Ending birthright citizenship = end to anchor babies

Seeing Red AZ

The Washington Examiner reports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call to end birthright citizenship in the United States “could revive a similar proposal in Congress that has never gained traction despite past support from top leaders.” The article cites Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, (watch him in linked video) and House Speaker John Boehner, (R-OH), who is all over the map on any given subject on any given day. We can count on them for nothing.  

Birthright Citizenship is the automatic granting of citizenship to children born to non-citizens within a nation’s borders or territories. The United States and Canada are now the only developed nations in the world to still offer Birthright Citizenship to tourists and illegal aliens. Those children are known as anchor babies since the birth of one on American soil facilitates “chain migration” or the ability of that infant in diapers, usually supplied by your tax dollars, to act as the conduit to bring in the rest of the extended family. It is a preposterous misinterpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, which rightly granted citizenship to American-born children of African-born slaves freed after the Civil War.

In recent years the practice has been repealed by the nations of Australia (2007), New Zealand (2005), Ireland (2005), France (1993), India (1987), Malta (1989), UK (1983), and Portugal (1981).

The list “Developed Nations” that disallow the practice can be seen  on NumbersUSA along with the list of “Other Nations” that join in refusing to accept the this surefire means of destroying the unifying heritage of a country. The NumbersUSA website also lists the 2016 presidential candidates who support and oppose ending birthright citizenship. Although the post was just updated there are missing candidates.

Seeing Red AZ has written about the issue and its many incarnations as far back as 2010 with the post Anchor babies and “birth tourism” making the news. and “Birth tourism” alive and well in 2012.

Americans are increasingly being told what words they can use to describe the worsening situation. “Illegal alien” is an unkind description of those who thumb their noses at our laws while invading our sovereign nation. By 2011, the New York Times explained the term “anchor baby” has been redefined as a slur.

In 2013, we wrote the amnesty supporting Arizona Republic speaks illegalese, followed by Winston Smith: Alive and well at Associated Press, in which we reported that the AP Stylebook was ditching the term “illegal immigrant” as politically incorrect.

America is not yet the totalitarian regime described in George Orwell’s book, 1984. Redefining language is a calculated tool of the left. Don’t fall in line.


2 thoughts on “Ending birthright citizenship = end to anchor babies

  1. With all due respect, seeing red AZ is also grossly misinformed as to the TRUE meaning couched in the legalese “words of art” that is the 14th Amendment. This was the birth of the corporate slave aka “U.S. citizen” & NOT an AMERICAN Citizen. IT DID NOT “grant’ citizenship to anyone, & in fact enslaved EVERY race living in the corporation known as the “UNITED STATES” & NOT the United States of America”. The State Department even states point blank as does U.S. code that there are many types of citizenship in this country & that the laws are “complex”. I have personally changed my status with the State Department via the passport application & sworn affidavit of my true status as a “non-citizen national”. I received my passport WITHOUT ANY REBUTTAL to my sworn statement, and have not had any problems whatsoever since. As long as good folks buy into “U.S. citizenship” blindly, this country is doomed!

  2. “The article cites Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, (watch him in linked video) and House Speaker John Boehner, (R-OH), who is all over the map on any given subject on any given day. We can count on them for nothing.”

    The jews, on the other hand, can count on them for everything.

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