First the fleecing, then the slaughter

The Rebel – by John Kaminski

We are deer in the headlights of a fast-approaching doom

There is no moral authority in the world capable of confronting this clever cabal of neocon mass murderers. The churches are all bought off and hiding their own crimes. And the governments are all tied up by the Jews, not at all concerned with the rights of non Jewish human beings.  

What is the purpose of human beings? To raise healthy families and keep your neighborhood neat? To preserve the earth in all its glory? Instead humans have abused and destroyed it. Absent fathers trade lives for profits and let their children romp unguided toward disaster in a drug addled mixed race hell.

What defines success in our curdled civilization is the ability to lie convincingly and make people believe they are striking it rich when in actuality you are picking their pockets. Every politician who ever lived knows that trick as he speaks of peace while planning for war.

And Donald Trump might yet prove to be the world’s greatest chameleon, as he hires the very villains he promised to dislodge from the swamp he is pretending to drain.

You are being played, for your wealth and your life. You are being kept in line in preparation for the fleecing and the slaughter.

Parallel failures

The failure of journalism is really the failure of religion, and the impotence of both. Neither one can really prove it is telling the truth, but people choose to believe them anyway because most people prefer to believe in something. If we retain some rudimentary intelligence, eventually we learn the evening news is gospel truth from the devil himself.

Neither journalism nor religion are strong enough or brave enough to confront the purveyors of filth who continue to rule all governments, and buy the allegiance of high-priced whores known as journalists.

Since they both play off conflict, journalism and religion keep the world in combat mode over who tells the better story of why we are here, which we still haven’t figured out, and likely never will.

In our forced white noise semi coma we are taught not to notice the lies of the media and the lies of the government are one and the same. Our lives are ruled by executive sessions we know nothing about, and never will. The walls of our prison are appealingly concealed by sensual social pleasures that, like Tylenol, shrink our brains.

The speedy progress of technology correspondingly diminishes our physical abilities, and our ability to think organically based upon the early training our parents gave to us is methodically rubbed out by government programs designed to craft compliant slaves for the superstate.

The real criminals are the people who have been in charge, and Donald Trump has hired many of them to supposedly drain the swamp of Washington corruption.

Some criminals can never be rehabilitated and Trump has surrounded himself with the very Washington insiders he criticized on the campaign trail. I think we’re about to witness unprecedented affronts to civil liberties and increased aggression overseas in service to Israeli interests.

In all of this brouhaha about electoral manipulations, the real gist of the truth is constantly and deliberately obscured due entirely to the misleading behavior of mainstream media.

The main point that the American people have missed throughout the 20th century and before is that the people who report the news and shape what’s in your brain have, since the dawn of the republic, been unnaturally connected to the movers and shakers who commit all the megacrimes — like stealing Iraq’s oil, in fact. Or Libya’s water. Or Afghanistan’s poppy crop.

Gang of crooks

And by missing all the news that is shapeshifted by Jewish newspaper owners, the majority of Americans has been prevented from realizing that every aspect of society, at this late date, is controlled lock, stock and barrel by a pathological gang of crooks who managed to take secret control of England in 1645 and has spread its stain of greed, perversion and compound interest across the entire world, into every single most personal corner of our lives.

Ordinary people who have been hammered into the public school/mass media version of humans have no inkling of the information that has been hidden from them — Roosevelt and his Jewish advisers started World War II, the Mossad engineered all the destruction of 9/11, and your government is trying to kill you by brazenly approving poison food and toxic medicines for human consumption.

You may now guess who owns the pharmaceutical and food production industries, and who among government regulators gets to approve these genocidal situations. The lawyers who champion the various causes collude with judges appointed to stall human freedom for profit, and nothing substantive ever gets passed that is not of primary value to the rich people who run the world.

Jews have changed the character of the world from decent human beings to thieves. The dominant ethos in America is now screw everyone you can and get rich. Just look as the way hospitals preposterously inflate prices for the uninsured, or what the government pays for household items — stuff like thousand dollar faucets and hundred dollar screwdrivers.

It’s like we have all become cannibals consuming ourselves. The Jews consider their teaching successful.

An insult to humanity

Jews are an insult to humanity, in their fatuous claims to be above the law of God and man. They have corrupted every society they have ever encountered, ever infected, from their plague ridden robbery victims they left in ancient Egypt to the bathhouse perversions of present day Brooklyn where men with long white beards rape children in saunas, Jews break down the bonds of society by their secret perversions that cheapen the value of the term human.

