End Child Labor Laws, Institute Debtor Prison, A Return to the Grapes of Wrath

Unemployment continues to rise as consumer prices soar.  More homes are being foreclosed on.  More retirement accounts are being exhausted by those who cannot find jobs.  Corporate theft is running rampant and what is the latest line being put forth via the mainstream propaganda machine?  How about getting rid of child labor laws and reinstituting debtor prisons?

As incredible as it might seem these are the proposals being put forth, and why not?  The corporate elite are so out of touch with reality that they can only be compared with the French aristocrats prior to the implementation of guillotines in that country.

Twenty million US citizens out of work and we should get rid of the child labor laws.  I guess this would make perfect sense if the end goal is a return to the Grapes of Wrath.  And if those older citizens who have lost their job and cannot get another, have reached the point where they cannot pay their bills any more, well we’ll put them in debtor’s prison.

Maybe we could tweak both concepts a little and allow the corporate elite to put the children of the people they have dispossessed and imprisoned into forced servitude.  They could then pay off the debts of their parents with $4.25 per hour wages.  You see it works out great for everybody.

But wait a minute.  We are the 99% and those who want to enslave us are only 1%.  How about we the 99% take up our liberty arms and send the 1% the way of the dodo bird.  Any person who cannot see the existence and execution of this plan to bring the people of the United States into slavery is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

Our standard of living continues to diminish as the elite continue to report record profits.  And when we go into the streets to complain, the corporate controlled police forces, we pay for through our taxes, club us with batons and shoot us in the face with tear gas canisters.

But then look at history.  Is this not the modus operandi of the elitist aristocrat?  When the people begin to rise up, do they not push the enforcement of their theft through clamping down on dissent?  And do not these actions, in every case, result in further discontent among the oppressed?  And has not history proven that the tyrant inevitably pushes further down this path up to the point that his or her head drops into a basket?

People we have put this off for far too long.  We do not have to live like this.  We have the means to break our chains and free ourselves.  We have the power to take back what has been stolen and returned to prosperity in a relatively short span of time.

We must push for the election of Dr. Ron Paul as our next president and at the same time we must prepare ourselves to physically remove the misery makers.  I do not believe they are going to stop.  I do not think they can stop.  They are like serial killers with the law hot on their heels.  They have to try to kill just one more because even though they know they are going to get caught, I guess they figure they can only lose their head once.  The elite are committed to a path of destruction and unless calmer heads prevail, I do believe inevitably that the heads of the international elite are going to roll.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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