0 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Gets Booed at Town Hall Meeting

  1. Nazi…everytime I see his name I think of a bad Soap opera actor…..and the word Nazi.
    Its a sad day when people like this get in office.

  2. I really don’t know this guy. What I do know is they are going to tax people who are making $250,000 or more. Some people say $107,000 or more. Either way people making $250,000 are not filthy rich. Sadly they have pulled the wool over everyones eyes by making it sound like they are taxing the filthy rich, they are not going to do that, those guys still have their loopholes. And now small and medium size business owners are going to be hit, not only that people even smaller than them likely will be too. Be careful about what you believe.

  3. Not only that the government is trying to create a hatred of the wealthy to divert attention away from them, the ones truly responsible for all the issues. Don’t let them distract you with their propaganda. I have heard the way they word things at times, listen and see if you don’t think they are trying to manipulate you.

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