Finicum Shooting: Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

Published on Jan 28, 2016 by fbi

This is the complete video footage of a joint FBI and Oregon State Police traffic stop and OSP officer-involved shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This footage, which has only been edited to blur out aircraft information, was taken by the FBI on 01/26/2016 and released by the FBI on 01/28/2016. Note regarding date/time stamp in the left corner of video: Pilots use Zulu Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), when they fly. Zulu time is eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST). Therefore, although this footage was taken on January 26, 2016 in Oregon, the date/time stamp on the video shows just after midnight January 27, 2016.

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26 thoughts on “Finicum Shooting: Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

  1. This video is not unedited. There is some missing video from the time the truck crashes until he is shot. To me what happens in that time frame is critical. Also it looked like an agent was actually hit by the white truck. That footage is missing as well. If you hit or almost hit a cop with your car, you can probably expect to be shot. It’s just how they operate.

    He did put his hands up, but he also did appear to reach for something just before they shot him. Unfortunately, the video does not show clearly whether it was a weapon or not.

    I’m not a cop, but having dealt with enough of them, this looks like a standard felony stop where they had a “runner”. The bottom line is that these things generally don’t end well for the driver. This video illustrates that point.

    I have been on record saying that this group did not have the “moral initiative” in the public’s eyes. Certainly from a Constitutional standpoint, the problem of federal overreach with regards to land grabbing is a huge one, and needs to be addressed. However, I have serious reservations about what has gone on in the last week.

    Where was he running to? Why did this group feel that they could just jaunt accross the county? Why did many of the other “patriots” cut and run?

    Before you jump on me for being an armchair warrior, I’ll point out that I have been on record saying that I think that they have hurt the liberty movement more than helped us. I’ve also professed non violence, so I am not a warrior at all. A gunless “sit in” would have been 100 times more effective than their idiotic strategy. This video is a prime example. These guys grabbed guns and took on the feds. Only to tuck tail and run. They proclaimed an “Alamo” like stand. Yet gave up and urged those who picked up guns to do the same. There is no going back from picking up a gun against the fbi. The rest of the guys who are at that refuge are gonna do a lot of time in federal prison, or die. For what? They could have just been civilly disobedient, drawn a shitload of attention to their cause, and walked out with a misdemeanor. That’s why this whole thing was idiotic from day 1.

    Put the guns back in the closet, and read about how Dr. King and Ghandi changed their worlds through non violence. As for whether he was “gunned down” or not, he drove a pickup truck at high speed at fbi agents. What did he think was gonna happen?

    1. Can’t tell if he was grabbing for a gun or not, huh? Bullshit! What he was grabbing at was the first bullets hitting him, you dumb ass. As for him taking off down the road, that is called running for your f#@king life, and if this unconstitutional, unauthorized by we the people, agency known as the FBI has become so notorious that it is to be expected to be murdered if you try to run from them, or hell, challenge their authority in any way, then here is the proof that it has gone too far.
      Bottom f#@king line, had not these parasitic treasonous psychopaths set and executed this ambush, these people would have went to John Day and spoke at that public meeting and returned to the refuge without incident, no one harmed, no one killed. It was the initiative put in motion by these murderers that led to this premeditated, aggravated murder.
      And by the way, genius, Ghandi was shot through his f#@king head in answer to his pacifism.

      1. His gun was later found in the car. He was being shot several times in the side, THAT is why he was feeling around his waist. The video originally had sound. He stopped put his hands out of the window then the Communist FED’s fired on the suv, then he took of again. The SUV later ran into a snow bank. When he was down on the ground he was shot in the head….(the missing 8 seconds) That is why we will never see the body.

      2. Watched it numerous times. No one uses two hands to grab for their pistol. It makes no sense. He was grabbing at where he was being shot.
        Also, notice even after he is down and dead, they had lasers on his head for a period of about 30 seconds prior to extracting the others. I believe at that point they were insuring that he was dead with additional shots. At no point do you see his sidearm on the ground. If he had grabbed it, it would be visible in some way around where he was dying.
        This was a premeditated hit on these folks. How the others survived is crazy.

        1. The windshield was shot to hell. The Communist FED’s used some incendiary rounds. The FED’s knew their were people in the SUV, that anyone survived is a miracle. I’m praying that ALL of the Communist Feds involved in Finicum’s death die within a week, feel free to join me in that prayer, since I don’t think the militias will organize to do a thing about it!

