End Time America: 2013 – 2014 Forewarnings

Published on Jul 19, 2012 by PatmosIsle

This ALARMING and ACCURATE PROPHETIC SCENARIO is coming to AMERICA, NOW and Thru 2013 & 2014. ::.. NO PERSON will be left UNSTIRRED.

Those who stand will not be weak & timid, but bold & strong. :::.

*While U.S. Leaders, the Media & most others today are still pondering & debating about AMERICA’S FUTURE and its ECONOMY, this EXCLUSIVE Video FRAMES SPECIFIC ANSWERS to these questions below, and CRYSTALLIZES IN ADVANCE what’s coming :

Is America’s Reign as a Super-Power restorable? Or over?
Next U.S. Presidential Election of Nov 2012?
Bible’s perspective RE: Romney & Obama?
U.S. Economy to worsen or recover?
Will U.S. GOVT keep towards 1-World GOVT? ..or return to its former status?

Which 2 prime groups in USA are NOW 1st in line for God’s Warnings? Why?
Is judgment coming to America? Or blessings & prosperity, like before? Why?

What is God’s word to Believers & TV Ministries in USA today?
Mormonism in the White House?
Obama: …a true “Christian”?

Coming: –ISRAEL to “see” what USA sees?
7 Year Tribulation?
Coming Final Move of God within USA; His purpose & His chosen elect?

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7 thoughts on “End Time America: 2013 – 2014 Forewarnings

  1. Reagan signed the Noahide laws into US law. The Noahide laws come from the jew talmud. The Noahide laws were the laws in the Soviet Union. It’s the law the commie jews used as their “religious” justification to kill millions of white Christians in Russia.

    Reagan also opened up the US to commie jews from the “erstwhile” Soviet Union. When you hear, “Russian mafia” — it’s the jew commies from the former Soviet Union that Reagan welcomed into the States.

    Reagan was also a Freemason. He wasn’t a Christian, not really. He read from the Christian Bible, yet he signed the jew Noahide laws into US law.

    Google ” Communism + Jews + The Talmud”
    ” Communism + Jews + The Talmud + Noahide Laws”
    ” Education Day + Noahide Laws + Ronald Reagan ”

    The jews are drooling for the Gun Grab so they can impement their Noahide laws. Reagan signed the “religious” laws from the talmud into American law ; The laws the jews use as a “religious” justification to kill whomever they please, for whatever reason they please. Israel — the jews — are our true Enemy.

    Google : ” Scofeld + Rothschilds + Zionism”

    The jews, as a collective, have done everything they could to destroy this country . Reagan was on the jew’s payroll. He was Not a Christian. Joe

  2. Reagan was a member of the World Federalist Society. They are PRIME movers to institute the One World Govt.
    His wife- often credited, or blamed, for being the actual power behind the comatose Reagan, was notorious for using ASTROLOGERS to decide matters of state and personal choices. That is #1 abomination in Deuteronomy and other Biblical sources. Punishable by death and hellfire forever.
    Reagan’s creation of the Afghan Mujahadin – Al Qaeda – (for those in denial), the same “who attacked us on 911” and his support for Iran and death squads in Central and South America during Iran Contra are legendary and totally outrageous. Criminality Far worse than the degenerate, sleazy Clinton.
    Author is Very quick to rightly condemn the Xtian hypocrites, but as usual- such “prophets” who tell us the obvious refuse to ever condemn their puppeteers, and they are NOT xtian, and NOT muslim.
    This fool needs to wake up and use some of the Godly discernment he refers to and yet seems to have little access to. “Our Best Friend ISRAEL”.

    THis is the sort of false ‘prophet’ who wails about corrupt Hollywood and media- but refuses to see it is JEWS calling the shots. He bemoans the destruction of our economy- but never admits that jews hold all those positions of power- every one. He whines about abortion- but ignores that JEWS, not Muslims pushed abortion, homosexuality and pornography in America. In nearly all cases of lamentation- guess WHO are the controllers and funders of this moral corruption is? They are jews- not Muslims.
    This tape is a waste of time
    Good God what a waste of time this deceived sepulchre is! He wouldnt know the core Truth if it stared him in the face- which it is doing for those who have eyes to see.

  3. on the gay issue that’s being engineered as well. christians need to take their blinders off or that log out of their own eye to see it. sin is sin whether hetero or homo. there are young people committing suicide or thinking of suicide because they don’t understand why their homosexual and if they are made in gods image why christians consider them abominations. i wouldn’t doubt for a second there’s a government funded type of gay agenda using various methods other than the obvious ones. i’m not even gay but i know young people who are and its absolutely heartbreaking.

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