From the Trenches Huge March Drawing

Last Day!

Mary, Swifty Lomax, Mark Schumacher, GrayRider, Millard, and Flee are sponsoring a drawing for From the Trenches World Report.

Mary has provided a Acu-Rite Weather Center with Easy Mount 3-in-1 Sensor.  

weather center

Mary has also provided 20 one ounce .999 fine copper coins and two books, Sodium Bicarbonate – Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy, and Iodine – Why You Need It.

coins books

Swifty Lomax has provided five copies of Sun Tzu for five winners with the first winner to receive a roll of genuine Hillary Clinton toilet paper as a bonus.


Swifty Lomax has also provided a Silver Prospector one ounce silver bar.


Mark Schumacher has provided a Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio.


GrayRider has provided two CDs with the pdf of Acquisition of Oregon by William I. Marshall, 1905 for two winners.


Millard has provided a large Trenches Shirt (specify which color you want, olive or beige).

shirt olive drab

Flee has provided a Bushido Blood Dragon Samurai Sword.


The prizes will be drawn for in the order they were received which is how they are listed here.

All those who have contributed since the last drawing are automatically included in the drawing, one entry per one dollar donation.

The drawing will be held Friday, March 25, 2016, in the final segment of The Word From the Trenches.

All donations are needed and appreciated.  Good luck to all those who step up.

We extend our thanks to Mary, Swifty Lomax, Mark, GrayRider, Millard, and Flee for providing the prizes.

43 thoughts on “From the Trenches Huge March Drawing

  1. Nothing makes me happier than to see our people support the Shivley’s. God Bless all of you supporters, and God Bless Henry, Laura, JD and family.

    THANK GOD………..

    Bye the way,

    There are people we hear from on the site daily that contribute substantial money, I know who they are, and God knows who they are.


    1. I’m just a retired “old *u*k” who want’s to “make things right” so my grandchildren can enjoy a taste of freedom. 59 and counting, I’m not quite ready to lay down with flowers on my chest.

      I don’t give a $hit what it takes, it’s gotta be done. I can’t just leave it rest the way it is.

      Contributions to the cause are essential! Henry and Laura deserve all the support we can give.

      1. Well Millard,

        You keep calling me a “good man”. If you only knew how many times this “good man” has been thrown in jail.

        Your the good man Millard……. I wish I had 1/10 of your good stuff.

        1. Mark, your heart is in the right place. I’d be more than happy to swill a couple beers with you on your next trip from Chicago to the Twin Cities.

          Last time you were 2 hours away. Eau Claire/Menomonie, WI, next time, let’s meet at a pub. And yes, your a good man, Mark!

          And what’s this, “I wish I had 1/10 of your good stuff.” What “good stuff” you talkin’ ’bout Willis?

        2. I’ve paid my “motel fees” at the “crowbar motel”, so I’m intimately aware of the sadistic nature of law enforcement. And they just laugh in your face, knowing the judge will rule in their favor. “Oh, you want some water or TP?” “Sorry, we’re fresh out!.”

          Traitors abound! All of them. Every judge, DA, Federal prosecutor, Guilty, guilty, guilty!!!

          Well, it’s gotta be done people, either live in servitude or hike up your skirts! I’d just soon die tomorrow than live another day with this complete bullsquat.

    2. Hi Mark,

      Well,.. you and Henry are the ones who really started this site,.. and Laura of course!,… but we all have a mission to save our selves and our future, which is best done by saving our country, and that starts by the simpliest of all tactics,…. get the truth out!

      I don’t ask much in return for my efforts, except the slavation of our country,… and just a little recognition now and then like you did above,.. so thanks Mark.

      JD – US Marines – What I find upsetting more than the lies that are out there,… is that this is one of the only websites and radioshows that I am aware of, making the effort to get the whole truth out there!!!,.. there should be THOUSANDS!,,… TENS OF THOUSANDS of websites like ours,… but sadly,… there isn’t.


      1. Yeah JD,

        I know JD , it seems unbelievable this is the only place where the whole truth is let loose. Keep up the good work JD, your making a difference .

        All of our people here are awesome, everyone of our commenters and support are intelligent, good people.

        I love it, they protect Henry’s and Laura’s vision, and keep my ass in check as well. Gotta love this place. And as you know very well JD, your back as well,

        Your in a special place here, no doubt about that. It’s these goddamned trolls that chap my ass.

  2. Shit, I’m in. And it’s only because I want that roll of Hillary toilet paper to put my shit on. Someone else can take the Art of War book. 😉

  3. Mary, Mark, Swifty, Millard & GrayRider put some nice prizes together here, and it’s definitely worthwhile and important to throw a few bucks into the pot just to keep the site running, even if you don’t get a prize.

  4. I want to do what I can to keep this most informative site in operation ! I have learned so much from Henry as far as these courts have been taken over by the corporation . Also Henry , I am very fond of the story of your dad poaching a deer , then a helicopter following him, then he stops under cover of a tree & fires a round into the aircraft !

