FIU-Sweetwater Bridge Move – Full Time-Lapse

Published on Mar 10, 2018

Un-edited version of the move of a 950-Ton 174-foot long pedestrian bridge the morning of Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Designed by Figg Bridge Engineers, Constructed by MCM USA and Moved by Barnhart Crane & Rigging.

Funded by USDOT/FHWA TIGER and FDOT TAP grants. The project has already generated very significant private sector development in Sweetwater.

One thought on “FIU-Sweetwater Bridge Move – Full Time-Lapse

  1. the bridge is one big truss if you look at the after photos of the collapse. you can cleary see that one end(i think the other side from the angle in the video) caused the failure. it looks as if the bottom web(the walkway) of the truss fell off of it’s support. once that happened, the integrity was lost.

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