Food SHORTAGES | It Has Begun! | Grand Solar Minimum

Published on Jul 30, 2019

Danny has been talking about this time for a few years now. Food shortages has begun. BUT WHY? Is it the Grand Solar Minimum or something ELSE?

Check out these for more info on earth changes:

Sacha Dobler:

Book – Solar History by Sacha Dobler:

Valentina Zharkova:…

3 thoughts on “Food SHORTAGES | It Has Begun! | Grand Solar Minimum

  1. I saw the notices in WalMart last weekend. The brand was Great Value which I think is a WalMart knock off. There were other brands of green beans as well as creamed corn.

    It was very interesting the comment he made about them moving people around to other countries because their govts. don’t want them there when things get worse. This is paraphrased, but the concept is there.

  2. I just found out I’m picking up a Walmart frozen load today going back to Washington State. Its only 12500 lbs, usually these loads are 36500 lbs, at least. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YA?

    This is frozen grocery man!

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