“Dreamers” Foreign Insurgent coming out of the Woodwork to Claim the US

The estimated 700,000 foreign insurgents from south of our border to be affected by the insurgent Obama’s unconstitutional Dream Act dictate, has morphed to 1.7 million, then 1.8 million, and now 2 million as the illegals fill our streets to get in line to claim their piece of our pie.

I believe this number will go as high as 10 million before anyone in the mainstream says, “Whoa, wait a minute.”  But by then 10 million will be a fait accompli and there will be another 40 million who have crossed into our country and will be taking our jobs, receiving welfare, public health care, and free education as they await the next act of amnesty, that is if we allow this outrage to continue.

First Arizona and now Nebraska are pushing back against the invasion, saying these illegals, once being declared as foreign workers here on visas, cannot have driver licenses and social services as they are clearly not US citizens.

What a conundrum for the corporate elite.  They have scored a coup with Obama sanctioning their foreign workforce through dictate, but now the states and the people of the states are refusing to subsidize their foreign workforce.

You see, no matter how you manipulate the numbers, the cost of living in the US is what it is.  Take away the subsidies provided by the US taxpayer for the foreign invaders and they are not receiving any more for their labor in real value than they are getting in Mexico, Central, or South America.

This is why Paul Ryan wants to “fix” the social safety net and turn it into workfare.  This way, these foreigners can continue to receive their benefits while working for slave wages, forcing 100 million Americans, unemployed or under employed, to do the same.

Those left in the middle class looking on, can then be pressed for more and more productivity for reduced wages, using the threat of their being moved to the slave population if they refuse, which in the end will happen anyway, as more and more pressure is put on those few middle class jobs left via the foreign visa programs and the Chinese invasion.

For the 111th time, this is not going to stop until we physically stop it.  Those we have paid to enforce our laws are the criminals breaking our laws.

Our Declaration of Independence says it about as clear as it can be said.  It is our right, it is our duty to throw off these insurgents and provide new guards for our future security.

6 thoughts on ““Dreamers” Foreign Insurgent coming out of the Woodwork to Claim the US

  1. I’d be willing to bet that once the bullets start flying here, every last one of those illegals will be wishing they were back home in good ol’ Mexico with the rest of their families, instead of here.

    1. Mexico has their own fair share of guns and drug cartels. It is actually probably worse there than it is here. And when the SHTF here, they more than likely won’t know what the hell to do as they will be trapped because both Mexico and the U.S. will be a hell-hole and a bloodbath.

      1. My point being, NC, that at least they would be able to fight and/or die in their own country among family and friends, as opposed to here.

        They sure won’t be able to count on me having their backs.

        I’ll be fighting with and for Americans, not some illegal aliens.

  2. Damn; am I an idiot or is it not the 1st. priority of this so-called gov’t that we are subjugated under is to protect the borders . Hey , the constitution under the present administration doesn’t mean a hill of beans anyway ; so don’t worry , be happy , dumb masses .

  3. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a picture of an illegal Mexican holding up a sign that says, “We have rights” when talking about the illegal immigration problem. That picture above just pisses me off and I want to slap these people across the face and then bitch slap them back to Mexico. “We have rights”..Are you kidding me? What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand? It’s like asking, “What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do you not understand?” when talking about gun control legislation. What an upside down world we live in.

    1. I concur, those “We have rights” signs piss me off to no end. Tell you what illegals, you have “the right” to be deported before a bullet ends up in your head!

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