Federal Board Overturns Medicare Exclusion of Transition-Related Care


An independent board within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today ruled that a Medicare policy from 1989 that categorically excluded transition-related medical procedures, regardless of medical need, is unreasonable and invalid based on today’s medical science.

In response to this development, National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) Executive Director Mara Keisling issued the following statement:  

“Today’s ruling represents the medical community’s clear understanding that gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition, and the government should not stand in the way when doctors recommend treatment. This ruling comes from an independent panel who’ve studied the science on transgender healthcare. Today, this panel ruled that Medicare cannot flat-out exclude medically-supported treatments for transgender people.”

Keisling added, “Science and fairness are winning over outdated biases. NCTE will continue to advocate for access to medically necessary care for all transgender people.”


One thought on “Federal Board Overturns Medicare Exclusion of Transition-Related Care

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