99ers HR 589 Supporters – President Obama Addresses the Issue?

As expected Barry Soetoro’s town hall meeting over Facebook was nothing more than a gimmick.  The whole session was scripted and rehearsed and could be considered nothing more than a campaign speech.  Soetoro made sure to include every issue in the predetermined one party framed debate.  That is mentioning unemployment and jobs obscurely, then puckering up and planting a big wet kiss on the collective arses of the illegal aliens.  It was nothing more than one big socialist spit swap.

I’ll tell you what Barry, poor Americans, middle class Americans, Americans et. al. outnumber Hispanics by far.  Though I will say, it is at least logical for you to come out on the side of illegal aliens, seeing as how you are one.  Barry portrayed the illegals as poor misunderstood people who were only doing menial jobs that nobody else wants.  He spoke of farm labor, food service, and child care.  Well I have been around this country and it goes a little further than that.  Construction, shipping, and of course the ever popular illegal drug enterprise are now being worked predominately by illegals. 

Barry Soetoro is nothing more than a south side Chicago, back alley pimp, who wants to lay Lady Liberty on her back with her legs spread towards Mexico, inviting every disease infested entity seeking to ravage her to do so without consequence.  He has committed treason in plotting with foreign countries against the United States and starting an unconstitutional illegal war in Libya.  These are prima fascia crimes and are undeniable. 

Of course as the Congress, Senate, and Judicial are every bit as guilty as he, instead of being arrested and punished, he is running for a second term.

The neo-cons have come forth with a new assertion saying that 50% of Americans do not pay taxes.  Of course they are speaking of the poor, unemployed, and disenfranchised, of which we 99ers are a part.  You have to love it, they will not count us as unemployed but will count us as not being tax payers, in spite of the fact that we paid in trillions in taxes until they cashed our jobs in to replace the monies they stole.

Apparently a poll is suggesting that 70% of Tea Partiers do not want the Medicare trust fund turned over to the corporate elite to be plundered.  Of course that number has been padded.  As I’ve said before, the actual number is 80%, leaving the 20% in the top 10% that paid to put the neo-cons into office.

 I’m afraid their whole con is falling apart right before their eyes.  Nobody except them is buying a thing they are saying anymore.  And the American people, poor, working poor, lower, middle, and upper middle class are uniting to clean house.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has a new full time job trying to discredit those Americans who want to see Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat’s birth certificate.  Matthews’ whining assertions that the issue is ridiculous have become genuinely pathetic, but then, what a point to have to argue. 

It is this simple.  If I were in Barry’s place and was indeed born in Hawaii and someone challenged my citizenship, I would simply call the Attorney General and say, “Hey Eric, go over to Federal District Judge Kissass’s office and get a subpoena for my long form birth certificate, and bring it over here to me.”  I would then hand it over to my flunky, Joe Biden, tell him to get his ass on a plane, and be back with my birth certificate before the sun rises in the morning.

Come on people, the only reasonable explanation is he won’t because he can’t.

Is there anything left in this government that isn’t completely corrupt and in our faces? 

It is three days until Easter and the number one question on my mind is “Have the 99ers been slapped around enough to strike back yet?”  Since September I have written over 200 articles promoting the cause of we 99ers and to see just one protest in the news, on YouTube, or at least filmed so we can put it on this site would make it all worthwhile.  Realize if this makes the mainstream news it will make history. 

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Thank You! for everything that you do Henry. I am from Oregon to and wanted to ask you how bad is Oregon to you? I have associates degree and it seems like I cant even get a job sweeping crackers off the floor anymore. Also wanted to ask is there going to be an Easter Project here in OR by any chance?? Im not the type to go lay down and die either we need movement, Im ready! Please 99ers, People, Who ever is out there the faxes and calls to the corrupt GOV is not working anymore.. nor it ever did.. We need to move in a different direction and stop being so passive. God Bless tooo all the people who have been affected by this crisis. And thank you again Henry for the TRUTH.

    1. Tim,
      They are admitting that unemployment in Oregon is at 11%. I live in Klamath County where the only people left working are the brown nosers and those who know the right people. My son has a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics with departmental honors from the University of Oregon. He tried all last summer and winter to get any kind of job, to no avail. He has gone back to school to learn engineering in the hope that if nothing else he can build solar panels for his family.
      As far as an Easter Project in Oregon I do not know. I’m up in the mountains 150 miles away from any city large enough to make the project realistic. I have done everything I can with the resources at hand and will say that if I did live somewhere like Eugene or Portland there would be an Easter Project there, if I had to do it all by myself. With gas nudging up to $4 per gallon I cannot drive anywhere and am limited to walking.
      I’m hoping that the 99ers that live in the towns and cities that Obama, Boehner, and the rest of their crews live in have found the churches that these hypocrites attend and will carry out at least one protest that will make it into the mainstream media.
      I think some believe the Easter Project to be a little radical, but if something is not accomplished on Easter I guarantee you the 99ers that are still alive next year will be more than willing to do a Easter Project protest walking on their hands.
      I believe there may be some people out there who are going to do it, and if they do we must make them notable in the movement. We will owe them nothing less.

