Exposing La Raza’s AZTLAN Lie. 5 Historical Facts Why the Southwest and Texas Was Not Stolen from Mexico.

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The Myth of Aztlan is no more real than the Easter Bunny.  Aztlan is a Lie.

It is time we stop holding back the historical truth and set the record straight. It is time the truth and the real history of how the Southwestern states became a part of the United States and Texas independence. We must not allow the revisionist to take over the narrative rewriting how the western United States was acquired.

It is time to shatter the lie saying southwest was stolen from Mexico. The Aztlan myth is about as real as the invention of Kwanza is a holiday. The truth is Aztec Indians never occupied the southwest. Why would they live in a desert wasteland when they had abundance in the tropical climate?  

The truth is the border never crossed the so-called indigent people of Mexico. It was done lawfully and legally. Mexico and the rest of central and south America are responsible for their own problems. The perception that American stolen Texas and the southwest from Mexico is a flat out lie of the Ford Foundation that is published in Mexican textbooks. It is a shame that the leadership in Mexico blames America for their economic woes to divert people away from the government’s destructive policies as the cause of misery. Exploiting the ignorance of the people is the way they stay in power rewriting history to suit their needs.

Here is the truth about the real history of the southwest and Texas breaking free from Mexico:

1. When the southwest became US Territory after hostilities ceased between the United States and Mexico. Most Mexican born people of Hispanic decent overwhelmingly became US citizens instead of resettling in Mexico. They rather live under President Polk than under the rule of General Santa Anna.

2. The Southwest was never stolen from Mexico. How the Mexican war started was because Texas was going to be annexed to the United States becoming a state entering the union. The Mexican Army marched north into the United States all the way to Oklahoma until the American troops pushed them south until US troops surrounded the nation’s capital.

The United States did not want to annex all of Mexico to be a part of America. The United States government purchased the Southwest territory for 15 million dollars under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

4. A few short years later after the war was over. The Mexican and the American governments came together to negotiate in diplomatic meetings to settle the dispute making the national boundaries more defined with Mexico on the southern border. A tract of land from El Paso Texas to Yuma Arizona was brought from Mexico called the Gadsden Purchase. That was an agreement made between Mexico and the United States government.

5. Texas was not stolen from Mexico either. General Santa Anna handed over Norte Mexico to Sam Houston, which was named the Texas territory after the Mexican army was defeated at the Battle of Jan Jacinto.

The war of Texas independence was not an isolated conflict of just gringos who wanted to break free from the tyrannical military dictatorship. The Texas war for independence was fought side by side with Spanish-speaking people to defeat Santa Anna because this tyrant was hated by most of the citizens.

In the year 1824, when Mexico declared its independence from Spain and formed their own Republic. The Mexican government sold treasury bonds to fund the new government. Many Europeans invested in these bonds. When it was time for the bonds to come due. The Mexican government defaulted.

General Santa Anna led a coup and overthrew the elected government of Mexico and declared himself Dictator. He raised taxes on everything from land, duties and impost through all of Mexico.

Twice, all the states in Mexico, including Texas were in revolt against General Santa Anna’s military dictatorship ruling over them. All the rebellions were put down in Mexico by General Santa Anna except one providence. Texas was the sole militia that defeated the Mexican Army. Texas was the unique Republic which won by fighting for their Independence.

We must not allow groups like La Raza and other hate groups using the race card to browbeat Americans into feeling guilty we have nothing to do with and suppressing the real history about our dealing with Mexico.

You might not agree with me saying this. We must reach out to the illegal aliens telling them that they are being used as a political weapon against the American people.

Telling the truth that socialism is a failure and embracing the virtues they fled from is not the answer. We must expose the fact that La Raza and these race-based activists do not care about them. They are used as pawns in a game of divide and conquer. These racist groups want no one to learn English or embrace America’s culture and history that set this nation apart from the country they came from. It is by assimilation to the culture and the language, respecting the laws of the United States by making good by doing things legally instead of violating the sovereignty of the United States. There is the true pathway to citizenship and success as an individual.

We all know the politicians in Washington DC refuses to deport them as the law demands. We can be sure to engage in the info-war with countermeasures with the truth, so they can be educated making an informed choice winning their hearts and minds so the social engineers cannot use them as a pawn for their globalist agenda. If we allow these illegal aliens make choices based on ignorance, which causes our country to slip into the darkness because we did not reach out and sell why America was great and the principles that made us strong. Because we were too timid, or we made excuses. It will be our own fault. We did not do anything in our power to reverse this.

We can stop these forces using the illegal aliens as a political weapon to take down the nation if we engage in the info war with the truth.

We must show them Latin people who became Americans have made great contributions to this nation. Do they know many Americans of Spanish descent were recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor? They have made great warriors in most of the wars fighting for the cause of liberty. The reason why La Raza is winning the hearts and minds of the illegal alien population is because we are not doing anything to counter the propaganda.

We have to bypass the Spanish-speaking TV and radio like we went around the establishment media with great success. If we act right now aggressively reaching out to these people smashing the lies and false hopes, the racial agitators try to sell. The weapon they are using against us can be the boomerang that can defeat the globalist if we plant the seeds of freedom and the principles of how liberty bears its good fruit that made American prosperous compared to the bitter rhetoric La Raza preaches, which are the values of slavery, tyranny and poverty.

These very same virtues these people fled from are being sold as liberation theology by these wolves in sheep clothing sold in a repackaged form. They have to be exposed for what they are for sowing the seeds of destruction misleading the masses.
It is time to shatter the AZTLAN lies with the truth. Do you agree? Blocking buses on the street to prevent these people with disease entering the city is not enough. We have to become proactive reaching out, or we are finished as a nation.


5 thoughts on “Exposing La Raza’s AZTLAN Lie. 5 Historical Facts Why the Southwest and Texas Was Not Stolen from Mexico.

    1. NC,

      It took me close to six days to write this piece to make sure the facts were right and there was no grammar errors going over it many times over to make use it was close to perfect as I can get it.

      1. “We must not allow the revisionist to take over the narrative rewriting how the western United States was acquired.”

        George, not to disparage your article in any way, but I believe your concept of revisionist history is incorrect. You are a revisionist historian. What was originally written was lies. You are simply revising those lies with true historical facts. # 2 is what I’m referring to, in the interest of accuracy.


        — n
        1. ( sometimes capital )
        a. a moderate, nonrevolutionary version of Marxism developed in Germany around 1900
        b. (in Marxist-Leninist ideology) any dangerous departure from the true interpretation of Marx’s teachings
        2. the advocacy of revision of some political theory, religious doctrine, historical or critical interpretation, etc
        3. ( usually capital ) an ultra-nationalist form of Zionism that arose in Palestine in the 1940s

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