Fukushima cleanup efforts put northern hemisphere on alert

FukushimaNatural News – by Jonathan Landsman

At an estimated cost of $150 billion, the Fukushima nuclear power plant ‘cleanup’ efforts have suspicious ties to organized crime and many on-site workers lack the required expertise to handle such nuclear disasters safely or effectively. With over 7 layers of poorly-supervised sub-contractors, like Tepco, Kajima and Obayashi Corp. – workers are routinely being exposed, in less than 1 hour, to deadly levels of radiation. But, there’s more to this story and the truth needs to be told.  

An unprecedented threat to humanity is about to unfold – in the next 18 months. Contractors, already proven to be incompetent, plan to move a huge stock-pile of damaged (highly-radioactive) fuel rods to ‘safer’ ground. Once you understand the magnitude of this project – you quickly realize what’s at stake.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour – we expose the unspoken truth about Fukushima and what you can do to protect yourself from radiation exposure. This important health show includes a comprehensive 4-step program to protect you from radiation damage. Don’t ignore the risks – learn more now.

Chernobyl is warning humanity about the dangers of nuclear power

Medical epidemiologists have already documented that Chernobyl’s total radioactive release – over 20 years (1986-2006) – killed about one million people and injured eight million more. We now know, from confirmed data, that the Fukushima accident has already released 6 times the radiation of the entire Chernobyl event – to date. This highly-toxic radiation has gone into the east-Asian aquifer (Japanese water table and the northern Pacific Ocean), as well as the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere.

27 years later, the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown continues to contaminate the food supply of unsuspecting consumers and has laid waste to huge areas throughout Eastern Europe. Most of the devastating effects have not even been reported – until now – and, no doubt Europeans will suffer the health consequences for hundreds of years. In terms of the Fukushima disaster, it’s almost unimaginable what the fallout will be to all life on this planet.

It’s time to wake up – the Japanese people (and the world) are in for a big surprise

Humanity seems to have an insatiable need to feel ‘normal’ – especially after horrible events like 9/11 and Fukushima. But, as noble as it may appear to put terrible episodes behind us, we can’t neglect even bigger threats ahead of us. For generations to come, highly-toxic radioactive particles like, Cs-137 and Strontium-90 will cause a staggering number of cancers, injury and death to millions of people – worldwide. Those ‘in the know’ must do everything in their power to protect themselves and share this news with family and friends.

On an individual level, I encourage you to consume adequate amounts of selenium, clean sources of seaweed, non-GMO vitamin C, melatonin, bee pollen, chlorella, mushroom extracts plus, naturally, lots of fresh, raw and organic vegetable juices. If you live in the northern hemisphere – these preventative measures are a must and, if you suffer from health problems, seek immediate help from a qualified healthcare professional with experience in ‘regenerative medicine’.


Dr. John Apsley holds degrees in medicine – MD(E), chiropractic – DC, and nutrition – BS. His board certifications include: Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy, Spinal Disability Evaluator (CSDE), and Insurance Claims Reviewer (IRC). He is also a qualified instructor of Electrodermal Scanning as well as Darkfield Microscopy.

Dr. Apsley has written or co-authored five books, including a best seller entitled – The Regeneration Effect and, his latest work, Fukushima Meltdown and Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Future Generations. Additionally, he has published and lectured extensively on the clinical applications of human regenerative techniques in medicine (Applied Colloidal Therapeutics? – ACT?).

This is an urgent wake-up call for humanity! In the next 18 months, Fukushima workers plan to move huge stock-piles of highly radioactive fuel rods to ‘safer ground’. This never-before-attempted work holds the fate of humanity in their hands. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, learn the truth about Fukushima – like you’ve never heard plus ways to protect yourself from radiation poisoning.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042819_Fukushima_health_alert_regenerative_medicine.html#ixzz2jxlnGPR5

5 thoughts on “Fukushima cleanup efforts put northern hemisphere on alert

  1. There can be no doubt about the present and future effects of this radiation. Millions of Americans will by relying on the health industry to keep them alive, but there will be no health industry, not for the poor. The more I read about Fukushima and its effects on America and the world (North America is in the direct “line-of-fire” from Japan), the more I begin to see how Obamacare is designed to greatly diminish our health-care resources in order to make sure that the poor die. And to tax the hell out of us until the day that we DO die. There will be other “events” that will expedite our demise, and moving these fuel rods at Fukushima will no doubt end with the immediate annihilation of Japan and to the eventual, although somewhat speedy, annihilation of America. Add a few false flag nuke detonations to the situation, nuclear waste sites being blown up, etc., and we have the recipe for the loss of 90% of the population. It is also becoming very clear that nuclear power plants were/are built with the intended purpose of being used like a nuclear bomb. While it would be hard to explain how you “accidently” detonated a nuke on the civilian population, it is very easy to “accidently” nuke the hell out of people using a nuclear power plant melt-down. And now we know why “they” weren’t worried about the waste from these plants when they were first built. “They” knew exactly what they were going to do with it!!!
    Great article, Mark!!!!

  2. I am told I am being too negative, other then burying radioactive material in the ground, out of sight out of mind. This crap will come back to haunt rich and poor alike for more years then at the rate the world is going it will self destruct.

    The idea is to have criminal contractors who think they can fix massive amounts of radiation by gathering it up and stick it in a hole impervious to earthquakes is wishful thinking.

    The greedy criminal corporations have damaged the earth with oil spills, nuclear waste, dumping who knows what toxins into the oceans, rivers and land fills and there is not a band-aid big enough to cover the wounds.

    It is not us that will suffer it will be our grandchildren and great- grandchildren for generations to come. Or maybe I should just be positive and bury my head in the ground.

    Scientist suggests life began in freshwater pond, not the ocean


    At the rate things are going life will end when the water is poisoned to the point of no return. We all know without water life ends. Why do people drink bottle water?

    Personally I don’t subscribe to the Adam and Eve myth and that does not make me a bad person.

  3. “Ok everybody, we can have 40 to 60 years of electricity and then monitor the radioactive waste for a million years…who’s with me on this?”
    If I didn’t know that they were killing the planet on purpose, I’d swear the fuktards that thought up this plan were running around snorting bath salts.

    1. Tammyc, I think them fuktards are snorting bath salts, they just call it something else. Just like pharmaceutical methamphetamine is called “Desoxyn” yea no sh*t but you will never hear of someone on Desoxyn be called a speed freak though because it was prescribed legally to them .

  4. I am simply amazed at the criminal psychopathic elites on this one–so they really think killing off above ground is fine just so long as they can go underground where radiation is less but is still there and have filtered air and artificial sunlight and they will be as brilliant in every way as they think they are now? My guess is they grew up watching the 60s sci-fi movie “World Without End” a few too many times…either that, or they never saw the 1927 Fritz Lang film, “Metropolis”…their stupidity gives the run of the mill criminal psychopath a good name! Good luck wiping your own butts when you run outta toilet paper, having killed off all the trees…ah, artificial radiation free toilet paper!

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