9 thoughts on “Dr. Bhakdi Facts Expose Massive Deaths

  1. “Silent weapons for quiet wars” They have waged war on humanity for some time now and they are ramping it up to where it’s no longer silent. And here we sit waiting for some sign to start defending ourselves and our loved ones. What is it going to take before we realize our responsibility of self-defense is being neglected and that that is what is responsible for our demise?
    “Spirit of ’75” Enforce the Bill of Rights.

  2. I noticed the source for this video is A Warrior Calls. Christopher James, a Canadian who has been at war against what he calls the Service Corporation called Canada, Ontario and the B.A.R. for over 20 years, is the closest we have come to enforcing something similar to the American Bill of Rights in Canada. He is the only one in Canada who has been teaching Common Law through 4 important questions which establish our authority as free sovereigns. 1. Who, acting in a role such as CEO of the service corporation, Canada, Ontario, etc., has a contract with I (me) that I am their property? 2. Who on the private side has a contract that I am their property? 3. Who, acting in the role as an employee of the service corporation has a contract with me that I am their property? 4. Who has the proof that covid has been isolated and purified? Nobody will answer any one of those 4 questions. Therefore, they have no jurisdictional authority to order any of us to do anything. None of their statutes, rules or codes apply to We, the People. Nothing they put pen to paper applies. Once these truths are out in the open for everyone to see, when We, the People, need to move a claim in court, the “maggot” wearing the black robe will be removed and the claim will be conducted under Common Law, not corporate admiralty policy, and the B.A.R. will be exposed for the fraud it is. We are not as well armed as the Americans are, so we are relying on the truth that he has been trying very hard to teach in Canada, to do the job of having the police and the military realize what they need to do for themselves and their children because they, too, have been abused. He is trying to do something similar to what Henry has been doing, to wake the people up, to get off their duffs and fight. The Americans have the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Article. We have nothing but the truth about the B.A.R. and the hope that the police and the military who are not completely corrupted, will understand their authority in the Common Law, as well as those 4 questions that bring the truth out into the open for them to decide whether they will sell themselves, and the children of their children out, or not. Unlike the American Bill of Rights, which is the absolute, supreme, superior, unalienable law of the land and We, the People, our Canadian freedom laws are useless because they are not absolute.

    1. You have summed up Christopher’s position very well, and I appreciate his contributions to the fight for freedom.
      My exception is that he continues to think that the Police or Military will wake up and help overtake the court where these facts and justice can then be established.
      The people are the only one’s that can free themselves.
      Canadians are not helpless, many still have weapons, including firearms.
      This self-defense has to happen with or without establishing autonomy in a court of law.
      Before the magna carta or the bill of rights the axiomatic prime law has existed for all conscience life and for all times, even if unknown by any particular individual.
      The Prime Law:
      1). No one or group of ones has the right to initiate force, threat of force or fraud against anyone’s life, freedom or property.
      2). Force and retaliatory force is only justified in defense against ones who have violated or threatens to violate #1.
      3). No exceptions exist.

      Evil and fraud are an extension of dishonesty and laziness and continue due to the fact that individuals that make up mankind are not exorcising its responsibility of reason, honesty and self-defense.
      The creation, production and fair exchange of value are the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.

      1. I have established my autonomy in court on several occasions. If that’s all it took we would be done.
        But if you think these statists are going to relinquish the power base they have established until they are soundly whipped with the gun, tell me, why should they?
        I’ve stood in a court where the judge said in that open court “We do not recognize the Constitution in this court.”
        These are corporations. Every inch of them, and they hire mercenaries if they have to, but they don’t have to because what is being called police are in fact corporate enforcers. If they don’t do what they are told, they are out and another takes their place. Even if the people started winning the paper fight the king can always call troops in from all over his empire, and well, you are going to fight them or submit.
        The only way justice can be established is through sacrifice. I wish it were otherwise, but if you Canadians are going to be free, you are going to have to fight a mean ass war and separate from that monarchy, and a lot of you are going to die doing it. But then what good is life without freedom and liberty? What is life when you have the status of dog? That life is not worth living.
        If and when you get your country back, it will be a bloody affair and the sacrifice will be great. But the freedom and liberty will be greater.
        What we have to do, your country and mine, is destroy every monarchy and every corporation and make sure this evil never rises again, which means vigilance and understanding what is going on around you. It cuts into your free ranging but it’s one of those things that has to be. We have to destroy every one of them we can and destroy any one that pops up in the future, because they will try again. We will not get out of this corporate slavery without rivers of blood because they will not give up that kind of power when it’s not their blood.
        Hope I’m wrong.

        1. I have the foundational knowledge of the extent to which these tyrants who have established themselves within the fabric of our nation will go, to take it over completely. I know you are absolutely right about the sacrifice it will take to dispose of them for good.

      2. You keep editing your comment in little ways to make it go back into pending, making the responses seem to be without foundation.
        Number one: don’t do it again.
        Number two: do it again and you and your eight comments and everything you’ve written on this site and every response to them, goes into the trash.
        You’re doing this on purpose and don’t do it again. I will not tolerate it.

        1. I appreciate and am thankful for your site and your work Henry. I can assure you that I don’t understand how the pending status works. Any editing done within the time-frame to edit is only done to improve or clarify the thought. I’m working from a self-education that only improved after getting out of the negligent school system. Writing has been where I seem to struggle the most.

          1. The thought of that had entered my mind or I wouldn’t have handled the situation the way I did.
            I’ve written just for this site over 2000 articles. The trick is, take your time and if I find after I’ve already put it up that I could have done something a little better or I find a grammatical error, I want to fix it. What you don’t understand is during that 60 minutes, people are commenting on your comment and every time you edit it, it goes back into pending. So the comments other people are reading don’t make sense. If you are looking to become a better writer your next writing on the next article is where you improve.
            Have a nice day.

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