Martial law in Burns, Oregon: Feds terrorize local citizens with check points, random searches, and guns to their head

Intellihub – by Alex Thomas

With the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge finally over after the four remaining occupants surrendered to the FBI without bloodshed, the mainstream media has largely turned their focus away from Harney County and the small Oregon town that became the epicenter of revolt against gross federal government overreach.

Despite this, there remains an extremely important story to tell, one that includes all the hallmarks of a literal police state including road blocks, road closures, check points, private mercenaries, papers please demands, and even guns pointed directly at the heads of law-abiding American citizens.  

While one can imagine that the de facto martial law across Harney County may soon come to an end, (will it?!?) the fact remains that this happened in an American state, to American citizens and literally nothing is being said about it in the mainstream media or by the numerous FBI officials who keep telling the public that this was all for their own safety.

Remember, Intellihub News has already documented the fact that the rumors and eyewitness reports of private mercenaries operating within Burns, Oregon are indeed true.

Amid rumors of armed drones above the skies of Burns, Oregon as well as private mercenaries operating within the town, new, credible eyewitness reports have emerged that confirm the existence of a massive amount of heavily armed paramilitary government forces patrolling both the city and the roads leading to the wildlife refuge.

And now, thanks to some great independent reporting done by one Diane Rodgers, we can now put together even more pieces of the puzzle and the emerging picture is one straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

In her report, Rodgers details her trip to Burns, Oregon in search for the truth and what she found should send shivers down the spines of all freedom loving Americans.

According to Diane’s reporting, (and confirmed by a recent Intellihub investigation as well as multiple eyewitness videos) the small town of Burns, Oregon was literally turned into a what can only be described as a third world style authoritarian police state. Road blocks, closures, and forced check points became a common occurrence with citizens being randomly pulled over by authorities wearing no insignia who demanded their ID’s under threat of death.

Rodgers reported:

One rancher, Thom Davis, related his story in which he had a slowly dying horse on the range that needed to be humanly put down in order to relieve its suffering.

The only trouble being that he was not that far from one of these check points and feared that should he have ended the horse’s suffering with a shot to the head, he too would have suffered the same fate. A fate that was later confirmed when he talked to the sheriff.

Although there are dozens of eyewitness claims that correlate with the one above, perhaps the most horrific example of “martial law” in Burns is that of the one provided by local Alexandra Puckett.

While initially attempting to stay off of social media during the occupation of Burns, Puckett eventually published a Facebook update regarding what her husband and his mother had gone through while attempting to lawfully go to their ranch. Remember, this is in an American city, being conducted by the very agencies (and private companies?!?) who are publicly claiming that they are in town to protect the people.

“They had to go to the ranch to feed the cattle and were completely harassed by federal agents that are watching the refuge. “Harassed” is not really a term befitting what they did,”wrote Puckett.

“Forced out of the rig at gunpoint. Handcuffed at gunpoint. Forced my husband to his knees with a gun pointed directly at his face. Guns pointed at my mother in laws face. Full body searches. Completely searched the vehicle and all its contents, even drove the vehicle,” she continued.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Puckett then described how one of the agents was a literal bully, threatening her husband simply for being an American citizen on an American road attempting to access his private property.

“At one point an agent threatened to bash my husband in the balls while he was on his knees with a gun in his face!  Really???? This is a prime example of excessive force by people who have been given authority roles and take their power too far.”

So there you have it. Oregon citizens were terrorized at gunpoint by armed thugs all in the name of protecting the people from citizens occupying a random wildlife refuge that literally never used violence on even one occasion.

Obviously there is vastly more to the story and the seemingly unimaginable response to the occupation of the wildlife refuge proves that the powers that be are indeed scared out of their minds that the American people will actually wake up in mass to their crimes and corruption.

Homepage featured image: USFWS – Pacific Region/Flickr

Alex Thomas is an editor and opinion journalist at His articles and reporting have appeared on numerous news outlets including Infowars, RT, Press TV, and the Guardian. You can read more articles by Alexhereas well as follow him on Twitter here.

Note: The following video provides an up close picture of the “armed thugs” – notice how they are wearing no official insignia.

Additionally, Diane Rodgers also uploaded a video to YouTube that showed the FBI bringing in even more assets through the Burns airport. All for four occupiers who never even ended up hurting anyone.

The Bravo Von Muller YouTube channel also recently released a video that was essentially arolling slideshow of photos highlighting the government response in Burns, Oregon including the absolutely stunning photo below.

YouTube screen grab
YouTube screen grab

18 thoughts on “Martial law in Burns, Oregon: Feds terrorize local citizens with check points, random searches, and guns to their head

  1. I keep reading about things like this happening, but I still haven’t seen real proof… You’d think it would be plastered everywhere, with so many people owning cell phones …

    1. oops, I apologize. I had Java disabled and didn’t know there were pics and youtube vids. But how long ago were those vids and pics taken?

  2. Scenes of coming attractions.
    Amerika. Making North Korea look free.
    A dissident is one who wants more freedom than the government allows.

  3. “Road blocks, closures, and forced check points became a common occurrence with citizens being randomly pulled over by authorities wearing no insignia who demanded their ID’s under threat of death.”

    It sounds like anything but ‘random’.

    Only one way this will ever end.

      1. There are several reports in TV, internet, or other news media sources for you to use to find out who Justice Scalia was and/or what he stood for – and his many contributions in defense of the U.S. Constitution.

        Without defense for our Constitution by Patriots, no matter their job description or station in life, you may not have the Freedom to use the internet or to post a ‘?’.

        No telling who will take his place on the Supreme Court – it may even take the efforts of several Patriots to accomplish what he has.

  4. Well that’s what you get, Burns locals who supported the “brave law enforcement” that murdered LaVoy Finicum! Karma is a bee-otch!

    It’ll be interesting to see how long this lock down lasts…out here back during the Republic of Texas standoff it only lasted a week. Once McLaren and them turned themselves in, it was over…how times have changed…

  5. I guess its a giant slap in the face wake up call for the locals.
    This is just a prelude to what the international carpetbaggers are up to.
    Picking through the ashes of what’s left.
    Squatting on our resources.
    What you have and what you think you own is not yours unless you are willing to fight and die for it.

    1. I’m glad that some of the Ranchers are beginning to stand up to speak the truth about what has been going on for a long time. I hope that more will do the same … the courts, and the world need to hear from ‘the people’, and not from a scripted dialogue with a gun pointed at their heads.

      January 26, 2016
      Rancher Speaks Out!! Burns, Oregon Update:

  6. When did it become “alright” for the government to oppose American citizens that would stand up for their rights and take steps to protect their freedoms from the government that is supposed to do that very thing????

    I’m ready to join my forefathers and restore this country again to a free nation.

    To those who would say “does that mean you would give it back to the indians?” I can only say- I can’t undo what was done. I was born here on this soil as were they. I have no birthplace to return to as this is my birthplace. I can only work for, fight for, and die for a country where all Americans, whether they be of english descent, Indian descent, whatever descent, can live as free men and women with a governing body that is there to protect those rights WITH me.

  7. Mercenaries should be shot if they threaten anyone. They have no legal authority whatsoever.

    When enough come back in bodybags, the tune will change.


    1. Fear is exactly why they are doing this

      Although with some people , fear makes them act , rather than cower
      It’s the act type that will start coming out of the wood work when they continue to push
      And there’s no way we can be responsible for what happens
      The pushers own everything they get
      So when you hear them crying , turn it back on them
      It’s the tactic for the moral grounds of their actions , that moral ground was never theirs and we should never surrender any of it

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