In their desperation, all they can do is keep cracking down on things, until of course, the people crack back.

I’m still betting on the whole lot of them disappearing on jets in the middle of the night, fleeing the noose after stealing every penny they can, but that doesn’t make things any better or worse for the rest of us. Whether they stay or flee, they’ve become discredited, irrelevant, and since they no longer have the confidence of their population, they’re expendable to the bankers running the country from the shadows. In the grand scheme of things, their fate doesn’t matter, but someone will be here to replace them.

We’ve been sold down the river, and yourself, and everything you own exist only as the collateral on an unpayable debt. There will be errand boys sent by grocery clerks to collect the bill*, and you’ll have to fight them off if you want any hope of survival.

I can’t say with any accuracy how the future will unfold, because I’m not an international banker, but it’s become obvious that Americans stand in the way of “progress”, which this time comes in the form of the greatest theft the world has ever known, and a quest to rule the world itself.

The most likely scenario involves the Chinese invading to collect trillions in debt from a country they’re buying more of everyday. Russian soldiers may invade as world war three progresses, and there’s also the possibility of tyrannical aspirations on the part of some real domestic extremists, which could involve NATO or foreign troops “restoring order” here.

It’s also possible that we’ll be ignored temporarily until extreme poverty grinds us down, and makes us softer targets. In that case you’ll have to deal with roving criminal gangs and local tyrants.

Whichever the case, the economy is collapsing, your empire is crumbling, and we’re way beyond discussing anyone’s opinion on the matter. I’m not asking you to support war, or oppose war. I’m warning you that if you’re an American, war is coming to you whether you like it or not.
From one enemy or several of them, Americans will have to fight for their lives, their homes and their families, and few of them will succeed alone. I’m hesitant to use the word “militia”, because it inspires thoughts of this nation’s founders and the Constitution they provided for us, and as we all know, that “antiquated document” with its “infinitely malleable” wording is all but forbidden in this country, so let’s just say that it’s imperative that all Americans do all they can to organize, and support a local “civil defense” organization in their immediate area.

The important word here is “local”, which of course, doesn’t involve sending a check to the “Oath Keepers”, or the “Three Percenters”, or any other coopted “militia group” that’s presently being used for propaganda purposes. Instead, you’re going to have to talk to your neighbors, and prepare to fight with them by your side against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Such has always been the duty of all Americans, but being lulled into complacency by luxury and endless entertainment has caused us to lose sight of our responsibility, and today the thought seems completely removed from the American consciousness. Unfortunately, it’s the only chance we have to survive, and you’ve been left only with the choice of either becoming a victorious soldier, or joining your family in a mass grave, where you’ll become a nameless, rotting corpse.
As an owner of this country, you naturally stand in the way of it being stolen, and the Bill of Rights you inherited at birth will always stand in the way of tyranny. That’s why you, and it, are under attack.

As we defend our small towns and communities across this vast, and great country, it will be important to remember that we’re all part of one family, whose culture is defined by the defiance that unites us.

We ARE the Bill of Rights, and we’ll all have to fight to preserve the unifying document that defines who we are.

What is an American? He’s someone who enjoys the right of free speech, and can freely speak his mind to anyone. He can practice his own religion, however he chooses to. He bows to no man, or government, and his home and life are safe from government intrusion. He’s free to teach his own children, and carve out his own success or failure. Basically, he’s free to do as he chooses, until he violates the rights of another American, and when he’s accused of a crime, he’s innocent until proven guilty by a common law court.

In our laziness and luxury we’ve let these values slip to some extent, mainly by taking them for granted, and acquiescing to slight infringements because it’s too time consuming to fight them all, but our laziness and distraction has opened the door to some violently oppressive tyranny that has a long history of slaughtering tens of millions of people with every advancement.

The tyranny we’re talking about is communism, and it’s advancement has already caused more than 200 million people to be murdered by their own governments. Now it’s our turn.