      3. Exactly Henry! He was grabbing his wound, anyone who thinks this shooting was warranted needs to swallow their pistol, this was a calculated cold blood MURDER! That SOB Mark McConnell is a F’N plant that was in on the setup. Mark did not get arrested, no,no, no, he got to put out a video contradicicting the testimony Victorai Sharp. Why isn,t Mark in Jail? If Mark was in a car wreck and drowning in his own blood, i would spit on him! Godbless Lavoy Finicum and his family, no American should ever die this way.

    2. J. Smitty….. Regardless of your need to be on the side of the FEDS, the FACT that the Government is out of control, the land is being seized because of secret deals such as the “Clinton Foundation (who) took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore”.

      Your excuses against patriots are disgusting and pathetic. Where were you? It is time for Americans to stand up for those who are standing for what matters, and if you don’t like the tactics, organize something yourself and do it YOUR way. You disgust me.

      Also do some history lessons and learn that even your Gandhi supported weapons in self defense … What went down in India is not quite what your history books tell. He did not change his world with non violence… the government in India are in the pocket of the British and UNA21 is going strong there…. No win at all considering the big picture. As for MLK, I sure the hell don’t see his world change one iota without violence. He was gunned down by the same pathetic thugs.

      Guns need to come out of the closet. The FBI asked for a peaceful conversation then pulled an ambush, sealing off the highway so it would be in a remote area for them to slaughter and the FBI can once again lie about their terroristic tactics and say it was a gun fight or whatever else they would make up to lie because that is what this government does as well as their corporate agencies that make deals with public land for profit. This government is out of control and the only way to end it is to keep our weapons close and to use them if necessary.

      Tyranny is no way to live… if you want that, go for it someplace else … otherwise join the people and stop licking your masters boots. You express a subjective reality and cowardice to what real men are about … protecting life and protecting what is right.

  2. For me it is difficult to tell when Finicum gets out of the truck. It almost looks like the guy that runs in front of the truck is the guy with his hands up.

    After the truck is seen going off the road into the snow, the camera does a sweep back to the road. I’m thinking this is why I can’t see Finicum get out of the truck.

    Where is the guy that jumped in front of the truck?

    Maybe someone can help me see this. Thanks.

    1. Katie, when Lavoy drives off into the snowbank look at the right front of Lavoys truck, The PIG is running into the path of the truck,Lavoy had minimal or no control after he hit the snow bank.The Animal puthimself in harms way!

      1. Wade, I saw the guy on the right run in front of the truck. My question is where did this guy go, and I never saw Finicum get out of the truck. The camera sweeps back to the road, then gets back on the scene where the mans arms are up.

        By no means am I saying this wasn’t Finicum.

          1. I actually played the vid in slow motion and was able to see the door open as well as where the guy that jumped in front of the truck ended up.

            Before I played the vid in slow motion I could not see Finicum open the door. It looked like the guy that jumped in front of the truck was the guy that had his hands up.

            Anyway, thanks for your help and all is clear mentally for me.

          1. Ryan had gotten out of the truck to go talk to a sheriff, then Finicum took off.
            Ryan was not around the situation when the truck went into the snow bank.

            Relisten to Victoria Sharps testimony, that’s what I did, it helps.

          2. Thanks, Katie, I will have another listen. I thought the reason they took off after the first stop was because Ryan was shot. Somehow, I missed where he got out of the truck to talk to the sheriffs.

  3. So which way are you guys gonna play it? These dudes holed up with guns, but when it came time to use them, they threw up their hands and surrendered. Then you guys decry how they were innocently gunned down.

    My message here is very clear. If you verbally threaten to use a weapon against the feds, they will kill you. If you drive off the road running from them and almost run one of them down, they will kill you. Period. I’m not condoning this, but it is the current reality. It has been for quite some time.

    Personally, I think that this whole thing was a psyop. I woulda had more respect for these guys if they went out guns blazing like they said they were ready to. You can’t take an Alamo stand and then try to surrender. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t point a gun at a federal agent and then try to surrender. It doesn’t work that way.

    So you play this one of two ways. You either take the non violent civil disobedience route that I have been proposing, or you die fighting. These guys did neither, and personally I have zero respect for any of them. And yes, I am talking big from behind a keyboard, because I wouldn’t be so stupid to think that I could take up arms against the feds and walk away. How you guys give these idiots a free pass is beyond me. If you say that you are gonna fight to the death, then you better do just that. If that’s not your thing, then be smart enough to leave your guns at home. Period. Before you naysayers start talking about taking up arms and starting the second civil war, look at that man being gunned down and ask if it was worth it? And do you want to be in that same position? What did his death accomplish? NOTHING.