  5. Henry….I’ve been looking at Samurai swords online.
    If you want to put one in the drawing… I’ll pay for it… just need a shipping address for the winner.
    It’s only a couple hundred bucks.
    When you run out of bullets…this is great backup.
    My word is my bond.

    1. We contacted Deb for a tracking number for the silver bar you won. The question is, why did you bring this matter to the comment section rather than simply emailing us with an inquiry? Is it your intent to cause us some sort of harm? To be straight up honest, these drawings are a lot of work for us, we have continued them because our people seem to enjoy them, as it brings them closer together, and in the end, they are giving useful items to one another while in the process helping us. We can stop the drawings, which might be what you are looking for, or maybe you’d just like to see the whole site gone, which is not going to happen.
      What is your intent, Frost Jack?

      1. Frost Jack,
        We just attempted to email you at the email you provided, turns out it is not a real email, which makes us wonder, was the return address for your contribution any good?

      1. Thanks Henry. I sent it to the address that was provided, and it was marked as received. If his address was phony, then it’s out of my control. I’m just upset that I donated something of value that fell into the wrong hands.

        1. Don’t think twice about it, Deb.
          I had no doubt that you carried through. I just have to wonder why Frost Jack chose the comment section rather than contacting us through email. Could be he is so secret in trying to insulate himself from any participation on the site, that he has simply overdone it.
          I don’t want to get down on him too much, as I do not, at this time, thoroughly understand his motivation.
          Thank you for stepping up. 🙂

          1. not trying to cause any harm , i dont need it and if it helps your show your doing a great job waking people up .

          2. Frost Jack,
            We want you to have your silver bar as you won it fair and square, it was just the way you went about telling us you didn’t get it, it struck me the wrong way.
            You see we pay dearly (monetarily) for our reputation here as we refuse to compromise the truth, so I hope you understand that we guard our reputation dearly, as for the most part it is our greatest asset.
            I have answered your email you sent and we are on the same page and will let everyone know when your silver bar is found.
            And thanks to Deb for stepping up with the silver bar to help us.

  6. I really hate to say this.
    But I think Mr. Frost just peed in the pool.
    Everyone outta the fkn pool.
    We gotta clean this sht up.
    Closed for maintenance.
    Back open in an hour.

  7. I don’t know if you were drunk when you posted this, or just full of blarney. Check the tracking number. Your item was sent a month ago, and delivered to the addy you provided. If you had a problem you should have emailed Henry, and not left a comment here.

    What’s your choice?

  8. I apologize I didn’t mean for it to sound that I wasn’t doubting your reputation but that of the postal service

    1. I’m so sorry Frost jack, I reacted harshly. Someone pass the hot sauce, I’ll eat my hat. I hope you find out what happened. It’s been over a month, I pray this is rectified.

      1. i lost my baby girl feb 14 she was 21 and im really not overly concerned with anything else , i think i was trying to get back to normal , but that wont happen any time soon . deb im like a duck no hurt feelings , and yes i was drunk ive been very drunk this last month she was my buddy and a great helper roofing or working on the car she was my anneeda because i needed this or that , i will miss her all my days ,

        1. Sorry to here that.
          In 2004 my brother died from meth and heroin. The same month my aunt died from liver cancer.
          It was a double whammy.
          Feel for you bro.
          Just like JD said.
          I’m a functioning alcoholic.
          I think its because of so much pain I’ve been through.
          I’m not proud of it.
          It started in 2008.
          The divorce…loosing my two sons.
          Loosing my job.
          Filing for bankruptcy.
          Having no medical insurance and still don’t.
          The bank trying to robocopy me out of my house.
          Metro banging on my door.
          A swat team putting a red dot on my forehead.
          But yet…I’m still a survivor.
          Only by the grace and loving kindness of the creator.
          I made it through…and so will you.
          Peace brother.

        2. frost jack, I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a daughter (actually 4), that are the same way. I would be devestated if I lost one. My sister died 2 years ago March 1st to suicide. I’m still not over it. I just want you to know that this situation will be rectified. If the post office can’t track down your package. I’ll make this right. I want you to have what you won. It won’t be the exact same, but I’ll substitute it with something close.

          1. Deb going to post office will update you on return . ok im back they said he didnt have it gave tracking number and was told it must be wrong came home and double checked it i have the right numbers so i dont know .

  9. My heart goes out to you both. So sorry to hear of your loss. Philippians 4:13
    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

  10. thanks to you all , i didnt drink last night i felt as if my girl was asking me not too , child of the most high God ,

  11. “Mark Schumacher has provided a Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio.”

    I won one of those in a previous drawing, and it’s a nice little device. It works so well, and I liked it so much that I bought a second one.

    (and yes, it arrived here quickly, because I’m not confused about my address)

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