FBI Raids Blogger Over Obama Ineligibility Evidence

FBI RAIDThe the People

Our friend and diligent researcher and the person responsible for exposing several of  Obama’s fraudulent activities  in several venues was interviewed, hand-cuffed and had his property removed by the FBI.     Al Hendershot  found Obama’s alias of  Harrison J. Bounel ,  Obama’s non-payment of taxes on a home in Chicago that he does not own, and the  Obama’s use of multiple social security numbers.   In addition, he  has worked with Jerome Corsi and the Cold Case Posse on the ineligiblity issue related to the Usurper.  

His work must be making the Obama administration very worried that they would send in the FBI to confiscate his computer and the information that he has accumulated.

This is just another example of the police state that Obama and his regime are putting in place and using to keep  those involved in exposing Obama for being a con man who has usurped the presidency of the United States and  who  sits  in the our White House and presides over our nation illegally.

We are behind you Al in all that you have done and will continue to do!     They want us to fear them, and deter those who are law-abiding citizens who want the rule of  law to prevail in the United States.     Anyone who opposes this regime and really anyone  on the Right who believes in God,  capitalism, liberty and freedom  is considered their enemy.    Their tactics are reminiscent of another dictator who was famous during WWII.    Those people believed in false promises and lies,  and look at what happened to millions.   We will not let it happen in our country.

God Bless America and all of  the patriots who are fighting for our country.  We  Constitutionalists also referred to as “birthers” are a determined lot and there are millions of us!  We do have RESOLVE! 

ORYR Reports  April 17, 2013:

Al Hendershot posted the following on the ORYR Facebook wall a few days ago:  [now scrubbed]

4 days ago the FBI took my computer and I got it back yesterday. They said that they were investigating the Exposed website, but I think that there was some more stuff that they were looking for because they said that I was not in any trouble for what I was reporting on for my blog… […]

Today Al provided a statement and the related FBI documentation:

On April 10, 2013 the FBI showed up at my front door. When I answered the door they told me who they were and that they wanted to speak to me about activities with / about the exposed website that was posting information about Muller, Holder, and Obama.


Well, obviously, I have nothing to hide so I gave them my computer. I was also handcuffed while they were talking to me.

Two days later I get a phone call from the FBI telling me that I am not in trouble,  and that I have nothing to worry about in connection to my activities with others and what I am writing about in my bloghttp://www.theobamahustle.wordpress.com.

On the 12th,  I go by the FBI office with a witness, just in case, to pick up my property and again they tell me, “that I am not in trouble and that I have nothing to worry about in connection to my activities with others and what I am writing about in my blog.”

When they were at my house they, the FBI,  secured my personal information as well such as my SSN and other personal information. I have no doubt they investigated me out thoroughly and also investigated at what my activities have been in connection to the Obama fraud evidence and others as well.

Later on in the day,  I received some phone calls from people that I have been working with on the Obama issue. They, the people that I spoke with said that my activities with the “Cold Case Posse” and my postings on Obama in The Obama Hustle along with the evidence that I have collected on him and his family probably had something to do with my visit from the FBI.

I have not heard of any others being visited by the Feds as it pertains to the exposed website.  In my discussions on Friday we came to the conclusion that this is very interesting in that there must be some people that are worried over what information might be available against the anointed and protected one from his lies being exposed.

I will not be deterred. I will not be harassed. I am not afraid. I will give my life for my country and for what I believe in. “FREEDOM”.

We are in a fight for our nation from an individual and others who want to destroy the United States of America and transform this great nation into a melting pot and Socialistic paradise for radicals and illegal aliens so they can stay in power.

GOD Bless America and those patriots in this fight against the evil ones that want to enslave us, kill GOD, and kill our babies.

Al Hendershot @ The Obama Hustle.


FBI Documents   scribd document


16 thoughts on “FBI Raids Blogger Over Obama Ineligibility Evidence

  1. Regarding: “In my discussions on Friday we came to the conclusion that this is very interesting in that there must be some people that are worried over what information might be available against the anointed and protected one from his lies being exposed.”

    My take on this: Maybe just because one gets a visit from the FBI and “are not in trouble” could very well mean they are from the “positive” faction of the FBI gathering information for a case and the final arrest of dear leader.

    Let’s remain positive.

    . . .

    1. Cathleen I totally disagree, these fbi goons have been the ONLY ONES SETTING UP PATSIES in fake terrorist attacks foiling the plot (that they enticed some POOR sucker into) they are jackbooted thugs with one purpose and have been exposed time and time again ,You say stay positive some are “good” no no no its like dry water no such thing DONT TRUST COPS DONT TALK TO COPS any that want to leave their career of gubberment criminality can but they are bullies and power over the weak seekers with low moral fiber and certainly low moral princibles. Just look at the spetacle in boston as their latest FUBAR and the 10,000 thug nasties on the streets of america.

      1. Yep Steve, I agree. Once a cop/FBI etc. always a cop/FBI. Ya gotta have that attitude and personality to begin with just to be one in the first place. That attitube always stays with ya, just like a snitch, once a snitch always a snitch – nothing good at all about any of them aholes.

  2. I’m with you, Cathleen! Most of those folks didn’t get into that ugly business with the intention of crucifying us!

  3. You never said if they had a warrant if they didn’t why did you let them in and why did you talk to them and most of all why did you give them anything?

  4. Nope…. what we have here is a fishing expedition. The Obama administration can’t be too happy with this guy, so they sent the goon squad to find some reason to lock him up. They can’t prosecute someone for expressing their opinion or their political views, but they can get a warrant on some bogus suspicion, and tear apart his house in search of an illegal pain killer, a bag of pot, or something in his porn collection that looks a little too young.

    This is a good warning to all political activists. You have to live your life on the straight and narrow path, and avoid any illegal actions because that’s what they’ll use to shut you up.

    1. I’m glad he’s free, but now he should open up his computer to see what they stuck inside of it.

      1. Ah… I didn’t think of that. Never know what they could hide and where. Hope he had backed up his info before the banksters’ snoops were in it.

  5. I would certainly dispose of that computer and not keep it in the house. No telling what devices were put in.

  6. “call from the FBI telling me that I am not in trouble, and that I have nothing to worry about in connection to my activities with others and what I am writing about”

    this is generally what they say right about the time the person disappears isn’t it? (tragic accident/health scare)

  7. I didn’t know they could just come in and handcuff you if they are not making an arrest. thats odd. If you ar enot in toruble and you didn’t do anything why would they handcuff you, intimidation? thats pretty cheesy no matter who you are. All the info you just gave aobut Obama is not news, most people know that already, osmething else is going on I htink. Oh well. someday they will all be looking for a job, the newspapers did their bidding and the thanks they got was very few newspapers out there, no one buys them and obama said he is going ot have robot reporters made. Why do they need the FBI when Obama has his own army?

  8. Ahhhh. Seems like America IS learning something from the South African president. Similarities ? Next ….genocide in good ol USA? Just my observation.

  9. Well if they passed cispa, i believe we have the right to look at anything too… Aka mr.obamas activitues.

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