EPIC RANT! Reporter Goes Off On Government Human Trafficking Operation

As Title 42 ended the US government with help from the Texas National Guard were caught trafficking three bus loads of illegal aliens. Owen Shroyer determined to use his first amendment to educate the main stream media and government agents on the treachery they are committing.

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One thought on “EPIC RANT! Reporter Goes Off On Government Human Trafficking Operation

  1. Spoken like a true spawn of Alex Jones. Mr. Owen Shroyer, using words like “citizen,” and “Democracy.” Calling our First Article the “First Amendment.” Pinning it on Biden and the Democrats, dutifully holding up left/right. Regarding the border invasion, he says that The National Guard has “done more than anyone else.” Care to elaborate on that, Mr. Shroyer? And I wonder why he’s allowed in so close. Hmm… Maybe Alex gave him the manual, based on his own entry into Bohemian Grove. I think it was entitled “FREE PASSES FOR GATEKEEPERS.”

    He says “No one else complains; it’s always gotta be me.” Please open your eyes and ears Mr. Shroyer, you might hear and see millions doing more than complaining. Ever hear of From The Trenches World Report? That’s right, the site that promotes The Bill of Rights as a LAWFUL way out, a solution to UNLAWFUL invasion and ruthless tyranny, and every other malady being visited upon us. But you and your boss will do everything to hide that. How else will you keep selling your health enhancement products? And what good can those products do to check the invasion and the slavery it is bringing about? Freedom doesn’t come out of a bottle, Owen.


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