FBI Video Substantiates Eye Witness Account of LaVoy Finnicum’s Ambush and Murder

Published on Jan 29, 2016 by Henry Shivley

Eighteen year old Victoria Sharp, a passenger in the SUV, recounts the ambush and murder of LaVoy Finnicum. The footage released by the FBI substantiates her account of the incident.
Remember, the FBI, State Police, and Sheriff told you there were only three shots. An absolute and uncontroversial lie! They also called it a traffic stop and a shoot out. Another lie!

34 thoughts on “FBI Video Substantiates Eye Witness Account of LaVoy Finnicum’s Ambush and Murder

  1. Literally a smoking gun. This man was murdered by the Establishment. I find it hard to believe he can charge the FBI agents with a foot of snow so I never believed the narrative to begin with. This should infuriate the American people, resistance is futile stand up and get gunned down.

    1. Unfortunately most American people are too stupid or too much in denial to get upset. The commenters on Yahoo are cheering the killing and saying “One more terrorist dead” and stuff like that. They are only going to wake up when it’s THEM on the receiving end of the cops guns or fists.

      1. The people of this nation will never wake up. They never woke up 240 years ago either. That is why the small 3% were left to repel the British. If patriots are waiting for the sheep to bite, you will grow old and your children and their children will be left waiting…for the same sheep that will never wake. Does anyone know what makes a free people? You can sit and ponder all day. It is simple , it is one word…action. Rulers rule because they are not afraid to take action. They have been emboldened with decades of no resistence to their aggression. Do you know what a dog does when there is no challenge to their agression? They tear the flesh from your bones. If we cower, show hesitation, if the dogs of war that have been unleashed upon us smell a hint of fear, they will advance and devour us. The difference between them and us is they have a pack. We don’t know who our pack members are. Can you trust your neighbors to fall in formation if you walk out your door ready to roll? No but the criminals running this nation can trust the whole host of their abc organization to jump in the feeding frenzy if they are called. Unorganized militia is no militia at all. Armies are repealed with armies. Without organization, without a network, protocol we are a few prey in the field waiting to be picked off, one by one.

        1. Samuel, are you suggesting that we join up with those III%ers or Oathkeepers?
          Ever hear the term ‘General Uprising” because that is where we are at.
          Nothing happened over there in Burns because only a handful of real fighters showed up because it wasn’t real, in fact we are just now finding out what Bundy and company were and are up to. You obviously do not know what’s out here and your words seem to serve the cause of the opposition in reference to this incident.
          The men that ran the BLM out of Bunkerville still exist across this country.
          Again, are you suggesting that we need to join up with the III%ers or Oathkeepers?

          1. Not at all, I am suggesting we come out of the closet and start recruiting and training in the open. We must be regimented. We must start appealing to the people. A few thousand men in each state training in seperate small units will not muster more support. We must start on a scale that is comparable to that of our enemy. Become active in establishing diplomatic ties with community leadership as well at the state level. If we continue to fear infiltration we will continue to cower in dark corners of this nation. They are winning because they can keep us divided and small by sowing doubt. If we are small and divided, we are manageable. If we are many and united we can begin removing the criminals by force.

          2. It’s not about Burns, or Ruby Ridge or Waco , or any one event. The criminals who steal from us every day, who murder us, take our children, use us as guinea pigs, commodities….We have two choices that are logical..1. Do something about it. Or 2. stop crying and go about being happy little cattle. If you subscribe to option 1, then there is a way to go about it…and it’s not what we’ve been doing for 150 years.

          3. I wish it could be so, but until those with the resources like Bundy start financing the communications for the core cause, not to be confused with Alex Jones, we are hamstrung. Until those who consider they have too much to lose to stand with those with the balls to fight, we are hamstrung. Until we can come together with an absolute resolve to reinstate the Bill of Rights as absolute law rather than reinstate the old Masonic dirty church covenant cabal ruling elite, we are hamstrung.
            We have fighters and resources. It is not the fighters that are the problem, it is those who will not risk their wealth to back us. By your own admission, communication has to come first. We operate our site and our broadcast with literally nothing. If people like the Bundys would have provided the resource, how much further would the dialogue you are seeing here today and hear on the broadcast today, have reached? In other words, the people you need to be talking to are not here on this site, they are huddled in their comfort zones looking for a way out without a fight, a way that just simply does not exist.

