25 thoughts on “Fema Prison Found? Mass Grave Preparations

  1. Southern Arizona and Mexico is pretty big. Can anyone give me a more specific location to it? Can’t seem to find it on Google.

    1. Hell NC, I thought that they used the dead ones for the incinerators to heat the prisons when it got cold out and that they used the fat ones to make soap out of for the rest of the FEMA prisoners to wash up with. LOL

    2. NC … Go to Google maps and type in … Highway 195, Yuma, AZ. Zoom in on Juan Sanchez Blvd. and Araby Road, south of Highway 195.

      It’s there … I found it. It’s huge … roads leading to all kinds of facilities.

      . . .

    1. Might be that the poster used additional source material other than Google (which is well known for accuracy {heavy sarcasm}). FEMA Camps aren’t a mystery; burn up some rubber & gas; might be surprised at what you’ll find and not find. BTW, Flaming a poster doesn’t add to a otherwise informative discussion.

  2. I found it on google, look southeast of Yuma, South of Hwy 195. What’s a little weird is there are swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and baseball fields…must be for the white collar criminals…lol.

  3. Hell’s Bells….they can put a detention camp, up & running, anywhere they want in about 24 hrs. As for body disposal, the Engineering Battalions don’t have all that heavy earth moving equipment for digging latrines. There won’t be any of the “temporary” housing structures like the WW2 internment camps; comfort & shelter isn’t considered necessary for the Walking Dead.

  4. Yep, this definitely is a concentration camp. It almost matches perfectly with the concentration camp designs and plans that have been posted in pdf format on the net.

  5. Currently this is a Arizona State Prison – Yuma. I don’t see anything to suggest anything more sinister than a prison complex is.

    1. Yea it’s definitely a prison complex, but at the same time, it matches almost perfectly the concentration camp designs that they have documented in their FEMA camp manuals.

  6. Might wanna loosen the chinstrap, Hoss. It could stand for David Christopher Feldspar for all we know.

    1. Aw shucks Eddie,
      Don’t ya know some of us here take great pleasure in sniffing out Trolls. In fact some of us are good enough to spot a troll just like identifying the origin of a fart in the wind.
      DCF has not denied it and has curiously since his (hers, it’s) post been silent.

  7. The Rev. needs to get her preaching straight. The book of revelation occurs AFTER those who have confessed Christ as Lord, and believed God raised him from the dead are gathered together to meet the Lord in the air, as well as those that are in the graves awaiting Christ’s return.Born again ones will NOT be on the earth during the administration of the book of revelation. Those which are saved will NOT endure the Day of the Lord which is the day of God’s wrath coming upon those who refused to believe in J.C., because we have been appointed to salvation(deliverance) by the Lord Christ. This Day of the Lord time period takes place during the revelation time period. Anyone interested can read Thessalonians I and II. Folks we aren’t there, and thank God! We think it sucks now, this is nothing in comparison! Adam screwed up and caused sin and death(loss of spirit life) to enter into the world and to pass upon ALL men. God did everything he could do legally to provide redemption and salvation through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Adam transferred all authority that God conferred upon him to Satan, God’s arch enemy. Again, God provided J.C.
    who did what was necessary to redeem man. The crap we see in the world is not God’s doing, it’s Satan’s. Hope I didn’t offend anyone who listens to the Rev, that wasn’t the point. Simply clarifying what the word of God says in light of her sermon at the end of video.

    1. Katie,In my BOOK it specifacally saysWOMAN WILL NOT BE TEACHERS OF THE WORD OF GOD,so she must be one of them there false teachers.Like it or not the MALE is the leader as 99.99% of nature has this pecking order anything else is FALSE DOCTRINE and is opposed to GOD’s LAW,if “michelle” is offended SO WHAT its damn sure better than offending the CREATOR.

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