15 thoughts on “Dreams of My Father? Whoever He Is.

  1. Yep, Dreams of My Father. I can believe that – after all they do look kind of the same I think – in fact he could also be michelles daddy too, I can see the resembalence in both of them. Makes me wonder if michelle and barack are brother and sister, wouldn`t suprise me none.

        1. Yes Millard, I did hear that michael had his name changed over to michelle when he/she played for the Oregon Beavers. LOL.

          1. Come on guys. Get your Ducks and your Beavers in a row. Michele Soetoro’s brother is a coach for the Oregon Beavers basketball team. 😕

          2. I thnk that all this cold weather has got us all confused Henry 😕 . I guess that I am still on that kissing article with the NYC cops

          3. Wait! What? Michele has a brother? You mean her parents popped out another child that could be just as fat and butt ugly as she is? Oh brother…..

  2. Yea they do share somewhat of a resemblance. That would be interesting and somewhat shocking to find out if it were true.

  3. People loosing their health insurance, and their jobs and these two comie SOB’s are in the top news…..

    Mandela was a comie traitor, simple as that. His son Barry is following his lead. Apartheid? we have that here in Amerika for f@#k sakes…… Barry and his father have seen to that.

  4. So now we have Barry Soetoro, Hussein, Obama, Onyango, Mendela.

    Man this guy has more last names than a Mexican immigrant.

  5. I feel really BAD for Michelle Obama! I mean, when she played Middle Linebacker for the OSU Beavers she had 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks!! She TOTALLY could have gone PRO! Just one more life Obama has destroyed!

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