They are a profound embarrassment to the remainder of the human species.

Jews have been at the forefront of uncountable schemes to not only rob others of their hard-earned possessions but also to hurt other people simply for the pleasure it gives them. As the French cynic Voltaire noted, this personality, if allowed to fester undiagnosed and untreated, will destroy everything we know, everything we hold dear. It will be fatal to the whole world, he said.

And speaking of the whole world, I have a dear friend who has contracted Guy McPherson’s disease and believes the prediction of the renegade environmental zealot who now says HUMANS WILL GO EXTINCT IN TEN YEARS. People who immerse themselves in this perspective inevitably begin contemplating suicide.

McPherson’s demeanor has taken a turn for the worse since he began his campaign of explaining why life on this planet will not survive the rising heat that will result from the release of methane from the unfreezing polar regions. <>

And to top off our daily dose of cognitive dissonance, I have another close friend tuned into the sudden disappearance of sunspots predicting record cold years ahead, much like the Maunder Minimum cooldown of the 17th century. <>

Quiz yourself

So, how did you take to the news that virtually everything you have learned from mass media throughout your life has been false? It is the condition of the world that this is not the worst news you received today.

Until we deal with the basic bank scam no progress can be made in any area. Because the Jews control the money they control the world.

When they are through robbing you of all your possessions, they will have no reason to keep you around. You could be used for mulch, or Soylent Green.

We have to realize the situation and identify who is aiming to destroy society for their own twisted purposes.

If you insist it’s not the Jews then you are forever trapped in their darkness and at risk for your life.

If there is no goodness left in America, it is because you have not spoken up. Jewish entertainment has left you deaf, dumb and blind to the beauty of the world it teaches you to destroy.

The Rebel


13 thoughts on “First the fleecing, then the slaughter

  1. For all who have determined that they will protect and defend their own lives and property will prevail in whatever comes our way. If enough are resolute in this commitment we will be the majority and will defeat those that would attempt to destroy us.

    1. we can either become a “bill of rights collective” and fight like hell, or pass away as one of the greatest “almost s” in history

  2. ‘a pathological gang of crooks who managed to take secret control of England in 1645’ ………..England was in its 4th year of its first civil war

    1. Exactly! The synagogue of Satan isn’t just Jews–and, BTW, Kaminski, Khazars aren’t really Jews if you know what I mean…they are Japhethites, for one thing…

  3. I got news for you, Kaminski–belief in Jesus Christ is NOT religion! NOT a cult, and NOT dogma…but I guess since you are your own “empire” you can create your own reality…but don’t worry, I’m not too interested in “studying” what you do.And PS–I do agree with you about churches…most are apostate.

  4. The writer blurs the line between Jews of the Bible and todays fake Gentile Jews. The bible says in the end, these imposters will bow the knee and apologize to the real Jews. I would say the Palestinian’s more closely represent the real Jews than these European masqueraders. The real culprit is the Devil, as he rules that group who call themselves Jews. Evil transcends all nations and doesn’t have a monopoly on one group. As for not knowing the purpose of being here, the writer isn’t born from above or he would know. The small grain of truth in the story is these Ashkenazi Jews do rule the world as God allows it to unfold for his purposes.

    As for the churches, I say hang the preachers who are preaching the devils word over Gods; and that would be 99.99% of them.

    1. “The writer blurs the line between Jews of the Bible and todays fake Gentile Jews. The bible says in the end, these imposters will bow the knee and apologize to the real Jews.”

      You seem to be under the mistaken impression that the stinking jews were actually ‘God’s Chosen people’ of the OT. Nothing could be further from the truth. They did everything they possibly could to corrupt His TRUE chosen people.

      Stop believing the LIES those Satanic scum have perpetuated about themselves for thousands of years.

      1. I disagree. First there is not an end times and there was a chosen people, who were stiff necked and rebellious. Through the line of Judah came the promise. The book of Revelation is not the future, but a history of the world. Any other teaching is of the Jesuits. God made a people for his son to be born into and then destroyed them or did away with them when his purpose was finished. There are no Jews today. The OT people of Israel were always opposed to God, but he held them together until his purpose was fulfilled. It is wrong to say Israel was a chosen nation and hold them in high esteem. They did exist as a nation beloved by God, but were rebellious. Through it all, he achieved his purpose.

