Gaddafi Uses Cluster Bombs and Human Shields in Libya

It is being reported that Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is using human shields to protect himself from NATO air strikes.  It is also being reported that Gaddafi is using cluster bombs which are anti-personnel weapons that tend kill innocent civilians and have been outlawed by the United Nations.

So is this enough to outrage the American people to the point of demanding that ground troops be sent in to stop this diabolical monster?  Whoa, hold it, stop.  Maybe we better think this through.  Where else have I heard that word, “cluster bombs”?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  The Israelis used them against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.  It made one little blip on the evening news and then seemed to disappear from reality.  The Israelis?  Oh oh. 

Wait a minute, seems like I heard this somewhere else too.  Now where and when was that?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  The United States Air Force dropped them on Bagdad, Iraq, causing quite a shock and awe.  Maybe we better not talk about cluster bombs anymore.

There must be something else we can use to persuade the American people to go after Gaddafi.  Let’s see.   Oh yeah, his tank rounds killed some children.  I know this is true, I seen it on TV.  But wait, it seems like I remember also seeing on TV, little Palestinian children in Gaza with phosphorous from those cluster bombs still burning in their flesh. 

And oh yeah, somewhere else I saw children… where was that… oh yeah, that’s right, the day after Shock and Awe, there were dead little Iraqi children being loaded in the back of a white pickup truck like cord wood. 

Do these psychopaths really think that we, as human beings, will change our perception of good and evil if they tell us that the evil is actually good because it is being done by our team and in our name?  When I saw those little children the day after Shock and Awe it was the first time I was ever truly ashamed to be an American. 

Of course the internationals are pushing to have Gaddafi tried as a war criminal, which he may very well be.  But don’t you think we should first put Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld on trial for the genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq before we try Gaddafi for that of hundreds?

This world is out of control.  God grant me the strength to keep my sanity.

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