Famous Autism Researcher, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Found In River – Suicide By Gunshot to Chest?

Natural News – by Erin Elizabeth

I’m sad to say that two prominent doctors in the “alternative medicine” world have died in the past few days. The first is the accomplished, well known and much loved Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, who formerly lived here on the East Coast of Florida. He then moved to our neighboring state, Georgia. Fox Carolina is reporting that his body was found in a river in North Carolina and that he died of an apparent “self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest“.

The funeral is in Shelby, North Carolina. Shelby is a small town of 20k people, and the same town where they just apprehended the Charleston South Carolina mass church killer Dylann Roof around the time of Dr. Bradstreet’s death. Some doctors are reading this tonight and writing me that they find it suspicious and are concerned. I too am concerned, as my other half is a prominent controversial doctor as well. I suspect we’ll know more as the investigation continues.  

Another doctor (whose name I cannot yet disclose) died suddenly on Father’s Day here on Florida’s East Coast. He was healthy and fit with a thriving practice, had an additional PhD in Nutrition from Harvard. We are saddened by the sudden death of both doctors. Someone already set up a memorial page for Dr. Bradstreet on Facebook. He has people posting from the around the world who obviously loved him are thanking him for all he did during his amazing career. I didn’t post this article there, nor did I notice any mention of the details I have found in the news.

From the article about Dr. Bradstreet’s tragic death:

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office said they received a report about a body in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock on June 19.

Deputies said the body was found by a fisherman. The body was removed from the river and was identified as James Jeffrey Bradstreet of Braselton, Georgia. Bradstreet had a gunshot wound to the chest, which appeared to be self inflicted, according to deputies.
Divers from the Henderson County Rescue Squad responded to the scene and recovered a handgun from the rivers, according to deputies.

Bradstreet’s body was sent to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for an autopsy on Wednesday. The case remains under investigation.

We will continue to update you as more information comes in about the death of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet and of the other unnamed doctor whose name I cannot share yet. More info is coming in at this late hour about #CDCwhistleblower and other sources I need to vet before posting. (It’s complicated) Our hearts go out to both their families and friends during their time of loss.

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– See more at: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2015/06/famous-autism-researcher-dr-jeff.html#sthash.gqN5JPH0.dpuf

10 thoughts on “Famous Autism Researcher, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Found In River – Suicide By Gunshot to Chest?

  1. That’s what you get for trying to expose the link between vaccines and autism. The big pharma button man puts one in your chest.

    Let’s see…. I’m going to commit suicide. Should I end my life quickly with a shot to the temple that will probably kill me before I feel it?

    Na…. That’s no fun. I’ll shoot myself in the chest, so I can suffer agonizing pain, possibly for hours before I die.

  2. Fox Carolina is reporting that his body was found in a river in North Carolina and that he died of an apparent “self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest“.

    Apparent ” self-inflicted ” = Executed. Double-speak yet again . . .

  3. Looks like we, people of the South have a huge target on our backs right now….strange and suspicious incidents happening….would “they” be stupid enough to wake a sleeping giant?

    1. it ain’no north south thing.
      another whisteblower has been executed.
      the exposing of that which has been hidden, telling truths, should not be a death sentence, especially in the land of the free.
      besides, a civil war nowadays would not be north versus south, but they’d sure nuf make it black versus white.
      personally, i’d prefer human versus zionist judaism. that’d be a battle royale worth fighting.

  4. I have said it for years that the powers at be will slowly get rid of the Autism Recovery Experts one by one while pushing for no more vaccine exemption and forced visits of homeschooling parents to cite and incite and take away kids for not vaccinating……

    Vaccines, GMOs “Foods”, and Fluoridated Water = Chronic Illness and depopulation.

    -Resistance is *not* futile.

    RIP Dr Bradstreet and Dr Carley.

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