We were deceived into thinking that communism died with the fall of the Soviet Union, but nothing can be further from the truth. Today it’s called “globalism”, and it’s the reason why economies are crashing, and borders are being dissolved all around the world, as every western population is being diluted with foreigners of a vastly different culture.

These occurrences are not caused by God, fate, migration, or bad economic policies, but in fact, all of them have been orchestrated by the same international bankers who invented communism, Nazism, and who will invent whatever “ism” is necessary to dupe a population into supporting their global conquest.

Americans are, and always will be defined by the ten articles that comprise the Bill of Rights. It’s what defines us, it’s what unites us, and it’s time for you and your neighbors to step up and defend it. Your only option to doing so is certain death, and that fact should provide all the motivation you need to prepare to defend this great nation, that’s already given you everything you have that’s worth having, and has made you who you are today.  — Jolly Roger

* “Are you an assassin?”
“I’m a soldier”
“You’re neither. You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect the bill” — Colonel Kurtz (Apocalypse Now)

15 thoughts on “Domestic extremists, and foreign insurgents.

      1. I don’t have a printer but while I’m online I’m going to post it around to every site I go to. Damn, I wish I could write like that.

  1. 10-4 roger that jolly. It’s come and get it this very moment, but in a moment Itlll be get or get got. I know my bill of rights, and am a peaceful hard working true American. Don’t tread on me, be it nato, un, some chink or Ruuski, bring it to my home ? Shiiiiiiiteee.

    1. There you go, Cleatus. The home is the castle, and you have to defend it.

      I can’t run any further than this.

  2. “… it’s become obvious that Americans stand in the way of “progress”, which this time comes in the form of the greatest theft the world has ever known, and a quest to rule the world itself.”

    Mostly true, JR. In reality, it’s our GUNS that stand in the way of “progress”, nothing else. Even as clueless as most of the idiots in this country are, they know enough to start shooting at foreign invaders, if it comes to that.

    Without guns, we’re just Palestinians waiting to be slaughtered.

    Spot on article, JR, as (almost always) usual.

    1. “…as clueless as most of the idiots in this country are, they know enough to start shooting at foreign invaders…”

      I certainly hope so, but sometimes I do wonder.

      Thanks, Hatr.

      1. The only major disagreement we’ve ever had is the no planes dispute, JR. Other than that, we’re in 100% agreement on virtually everything else.

        LOL… I ain’t mad at ya. 🙄

    2. Unfortunately many of the sheeple, when they feel outnumbered, will lay down their guns thinking it will buy their safety. They still don’t understand that the powers that be don’t mind killing innocent people, by the thousands or hundreds of thousands, just to make room for the new world they have planned.

  3. Love your stuff, Jolly…but I wish I could be as hopeful as you seem to be, and while more Americans are waking up, there is still waaayyyy too much cowardice out there, and way too much of the “I’m oppressed, so should you be” and “I pay taxes therefore so should you” meme in the minds of way too many Americans. Too many Americans are still in the “denial” phase of the 5 stages of grief and rather than resist or even question bureaucratic crap they would rather do the two memes I mentioned above. But at some point the “luxury” many have in lifestyle will end; that is when we who are truly awake and courageous will know how this plays out. Since we have guns (and will continue to…it is this that separates us from the idiots in Europe who let them take their guns), and since many who run the errands of the criminal psychopathic elites will finally see the error of their ways (unless they are foreigners of course)–that is law enforcement and the military–and support We the People.

    1. I think you’re absolutely right, DL., but I also think they can be shaken out of their stupor by external events (war, poverty)

      They’ll enjoy luxury as long as they can get away with it (so will I), but when everything’s at stake, I think a lot of people will lose their denial and cowardice real quick.

      I think the bigger problem stems from many of them being ill-prepared. (or unprepared)

  4. Thanks, everyone. I do appreciate the kind words and support. (and your spreading the message, mary and tc — that’s what’s needed)

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