Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change The Entire Web

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You remember GDPR right?

Maybe not, no one really said much about it, though it was far reaching. It is a European Union law that “protects the privacy” of European users, yet, it impacted the entire web. This is why you see privacy statements all over websites these days, to comply or be sued.

Why is a European Union law handcuffing the rest of the world?… 

If you understand world government, you will have a better idea why.

Now the European Union has passed a new law. A copyright law and it is already being stated that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms like WordPress will need to hold their users accountable whether or not they live in Europe.

As with GDPR, platforms such as Facebook and the like said it was easier to just apply the new Euro law to the entire web, rather than carve out a specific nitch for Euro only users.

This caused a lot of unneeded work and money to “comply” with another nations law.

My question is, why do we as Americans and the rest of the world for that matter give a rip what the EuroCrats are doing?

It is their GDPR.

It is their copyright law.

It is their law, not our law.

Their law should only apply to their citizens. Their citizens that use Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. Blogging platforms located in EuroLand would be prohibited by their law, not blogging platforms across the globe in a real and just world.

For the record, our website is not in Euroland, but located in the USA. We are not under their jurisdiction, therefore, their law is of no importance to us.

So why is the rest of the world acting like it is?

Global think, global government…

As with GDPR, no one said, ‘this law does not apply to me because I live outside of Europe‘. All the sheep said was,

How can we make sure we comply“.

The hour grows late my friends and the walls continue to close in on us.  They are doing whatever they can to silence free speech and silence God’s Word. We will do our part to continue our work and let God be with those who stand for Him.

World Events and the Bible

3 thoughts on “Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Change The Entire Web

  1. I’m not to worried about this.

    Ya know why…?

    Because the pope owns all the copyrights in his papal balls.

    I think he has three.

  2. To answer Brandon’s question: simple (regarding WordPress)–WordPress is so damned afraid some Euro hack craving millions from nonsense law suits will attack various WordPress blogs and sites, that WP demands ALL blogs and biz sites (such as my OmegaBooks site) make sure they have that GDPR crap ready to pop up in case some European uses it…it is an app really no one can refuse to put on their site (I mean, WP just puts it there, okay…I did not!). and check this out: why was Dr. Eowyn’s Fellowship of the Minds taken down? Because they wrote something named “Sandy Hoax,” and some Sandy Hoax “dad” with a “son” at Sandy Hoax threatened to sue WP over it–so, to avoid the suit, they just took down Eowyn’s site! And that, my friend, is why WP at least is pulling this GDPR and now Article 11 and 13 crapola…which means I may have to move my domain off of WP soon. This is nonsense. Period, End of Story.

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