        Today, there are many false teachings and the root of them is Arminianism, which is nothing more than the Jesuits. Todays churches are apostate and of the devil. God elects his chosen people in spite of the churches and opens their eyes. This world is made for destruction.

        The Jews today can claim what they want, but they have zero in common with the Israel of the OT and God. It’s like saying an apple is an orange. It never has been nor ever will be. There is zero connection between the jews of the bible and the Jews of today.

        1. The actual WORD jew wasn’t even INVENTED until the 18th century..

          “Many people suffer under the misapprehension that Jesus was a “Jew,” moreover, that he was “King of the Jews.” Thus, by inference, that the “Jews” were the “Chosen People” of the Holy Bible and so ancient possessors and modern inheritors of the Bible Covenants gifted by Yahweh to their forebears Abraham, Jacob and Judah. However, this is not the case. In fact, during Christ’s Mission and Passion no such people existed called “Jews” nor indeed did the word “Jew.” In short: Jesus was NOT a “Jew” nor was he “King of the Jews.”

          In fact, Jesus is referred as a “Jew” for the first time in the New Testament in the 18th century; in the revised 18th century English language editions of the 14th century first English translations of the New Testament. The etymology of the word “Jew” is quit clear. Although “Jew” is a modern conception its roots lie in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. That is, the modern English word “Jew” is the 18th century contraction and corruption of the 4th century Latin “Iudaeus” found in St. Jerome’s Vulgate Edition and derived from the Greek word “Ioudaios.” The evolution of this can easily be seen in the extant manuscripts from the 4th century to the 18th century, which illustrate not only the origin of the word “Jew” found in the Latin word “Iudaeus” but also its current use in the English language. Littered throughout these manuscripts are the many earlier English equivalents used by various chroniclers between the 4th and the 18th century. Thus, from the Latin “Iudaeus” to the English “Jew” the evolution of these English forms is: “Gyu,” “Giu,” “Iu,” “Iuu,” “Iuw,” “Ieuu,” “Ieuy,” “Iwe,” “Iow,” “Iewe,” “Ieue,” “Iue,” “Ive,” “Iew,” and then, finally, the 18th century, “Jew.” Similarly, the evolution of the English equivalents for “Jews” is: “Giwis,” “Giws,” “Gyues,” “Gywes,” “Giwes,” “Geus,” “Iuys,” “Iows,” “Iouis,” “Iews,” and then, finally, in the 18th century, “Jews.”

          Methinks you deceived.

          1. The Catholic church is the religion of the antichrist, and evil from its beginning. Jerome was Catholic and the Latin Vulgate is heresy. Just because he was a long time ago, doesn’t make him correct. Paul warned against wolves. I will take the KJV 1611 as correct. The Jesuits have spent over 400 years attacking every facet of Christianity and promoting Catholicism and Arminianism which is the religion of the antichrist of which Jerome was part of. The English language we have today underwent transformations, but the word’s meaning didn’t change. Jesus came from the tribe of Judah and they were commonly called Jews. God is capable of preserving his word. I’ll take God over fallible man.

  5. I agree with the postulations of this writer.
    These days there is a type of gate keeper that always presents any subject under consideration with an open door for doubt/confusion/cognizant dissonance.
    No matter what crime has been committed by whomever, one question is always asked-why, ie. what was the motive?
    First of all, if I understand this word, motive could be I stole the loaf of bread to feed my children. I robbed the bank to pay for my mothers hospital bill.
    As I look at these 2 supposed crimes, they are desperate acts done out of desperation. This is not related to criminal thinking.
    But if you consider the very long history of true criminal activity/thinking, you will find the offspring of Cain which Esau mixed his genetic seed with.
    Esau’s name was changed to Edom.
    Today, this mixture of people are known as JEWS. These people worship mammon. This equates to serving one’s self over family, friends etc.
    But in the specific case of these Jews, they are inherently parasitic.
    They are not only selfish. They are criminally insane psychotics who parasitically have lived off of other nations peoples through the false story of the Holocaust for decades now.
    This thing (I can’t call them people) continuously claim the title of victim hood, while they steal kill and destroy everything good decent and holy.
    If you want to blame someone for the worlds problems, start there.

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