2 thoughts on “Ex-Israeli Soldier Speaks Out; Israelis Train US Police

  1. He claims his grammy was a survivor of the concentration camps. F’N Jew lying worm. I couldn’t listen to that stinking piece of $hit much longer than a minute before I realized, “Why are you listening to joo trash.” Enough said.

  2. The bottom line is;

    How can a small minority of people, joos, cause so much pain, anguish, and death to humanity worldwide, and then believe their own bullshit?

    It’s NOT all about the joos, dammit.

    Just because one guy can faintly see the deceptions that his “ancestors” perpetrated on the rest of humanity as a whole, lends no more credence to his words than any other persons. Sounds to me like he feels guilty, while avoiding analysis, of the history of the jewish situation…

    The word holocaust, is so often misused;

    There have been many other groups of peoples whose losses have been accurately documented by unsolicited 3rd parties, which are infinitely more credible than the joos telling us about the jews…

    So, one joo has acquired a conscience. Now he wants me to bear the sins of others so he feels better, by professing “I’m not going to take it anymore!” It doesn’t work like that…

    Not ALL jews are bad, but they all leave a bad taste in your mouth when any of them speaks publicly. The joos did that to themselves. No-one else!

    No matter what they speak on, IMHO, they should just STFU. The damage is done. Now live with it OR, fix it.

    The zionists seethe hate and contempt for anyone not a joo. Personally, I’ve heard enough. One jew isn’t going to fix it.
    When the Jews as a whole stop exporting hate and contempt and exterminate zionism, come talk to me. Before that, STFU. All of you!

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