Father of 3 Imprisoned 25 Years for Selling Leftover Pain Pills

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Due to the implementation of the misguided War on Drugs, the United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Victimless “criminals” fill overcrowded jails, leading to the early release of hardcore killers, armed robbers, and rapists. While drug abuse is certainly a serious problem, prohibition has been proven a complete failure when it comes to reducing addiction rates. In fact, the criminalization of drugs itself has caused a variety of new social ills which tear at the fabric of American society.  

The Atlantic is reporting on the particularly depressing story of John Horner, the 46-year-old father of the three children depicted in the picture above. An injured friend, who happened to be a police informant, asked to buy some of Horner’s pain pills which were left over from when he lost an eye. He agreed and was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 25 years. His children have now lost their father for their entire childhoods, because someone talked him into selling leftover pain pills one time.

The War on Drugs’ Weird Sentencing

Often, we hear of first offenders getting outrageous, life-long sentences for selling petty amounts of marijuana to the same informant multiple times while owning a gun. Meanwhile, other people will take a gun and shoot a human being with it, fatally, and won’t be sentenced to as much jail time. Fundamentally, this makes no sense. Taxpayers pay for jails because they want dangerous people put in them. Someone with a clean record who commits second-degree murder could in theory get out earlier than John Horner.

Also, taxpayers have to fund Horner’s incarceration, which, as the above-linked Atlantic article notes, will cost upwards of $475,000. In exchange for these funds, citizens will receive the ruination of three children’s lives, Horner will be immersed in a social environment with killers and gang members (increasing his risk of turning to criminality), and an additional cell will be taken up in the prison, leading to more early releases of killers.

Is John Horner Dangerous?

John Horner was a fast food employee who had run out of luck and couldn’t find a job. He has children to support. He lost an eye in an accident and still had some pain pills left over. A friend was injured and asked to buy them, and he sold them, just to the one person. It’s probably not his proudest moment in life, but does it mean he should be locked away from society?

He wasn’t running a pill mill. He wasn’t the leader of a violent drug cartel. The only thing he had on his criminal record was another unfair charge — when he was 18, he was convicted of statutory rape for having consensual sex with a high school girlfriend. Most people would find that conviction astonishing as well, as most statutory rape laws have exemptions for consensual scenarios between high school students around the same age who technically are over and under the 18-year line respectively at the time of the incident in question.

John Horner should not be in jail for 25 years. His children do not benefit from being left un-raised, demoralized by the fact that their father is a prison inmate. Will they turn to violent crime and theft in his absence? The War on Drugs is not only a complete failure, but it is becoming an aggressive menace to society, worse than the drugs themselves.


13 thoughts on “Father of 3 Imprisoned 25 Years for Selling Leftover Pain Pills

  1. Well just how dumb can ya get. The articl said that John Horner sold his left over pain meds to a F`n police informant? The guy dosen`t seem very smart just to associate with a f`n police informant. Sounds like he has a prob. being so dumb. WOW

    1. Most people are smart enough to know police informants don’t advertize they are snitches. But then, secondary psychopaths like you are dumber than rocks and tend to blame the victim.

      1. I have been around a while and I do not associate with informants and I would think he would have known that his friend was a informant. Sorry pal, you call me dumber than rocks?, well I think not, I did time because I never was a rat snitch. Think about it you immoral loser. I bet you ratted out people and said that`s “justme” didn`t you. People like you is what is wrong with the world today. Oh yea, maybe he shouldn`t have friends that are informants. Serves him right hanging around informants!!! PS, Yea you call me a psycopath, well I had a lot of training from POS like you as to how I could be a psycopath. PSS Hey Justme Go kick rocks because obviously you are way dumber than I am. Go choke on it eh!

  2. It has nothing to do with criminality. Anyone they can get into their slave population is fine with them, and they’re not really concerned with anybody’s life or what effects their actions might have on the rest of society.

    This guys in jail for one reason only: someone’s making a few bucks off his incarceration. Storm the Bastille.

  3. In a free society a man in pain would be able to walk into a corner drug store/ice cream parlor and buy some pain pills.

    In a free society, a man with pain pills would be able to give another man in pain his pain pills.

    Are we a free society? I think not!
    We the people need to clean house

    1. Thats right Smilardog. Isn`t it a right to choose our own medical provider of our choice? PS Like they say, ” A freind in need is a freind indeed”. Of course unless he is a cop and a cop is no freind at all to speak of.

  4. The War on Drugs is not “misguided” at all. It is a price support system for the black market, which launders hundreds of billions of dollars in illegal drug money thru large, politically powerful US Banks, who must have drug money for purposes of vital liquidity. This, according to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

    I wish journalists would call it what it is, a criminal racket, played out against the American people, by it’s own government.

  5. “Will they turn to violent crime and theft in his absence?”

    I hope they turn to judge-and-legislator murdering.

  6. Meanwhile the media circus keeps everyone distracted by stories of the over crowded Folsom Prison blues, under the actual hood if you chose to look, every time an innocent soul’s life is destroyed by corruption, Wackenhut rapes a baby kitten. They’ve been busy down in Adlanto/Victorville with all those corrupt officials over the past decade. Yes, they want to house medical cannabis dealers right next to the meth cookers, they want raw milk farmers bunked with rapists, they want everyone from guitar manufacturers to street protestors, each a profit for Wackenhut and the for profit prison system. How is it even possible to sign a contract that says the private prison population won’t be allowed to go below a certain level? I can think of a few officials that ought be testing out their own jails themselves. Of course the only problem I see is an under-population of treasonous officials at Ft. Leavenworth, let’s stuff that federal prison with 535 to start and talk about prison expansion in two years.

  7. Speaking of DANGEROUS DRUGS:
    Everyone who reads this needs to spread these words far and wide, and do not be shy about letting the “medical profession” hear them:
    Your Doctor is now an “AGENT of the STATE”. ANYTHING you tell your Doctor CAN and WILL be used against you. Furthermore, the Government is stating that Nobody is CURED or HELPED by Psychiatry OR by these drugs. These drugs do NO GOOD and DO NOTHING for you and —actually make you worse—, since your merely having taken them “convicts” you of mental illness for the REST of your life . Therefore, merely having taken them gives you a permanent “NOT GUILTY by reason of MENTAL ILLNESS” Defense.
    On further reflection, this may be the biggest Class Action Lawsuit ever. DOCTORS have been blithely giving you drugs that they know not only do NOT Cure you, they give you permanent brain damage. The FDA approved them. BIG PHARMACY MADE them. The MILITARY has been feeding them to Our Troops like CANDY. Deliberate, with MALICE and FORETHOUGHT, the entire Nation being poisoned. And these sudden gun “confiscations” are the PROOF that they knew all along these “anti-depressants” were POISON, since they are using the mere taking of them as PROOF you are insane.

  8. The Department of INjustice triumphs once again. Another incredibly dangerous menace to society is now safely behind bars.

    What the hell is wrong with this picture? This is a clear-cut case of entrapment.

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