          4. I do plenty of talking wherever I go. It gets me in trouble plenty. I’m not calling anyone here out. There are far more lurkers on sites such as your Henry than those that speak up. So if my words can make them start thinking differently, then I have to say it. I hear far too many people say, “if they do this then that is the last straw”, it was the last straw when the north attacked the south. People just have to give up on waking people, start organizing and get moving.

          5. Perhaps a compromise was made. Unfortunate for those who didn’t are unaware. These people are murderous thugs. If they threatened your entire family what would any of you do? They’d certainly make good on that threat.

  2. hands over the head , looks like he was surrendering..
    another police murder .. nothing to see here..
    amazing we hire these thugs to kill us …

  3. The trees are as still as can be with no helicopter backwash. Any idea as to whether the video was taken from a helicopter versus a drone?

    1. The Feds said aircraft (Drone) footage. They released it because we got it eight hours earlier. Just like the “sealed warrant” hours before the ambush. Not very “secure” huh. I’m so proud that Victoria; the little teenage girl in Lavoy’s truck; who was going to sing the National Anthem to open the meeting they were on the way to; was able to witness the ” Taxpayer Appreciation Ceremony” ; hosted by the FED. I’m sure she will cherish that wonderful moment for the rest of her life.

  4. P.S. Does anyone know what Mark McConnell’s physical address is? I have seen many social media posts that state they want to send him an “Irish Postcard”. I guess I’m a little ignorant. What is an “Irish Postcard” ? Anyone????????????????

  5. An explosive in the mail, one of the many atrocities that the British MI5 and military perpetrated to continually blame the Irish Republican Army for mayhem, death, and destruction.

  6. “The footage released by the FBI substantiates her account of the incident.”

    That’s all I was asking for.

    Like I didn’t already know there had to be video of this. But SWIFT had to get stupid on me, calling my sanity into question for merely requiring more proof such as this.


    1. #1 you are not crazy, you just want the facts like all of us here. There is no more speculation as to the events that transpired. IT WAS AN AMBUSH AND ASSASSINATION AND MARK MCCONNELL IS A RAT!!

  7. if you go to youtube, it is the number one video presently. almost 1million views. Obviously they disabled comments.

    watch it on 25 speed, you can see when the cop on the bottom of the hill fires at him with hands in the air.

    1. Yea; I saw that. He was grabbing at the bullet wounds as they tore through his body. I knew he had planned on it; but it is a whole different story when it happens. Poor Lavoy……………….

  8. at the very end of the vid, (12:10) a b.u.m.(black uniformed moose) walks up to the man on the ground, almost looks like he chambers a round or checks his handgun, then proceeds to the body, does something (like gives a head shot,) his arm pulls (recoils) back?????????????????

  9. The business of government is to kill and steal.
    This has been going on since George Washington was
    President and the Whiskey Rebellion. Business is good.

  10. Where are Stewart Rhodes and the rest of the oft vaunted “Oathkeepers”? Not a peep from them since the drone video showing Lavoy Finicum’s cold-blooded murder at the hands of their “brothers” was released. Why have they not been publicly and vociferously leading the charge to have those responsible for Finicum’s death brought to justice (hung by the neck until dead)? I’ll tell you where they are; they are hiding behind that damned “thin blue line”. “Oathkeepers” my ass! Come on Stewie, grow a spine and prove me wrong!

    1. Oathkeepers? All I ever see are Oathbreakers. That’s exactly what they are. A bunch of cowards. They’re mysteriously never around when you need them nor when the shit hits the fan. Imagine that? That should tell you something, shouldn’t it? It’s not rocket science.

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