Flat Earth Theory Claims Australia is ‘Fake’ & If You’ve Been There, You’re WRONG

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Flat-earthers never cease to entertain us with their wild theories and wacky ideas.  The newest theory claims that the entire continent of Australia is fake and if you’ve been there, you’re just wrong.

Flat-earthers are now making the claim that Australia is the “biggest hoax” ever “invented.” According to a viral Facebook rant, the entire country (and presumably the 24 million or so people that live there) is completely FAKE. The idea resurfaced at a recent gathering of so-called Flat Earthers in Birmingham where over 200 people came together to confirm to each other that the Earth is nothing more than a giant pancake.  

According to Know Your Meme.com, the entire rant has since been deleted, but can be read in its entirety here:

Australia is not real. It’s a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace. In reality, all these criminals were loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning before they could see land ever again. It’s a coverup for one of the greatest mass murders in history, made by one of the most prominent empires. Australia does not exist. All things you call “proof” are actually well-fabricated lies and documents made by the leading governments of the world. Your Australian friends? They’re all actors and computer-generated personas, part of the plot to trick the world.If you think you’ve ever been to Australia, you’re terribly wrong. The plane pilots are all in on this, and have in all actuality only flown you to islands close nearby – or in some cases, parts of South America, where they have cleared space and hired actors to act out as real Australians. Australia is one of the biggest hoaxes ever created, and you have all been tricked. Join the movement today, and make it known that they have been deceived. Make it known, that this has all just been a cover-up. The things these “Australian” says to be doing, all these swear words and actions based on alcoholism, MDMA and bad decisions, are all ways to distract you from the ugly truth that is one of the greatest genocides in history. 162,000 people were said to have been transported to this imaginary land during a mere 80 years, and they are all long dead by now. They never reached that promised land. Tell the truth. Stand up for what is right. Make sure to spread the world – Australia is not real. It’s a codeword for the cold-blooded murder of more than a hundred thousand people, and it is not okay. We will not accept this.Stand up for the ones who died. Let it be known, that Australia does not exist.

And don’t worry; you cannot fall off the flat earth.  One prominent flat-Earther, Connor Murphy, has revealed why this doesn’t happen. He’s concluded that the Earth has no edge at all.  Fascinating, right?  Well, actually, Murphy thinks we live in some kind of magical gravity-less snowglobe.

The origin of the “fake Australia” post started on Reddit back in 2017 and was written by a Shelley Floryd. But it appears to be back on the minds of those in the flat earth movement right at the moment. “Australia is not real,” the rant begins. “It’s a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace. In reality, all these criminals were loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning before they could see land ever again. It’s a cover-up [sic] for one of the greatest mass murders in history,” said the rant.

Even if that’s true, the British dumping criminals into the world’s oceans committing mass genocide, what about the aboriginals who have inhabited Australia for about 65,000 years.  They must be fake too…

The convention hosted many people who spoke as to why they believe the earth is flat, tossing all mathematical calculations aside.  According to The Telegraph, Dave Marsh, an NHS worker who spoke at the conference, said: “My research destroys big bang cosmology. It supports the idea that gravity doesn’t exist and the only true force in nature is electromagnetism.”

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7 thoughts on “Flat Earth Theory Claims Australia is ‘Fake’ & If You’ve Been There, You’re WRONG

  1. I know, I know….the Aboriginees that have lived there for thousands of years just made it up in their “dream time”…

    And another thing–Australia is fake, but not New Zealand?

  2. Why the hell is there a “flat Earth” theory in 2018? Are there that many morons still lost in the stone age?

    Or is this all just a silly distraction designed to make people look like idiots?

    1. Most of the “proof” for heliocentric, globe earth theory comes from NASA, a militaristic US agency that spends $50 billion a year pushing deceit on us. Look at the fake moon landings, the fact that NASA “lost” all the tech data, audio, etc. for what was billed as the most important achievement of the USA. The pictures they give us of a globe earth are clearly CGI, and are different from one year to the next. Look at the fact that you can see the Statue of Liberty on a clear day from 50 miles away. If the Earth is 25,000 miles in circumference, then the formula (8 inches x number of miles squared), proves that it would be obscured from view by over a thousand feet of curvature. Before ridiculing anything, please examine the proof presented by some pretty intelligent folks. Take a little time and watch Eric Dubay’s video on the history of flat earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9496sa0cXh4 and decide for yourself. Most flat earthers do believe that Australia is very real. Not sure about the truth regarding Antarctica, as independent travel and research below 60 degree lattitude is prohibited by the 1958 Antarctic Treaty that all nations signed on to.

      1. I met a ‘flat Earther’ here a couple years ago. Nice enough guy, Christian believer, but here’s the problem I have with him…

        … he’s very awake, he knows what the NWO is doing. He has knowledge that he can FACTUALLY prove about what’s going on in the world & this country, yet what does he do? He tries his best to convince people he meets that the Earth is flat. Now, if he weren’t awake, I could care less, I’d just assume he has nothing better to tell them, and leave it at that. But the point is… even if the Earth IS flat, what POSSIBLE bearing could that have on the coming sh#tstorm we’re currently facing? It’s TOTALLY IRRELEVANT, and therefore, as JR stated, merely one of a plethora of distractions designed to keep the sheeple uniformed, misinformed and stupid.

        In other words… a gross waste of time.

        1. I agree totally. It’s more important to understand that they’re lying to us about darn near everything and not worry about the shape of the earth. Just get ready yourself and warn others about what’s coming. I personally think the Great Tribulation is at hand, and if so, God and His Son will reeducate us as needed after the Freemasons, Zionists, etc are gone. I just hate to see to see a very obvious snow job in progress.

          1. It’s simply a matter of priorities.

            btw, I hope you’re not one of those Christians who thinks they’re going to be ‘raptured’ out of this madness. That is blatantly false ‘doctrine’, and will be the main thing that will be responsible for the great ‘falling away’, imo.

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