    Stop the violent rhetoric and put down your guns and start winning some hearts and minds. There is a way to take this country back, and this is the worst possible way to proceed.

    1. “I’ve also professed non violence, so I am not a warrior at all.”

      Then you’re nothing more than a walking corpse.

      “A gunless “sit in” would have been 100 times more effective than their idiotic strategy.”

      The only thing it would be effective at is eliminating the Kumbaya idiots like you.

      Why don’t you just eat a gun and save the NWO the trouble of outfitting you with a dirt overcoat.

    2. “So you play this one of two ways. You either take the non violent civil disobedience route that I have been proposing,…”



      You’re as good as dead.

      100% GUARANTEED!!!

    3. You obviously did not listen to Victoria Sharp’s account. They put their hands out the window when they were FIRST stopped and were fired upon. That is why they tried to get away. They were trying to get the women out of harm’s way, one of which was eighteen years old.
      Our right to carry our arms, WHATEVER we are doing is abso-f#@king-lute.
      The people who would fight were used by Bundy to draw national attention to his cause. They surely were not prepared for what they drove into and it cost them dearly. But this is a minor skirmish, in fact, not even that, just an out and out ambush and murder. And I’ll tell you something, pal, I’ve lived in Oregon all my life, whether you have a gun or not, they will execute you out on a lonely highway if they think you’ve threatened their power structure.
      So, in short, take a hike, kick rocks, and basically, f#@k off, you are not welcome here. Bye.

    4. J Smitty, why don’t you just take your ass down to fed building and turn in your weapons, WTF is wrong with you, who gave these jack booted thugs the power to murder Americans? WE, NOT THE FEDS OR ANY OTHER GOVERMENT ORGANISATION SHOULD HAVE THAT KIND OF AUTHORITY AND WEAPONRY! THE AMERICAN NATIONALS OWN THE GUNS AND EVERY OTHER MEANS TO DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST THESE TYRANTS, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT! THIS WAS AN AMBUSH PLAIN AND CLEAR, WHEN Lavoy pulled over the first time they shot at him, he fled for his life only to drive right into a trap, he never raised a weapon and was shot multiple times for trying to save himself and the passengers lives. It is a miracle they did not slaughter them all. I DO NOT WANT YOU NEAR MY FOX HOLE, ANY AMERICAN THAT JUSTIFIES THIS MURDER IS A WEAK WORTHLESS COWARD AND SHOULD GO TO WORK FOR THE FEDS.

    5. JSmitty…. do some history lessons and learn what is going on. I don’t think you have a clue to the big picture and you are in left fairy land to think peaceful will help… that is what these people wanted, a peaceful resolution, civility and to follow the constitution aka the LAW OF THE LAND (do you know what that is?) The FBI is an agency and has no jurisdiction to shoot Americans, or steal land for this defacto government. These thugs (FBI) have no right to follow illegal orders that destroy America. This is public land, not government land, not BLM land, and not to be sold by the Clinton Foundation giving Russia rights on PUBLIC land to mine and destroy the environment of private and public property. That is the bottom line… so you tell all of us how peaceful disobedience is going to do anything when there are unauthorized mercenaries more than happy to be the loyal dogs for the psychopaths.

      You really need to study the constitution and the bill of rights. This was an act of terror done by the FBI. People have a right to self defense. The FBI (your team) does not have the right to shoot down people at will when they are unarmed, yet they do it over and over worldwide. This is another Waco, this is another Ruby Ridge… don’t you get it, this government is being run by psychopathic inter-species predators who are criminals and who have hijacked America. The patriots were brave and they did what they felt was right. The patriots need to be honored. It is too bad many of the men of this country are too weak to stand against a beast and will prefer to allow tyranny and global fascism to rule the world. …

      Get your nose into some real history books and read rather than using your feelings and subjective reality to see the world through your rose colored left leaning kum-ba-ya fantasy glasses. Love is important, however in the case of the government love will not be the answer because the hearts of these so called officals are cold and wicked. That is the truth.

  4. ‘So you play this one of two ways. You either take the non violent civil disobedience route that I have been proposing, or you die fighting’ ……….. HUH? Do you even know how many of our non violent American nationals have been gunned down in the past year by these bastards for NO valid reason at all? WTH are you talking about?

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