  2. Thank you for the Reply, movement will happen is what your saying… Just dont know when, Keep your head up everyone! and lets take action.

  3. No Easter Project in Douglasville, GA. I even tried to get friends and former co-workers — are you ready for this. “I always cook on Easter and I don’t want to spoil my grandkids easter egg hunt”. “Plus it is only a waste of time, when are you going to get over this and start focusing on your own life?” Yep, some people still call this a life. I call it a war. Been gone a while as they wanted to try one more surgery on my back. Well now that is finished and the pain is worse than before and of course, it could take up to 3 weeks to notice any change. I can tell you now that it did not help. I will never get a chance to work again. I have recently filed for social security disability. On top of all of that my husband has been awarded service connection to Agent Orange and is considered 90% disabled. They are working on the other 10% now. If he gets 100% then they will pay for both of our medical insurance which is $1,000 a month plus co-pays. I am not saying this to brag in any way. I want everyone to know that although I do not need additional weeks I will still be out here everyday doing my part to spread the word for our cause. I will probably post as if I am in the same situation as the rest of you guys. You guys are my friends and in a way my family. No one else needs to know my story. I don’t know why God chose to bless me and provide enough financial support for me to survive and help other people, but I have to believe it is because he has a plan. And I believe I am part of that plan. Happy Easter guys, my prayers are with you all.

    1. Barbara,
      Glad you are back. Sorry to hear about your health issues.
      So people do not want to take away from their Easter egg hunt and dinner to protest, huh? Well, by next December there will be a lot more facing the same Christmas we just went through. And maybe these very same people won’t be able to afford to dye eggs and have a dinner next year. Personally, I will survive and when I hear them crying because their children’s bodies are bloated due to starvation they will receive no compassion. I will tell them unequivocally that it is their fault because they allowed themselves to become institutionalized cowards.
      We can only hope that there are some 99ers out there who refuse to accept the assertion that there is nothing they can do to save themselves. The Easter Project can cause an effect with minimal labor.
      If no one acts upon it I will wait a long time until I am sure that the 99ers are adequately oppressed before I offer another suggestion. If people are too worthless to get out of their own way they are deserving of whatever becomes of them.
      Anyway, welcome back Barbara, we have missed you. And remember From the Trenches was originally your idea. If the rest of the 99ers would put forth a fraction of the effort you have we would have already succeeded in our cause. God bless you and your family.

        1. Barbara-

          I had no Idea the Trenches was your Idea. Your Idea has turned out to be a really good thing! Hope your doing well. Good to hear from you again.

      1. Barbara, I’m so sorry about your back and your husband’s condition. I’m very happy that you’re making progress with the VA. I know first hand what a battle that is. God bless you and your family.

    2. Henry if you don’t mind please send my e-mail address to Barbara. I would like to give her some info to help her with her back. I suffered for years in pain, because the medical community doesn’t understand pain, I want to help everyone I can if they are interested.

  4. 99ers.To u all that except the tax for jobs to the Rich here you go, OBAMA made a deal with Boehner and all of them made money and the a POOR got shafted, this town meet was all show . use your vote 2012 to yell, it works.

  5. Come on you stupid 99er’s, they’re not going to pass this bill either. Don’t you see the game they’re playing. Actually they’re just trying to eliminate us

    They dangled a carrot over our noses since the beginning of 2010 and still have not passed an extension for those who are predominately the baby boomers.

    They are not going to pass the bill. It just sits there. They all full of sh$t.

  6. The Facebook interview was a joke…..if Barry cares so much about illegals why not resign and run for President of Mexico…..Medicare is going bankrupt due to massive amounts of payments for illegals…Social Security being ruined as illegals will draw Minimum benefits
    and 100% medical after working only a few years in US..often will get better benefits than a long time taxpayer who worked 30 years at a low paying job

    How do the American people allow this Illegal alien (that is obvious as he refuses to show his
    birth certificate) PLEASE AMERICAN POPULACE..WAKE UP….

