15 thoughts on “Duck, Hillary!

  1. What a horrid picture of a horrible woman (with a forced smile). Now she knows why Obama uses a teleprompter… it’s his shield used to deflect shoes; plus the fact that he can’t put a sentence together without one.

  2. That whole event was stagged to make her look the victim and to give the look of innocense and frailty to this used up radical cow.

  3. They’ll have to ban shoes now, because it was the shoes fault, not the person that threw it. First, people will register their shoes for the sake of public safety. Later, certain types of shoes will be banned, and then finally all shoes will have to be banned. Those that don’t comply will be swat teamed by units of crack shoe throwing troops, because they are still allowed to wear shoes and use them as weapons.
    Finally we will all be safe from those evil shoe weapons, and if we question any corruption or murderous treason by the higher ups, we will deserve being shoed to death by the enforcement branch.

    1. Hi Hans,

      Hahahahahha,… EXACTLY!!!!

      Of course they can implement Criminal Eric Holders suggestion, which is, .like guns,…. people will have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet if they wish to wear shoes (the shoes will self-destruct if someone tries to put them on without their preauthorized Electronic-Shoe-Monitor).


    2. Haha! Oh man, the insanity of our treasonous government. The ridiculous scenario possibilities are endless.

  4. My Fellow Patriots,

    Ooooooo,… just look at that picture of her!,… you can see Hillary in all her frightening uglyness under those glaring lights!

    I’ve heard rumors that her “Dark-Side-Of-The-Force” name is: “Darth Hideous”.

    JD – US Marines – In ancient Roman times, parents would tell their kids stories about “Hannibal” being at the gates and was their to eat them,.. to scare them to be good,… we have, “Darth Hideous” to do the same with,.. only in the case of Lord Hideous, she has scarificed children as part of her “Alligence Of Obedience” to her International Paymasters,… literally.

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