13 thoughts on “Eagles – Get Over It

  1. Love the Eagles, Angel. Saw them on their “Hell Froze Over” tour, with Joe Walsh (2nd time I saw him). The song below is my all-time favorite rock song, mainly because of the following two sets of verses (but also cuz it ROCKS!):

    “Just remember this, my girl, if you look up in the sky, you can see the stars and still not see the light (that’s right).”

    “So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.”

    Both of those statements are so true, they’ve always been kind of special to me.
    p.s. sorry about the lack of video, I don’t always find the right ones.
    p.p.s. Henry, please feel free to post this one for me, if you can find a better version. 🙂
    Anyway, enjoy the song.

    1. Hubby saw the “Hell Freezes Over” tour. He and I are both huge Eagles fans. 🙂
      They had so many great songs… I just thought “Get Over It” fit the Trenches. LOL I love them all. 🙂
      I found three videos of “Already Gone.” Two were pre-Walsh ( ’72 & CA Jam ’75) and one was ’95 w/ Walsh. Which one would you like?

          1. I’m already in Fontana. Left at 1:00 so I wouldn’t have to fight bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way here (about 75 mi.)

            It worked. 😀

          2. I’ll be posting comments (and sending in a few articles, hopefully, once I get mostly caught up on the ones already up) until around 8:00 or so, then I’ll be mostly incommunicado until Sun. night.

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