2 thoughts on “Fiat Funny Money

  1. Go buy that game today, than do the math on what you spent on it and it’s currency , Monopoly money probably has a higher value than what we use in the real world , no joke

  2. Well there is a little sense of humor in it, or some could see it as a rub in our faces. After all that guy in the tuxedo in the game is supposed to be one of the Banksters, I just cant remember who.

    I have to admit I got pretty good at that game when I was a pre-teen my favorite suit was New York, Tennessee and St. James (I think that order is reversed) and the rail roads all of them. I was a greedy one. LOL

    Those were the days of ignorance for sure ignorance was bliss.

    My mom would say over and over in my growing years nothing lasts forever. I ofter wondered if she knew Forest Gump’s Mom for she too had a saying for just about every situation.

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