Ford To Lay Off Workers Amid $11 Billion Reorganization

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: I should not have to tell you an $11 billion reorganization is a major event. Ford is doing this due to the Trump tariffs, the tariffs many Trumpbots thought was a good idea. We have talked about this over and over and now the chickens are coming home to roost. We previously posted about Ford loosing $1 billion in profits due to the tariffs. This is affecting a lot of other companies as well…

Looking at this from another angle, we should understand the tariffs have also coincided with a rise in interest rates from the not so Federal Reserve. These actions are inline with one another and will both help to bring down the economy, to remove some of that positive sentiment. You may not hear about the Federal Reserve having a hand in this, but it is there, be aware of that. Most people will blame Trump for the whole thing, he is simply going to be the fall guy, or could I should say. One of them.

Look, there is not a lot to be positive about financially speaking with respect to the world economy and US economy for that matter. Americans are in a record amount of debt, governments are in a record amount of debt. Cheap interest rates and the creation of fake money have kept the music going.

The whole thing, the world’s economic system could have stayed dead back in 2008, but it was not time. They did not fix a thing, instead they papered it over, (if I had a dollar every time I said that I would be a wealthy man I know).

For more on this subject, I encourage you to read our article, “Next Crash Will Be ‘Worse Than The Great Depression’“.

Ford Motor Co. plans to trim its workforce amid an $11 billion global reorganization effort that comes as President Trump’s tariffs squeeze the automotive industry.

Profits at the Dearborn, Mich.-based company fell 48 percent in the three months through June as sales slowed in China, whose government has retaliated for Trump’s imposition of duties on $250 billion of its shipments to the U.S. After announcing the restructuring effort earlier this year with few details, a Ford spokeswoman on Friday said the automaker is “in the early stages of reorganizing our global salaried workforce.”

That “will result in headcount reduction over time, and this will vary based on team and location,” she said in an emailed statement that provided no further details.

Source: Ford to lay off workers amid $11 billion reorganization

World Events and the Bible

8 thoughts on “Ford To Lay Off Workers Amid $11 Billion Reorganization

    1. let the truth be known , this is the very reason for the drop in sales who has that kind of money to buy a car?

  1. They sure are Mark! A friend just got a new 2019 top of the line Ram 1500 Pick up. Sticker was in the mid 60s.

  2. You hit the nail head mark . I got a new truck in 2003 with every thing on it then paid 25 t now over 60 t now . I have a used dualy f350 96 paid 7t for it with 80 thousand miles on a diesel that truck would be close to 100 thousand now . I would like a new f 150 but don’t see that much money . Ford been losing money before the prices of parts went up just like chevy

  3. What is happening is that they mark these damn things up, they could care less if it sells or not, the cars and trucks go to the car and truck grave yard, then the scum bag bankers come in and turn them into derivatives, billions of dollars that never sell, but have been turned into mammon, for nothing more than to be able to print more shit, and screw you and me.

    It really is as simple as that, later car rental agencies come in and rent them out, the big double dip. This is where you get the good buy. The car manufacturers are given huge loans to pay the bill’s, no way in hell do these mammon grubbers turn an honest profit, how can they, they dont sell shit!


    WE AINT MAKIN ENUF PROFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Looked, housing can’t go up for ever. So, why rising interest rates may slow the eocnomy or being a recession. Keeping then low will lead to a huge correction in the housing market because housing can’t keep going up. Plus, if you are older like me, the government has screw you for years on interest rates being so low. I barely made money on the CD;s. The problem with most people is they want high employment all the time which is also bad since as mention the housing market is distorted.

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