Drone Sighted Over Chiloquin, Oregon

A drone like this one flew over our house in Chiloquin, Oregon at about 250 feet on Sunday afternoon, May 27, 2012.

I’ll be talking about it on The Word From the Trenches on Tuesday’s live broadcast, 12:00 pm Pacific.

7 thoughts on “Drone Sighted Over Chiloquin, Oregon

  1. A Drone Like this? (The one in the photo?) C’mon. Be Factual! The aircraft in the photo is NOT A DRONE!!!!!!! It is a sport plane, with a pusher type prop. It is all white, except for the canopy, which in the photo you selected is covered by a form fitted cover so that the instruments in the cockpit are not damaged, and the cockpit stays relatively cool.

    All these specious claims and inaccuracies do NOTHING to help the patriot cause. If you are going to make/file a claim, BE HONEST, FORTHRIGHT, AND ABOVE ALL, ACCURATE. If we do not know how many of what we are facing, we cannot properly prepare our defense, or proper response.

    1. You are absolutely correct. It is a kit plane. John Denver was killed in a plane just like this. But the fact is these kit planes have been and are being converted for drone use.
      The drone that flew over my house had zero markings of any kind. Last time I checked the only people who are allowed to fly aircraft without any markings is das government.
      Your ignorance may be more of a cause for worry than my sighting of this drone.
      This is the website that went with the photo. Scroll down and you will see this drone, manufactured by British Multinational Defense, Security, and Aerospace Company.

  2. I’ve seen this aircraft. It was late May on I-5 Aurora Wilsonville looking north. It eventually passed over. I was so amazed as I should have pulled over but was in dismay. Has anyone else seen this?


  3. I thought I saw a drone last night in Gladstone. It was much bigger and loud, discuised as a regular aircraft. It flew slow from a west to east direction at approx 400-500 feet. It was a dark aircraft as the lights on the aircraft revealed and flew a precision pattern. Size wise it looked bigger than a two seater.

    1. These have also been converted to drones by some oversees companies. The one I saw had no glass windows but rather a small black dome.

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