Florida Preacher Burns the Koran

As if things were not chaotic enough in the Middle East, a Florida preacher publically burned a copy of the Koran sparking protests in Afghanistan and attacks on our personnel there.  Many have come out in condemnation for the Koran burning preacher and there are now renewed calls for government powers and censorship. 

Under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States the Florida preacher can burn the Koran.  Though the act is disrespectful and repugnant it is protected speech. 

You will all recall a while back when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was front and center in the mainstream media for publishing inconvenient truths about our government.  Right away our officials wanted to attack the 1st Amendment. 

Supposedly this most recent attack brought on by the book burning is being sold as necessary to protect our soldiers.  Who among you out there believes for one second that those in power care one little bit about the lives of our soldiers?

No, I believe that those in power liked the book burning and probably pushed to have it publicized.  The traitors in our government have been whittling away at our personal freedoms literally since our government’s inception.  And as our founding fathers knew that freedom of speech would be crucial to their progeny in foiling every attack upon the Republic by internal insurgents, they made it our 1st right, followed by the enforcement mechanisms contained within the 2nd Amendment.

Via the Patriot Act those posing as our representatives have placed an injunction on literally all of our constitutionally guaranteed rights, except the 1st and 2nd Amendments.  It is a fact that Obama and his cohorts are working as I write this article at further diminishing our inalienable right to own and bear arms for the purpose of throwing off tyrannical government.

You see, we are going to find out about these schemes that are in the works to disarm us unless our medium of communication is taken over and regulated by those after our guns.

Wake up people.  Our government is pushing to arm Al Qaeda in Libya at the same moment that they are working to disarm the American people.  This and the assertions I have heard in reference to the burning of the Koran violating Sharia law leads me to believe that there is an element of duplicity afoot that most are not seeing for what it is. 

Think about it.  For the past five months we have been watching Muslims from different countries march in the streets of every one of our major cities, and every once in a while you hear a statement on the news about individuals in our country wanting to institute Sharia law. 

Well I will tell you Muslims what, it would probably be best if you would just return home and leave we the people and our Constitution be, while you are still able.

God protect us from the plotting of the traitors among us.

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