  7. Barbara, great to see that you are back. I want to thank you for being the inspiration of “from the trenches” and Henry for being the mastermind. These reports provide me with the “raw” truth of what is really going on. You guys are great.

  8. We’re going about this all wrong!!! Firstly, forget the term 99ers, it’s lame. Next, we have to create a reality show entitled “Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure” chronicling the daily lives of a select few (**ers). It should make for wonderful reality television. I mean, cmon, if Jersey Shore can capture such a vast audience, our show, “Lifestyles of the Poor and Obscure”, would be a hit. Hey, all we have to do is Act Naturally 🙂

  9. may the good lord please help us…in our time of need…Let ethics and love and good will and kindness and compassion…rise

  10. Well today is another day and the same issues are on my mind to pass H589. What iswrong with this President/congress/rep dragging their feet and putting us again on the backburner. We were supposed to have some indication when we would be able to pray that they would pass it. Obviously to no avail. e-mailing the Congress/Rep/Senate and President dont give a rats ass about us. When are we going to get help we suffering we need to pay our bills and not have wait for the termination notice to come in. Now they say the governement doesn’t even have any funds available for families to get their utilities to get some funding. This country is out of control and the Obama has the odacity to go around campaigning making billions of dollars for it, it is a disgrace to our country. He should be at the White House working with the Congress/Senate/Rep to work something out to help pass this legislation. He is more talk than do!! That’s what he’s doing now he is talking more than he can promise just like he did after he was voted in. We need some good leadership now and Boehner is not no different. He cried about how happy he was to be the Speaker what a disgrace to the country. When he also did an about face on helping the poor, who use to be the middle class and the homeless begging in the churches for food. I have been there because I can’t get food stamps, I don’t have any children at home. They are grown and their own raising my grandchildren who I hope they have a future in this so called American Dream!! I am 56 and have worked in the Medical Field/HMO for 30 and worked since I was 16. I wish I could go back to those times but I can’t I have go to the realization that our country is letting us down everyday and they can’t even compromise on a legisation that will help the millions of Americans that are looking for jobs and give some hope and the gas is $4.00 how do they think we are going to be able to find a job. Oh and they all of a sudden want to help other coutries some foreign countries who don’t even care about their people like Libya. They all need blow themselves up just like Afghanastan, Iraq where we spent billions and the was is still not over only kiiling our soldiers at such a young age.Im glad my son didn’t have to go and in the past they would not send your first son. Now they send anybody no matter as long as trick them in going there. I know some these men/women feel they are doing the right thing but they get brainwashed from the military. Please pass this HR-589 for the better of people in this country. WE NEED IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES STRUCTURE DOES NOT HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF THE GOVERNMENT NOT BEING ABLE TO MAKE CONCESSIONS.

  11. I am a 99er that has worked since the age of 18 now 28 years laters i can’t get help. I am a single mother of 3 with 2 of my daughters depend on me and i feel that i am letting them down just like the system is letting me down. i am being forced out of my apartment maybe into a shelter i have nowhere to turn i have been to every agency in the city of chicago i can’t get no help. Please don’t think i don’t want to work because i go out everyday looking but no one is calling me back. Henry please keep these posts going maybe it will help us cause it sure won’t hurt us. Thank You so much for your time.

  12. They will have to give us 99ers our much needed extension. thats all just playing back n forth for now but then wham the revolving door will slam them in their face. fake unemployment numbers cannot last forever! watch and see.. keep filing your claims even when you get a letter saying 0.
    it will be retro active. long live the 99ers. and we need our J O B S back. we paid into the ui system and when we need it most “in this recession” it is not there. just down right disgusting.


  14. Lets face it ,the goverment don’t give a dam about the 99ers ,or anything else that american people need.If you are not a big company,a bank or the stock market and lets not forget the rich,looking for tax breaks or a BAIL out .You will get no help.HE extended the unemployment beffits for a little over one year.But he kept the bush tax cuts for the rich.He had to entended the beffits because millions of people will have no income.They new that so they put on a show like always.THEN THEY ALL GO OUT AND PARTY ON OUR MONEY.THEY TALK ABOUT HOW THEY FOOL US AGAIN.This has been going on for maney years DEMS AND THE GOP.And no matter who gets in its the same old bull.Lets face it did you see anything change in the past years.All I see is america becomeing a big mess.ITS GOD FOR A FEW BUT A MESS FOR MANEY.WERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?WE SHOULD MAKE THE PEOPLE SIGN A CONTRACT,IF DON’T DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL WHEN THEY RUN FOR OFFICE THEY ARE FIRED.

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