General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

I wasn’t a member of the ‘Army of Northern Virginia’ so I did NOT surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, neither did my horse … and Lee had ‘no authority’ or right to surrender for me!

General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson:  

“If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property; it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity, the ultimate loss of free and responsible government on this continent. It is the triumph of commerce, the banks and factories. We should meet the Federal invader on the outer verge of just and right defense and raise at once the black flag. No quarter to the violator of our homes and firesides!”

1st Virginia Cavalry


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  1. While I have never felt this nation should be divided, I do, however, feel the south should have persevered. I have never been able to understand why the army of the south did not march into Washington, after the battle of Bull Run, and take over the government.

    1. The Mason plants manipulated the day, just like they did the first day at Gettysburg. Had the Confederacy taken the heights, which would have been easy, the South would have won the war that day.

  2. So…… Who supposedly issued the quote above? The one concerning not having surrendered himself nor his horse? I’m pretty sure Stonewall Jackson was dead at that point so it shouldn’t have been him. No name at the end of the quote. Thanks.

    1. You are correct, Ryan.
      Stonewall Jackson died on May 10, 1863.
      Robert E. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865.
      The quote is from a monologue in “Gods and Generals”, written by Ronald F. Maxwell, from the book by Jeff Shaara.

      (Artistic License )

      1. “I wasn’t a member of the ‘Army of Northern Virginia’ so I did NOT surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, neither did my horse … and Lee had ‘no authority’ or right to surrender for me!” wasn’t posted with quotation marks… That’s from GrayRider. 😀

      1. Just review the link I attached on the 1st Virginia Cavalry as my ancestors were “Volunteer” Militia under the supervision of General Jackson – NOT General Lee:

        “The 1st Virginia Cavalry completed its organization at Winchester, Virginia, in July 1861, under the command of Colonel James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart at the command of General Thomas Jackson.

        In April 1862, it totaled 437 men, lost eight percent of the 310 engaged at Gettysburg, and had 318 fit for duty in September 1864. The cavalry cut through the Federal lines at Appomattox and later disbanded. Only one man from this unit was present at the surrender.”

        I suspect that the one that was surrendered was wounded and could not ride … the rest busted through the Yankie Lines and lived ‘with their weapons’ to fight another day;~(

        Cf. Homage ancestral. In feudal law, homage was called by this name where a man and his ancestors had immemorially held of another and his ancestors by the service of homage, which bound the lord to warrant the title, and also to hold the tenant clear of all services to superior lords. 2 Bl.Comm. 300.

  3. This is total BS. Stonewall Jackson was killed in May 1863, long before the so-called surrender at Appomattox.

    1. YOU GO my Sister … you may be from NYC but when I see such Honor, Integrity and Intelligence I am inspired to think that you and ours will ‘Carry On’ to teach and correct the Errors of others who have been Dombed Down and/or bought-off with valueless pieces of colored Ink and Paper!

      Hence, many use the phrase “Accepted for Value” on the back of a check because it actually has None !!!

      N.B. Right cannot die {Droit ne poet pas morier}; Error of law is injurious {Error juris nocet}; Fiction yields to truth {Fictio cedit veritati}; We can do nothing against truth {Nihil possumus contra veritatem; St. Albans, Doct. & Stu. Dial. 2, c. 6}; He who does not freely speak the truth is a betrayer of the truth {Qui non libere veritatem pronunciat proditor est veritatis}; The thing speaks for itself {Res ipsa loquitur};

      1. I’m not from NYC. I moved there for work.
        I’m 6th Generation Texan and member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

    2. Never Forget; as nobody I know wants to see this clash again or any more blood over that which is/was Firmly Established and Well Settled from the beginning at Runnymede via the Magna Charta, et alii!

      1. This song should only be played blasting down the walls as I just did. The graphics in this video are other worldly and the whole thing kept sending shivers through my body.

        “Teach my hands to war, Lord.”

  4. Again, the war had NOTHING to do with slavery, but was fought to repel an illegal invasion of sovereign states that had legally seceded from an over-reaching, intrusive, tyrannical, overtaxing government. Slavery was a dying institution and no other country on the planet waged a war to end slavery. It died a natural death everywhere else, so why do people think we needed a war here to end it? The North hated blacks and were not invading the South to free the black race. What sense does that make when
    there were more Union officers and soldiers who owned slaves than there were Confederates soldiers who owned slaves? If people would take the time to read the Corwin Amendment and the Johnson-Crittenden Resolution they would see that they clearly dispel the myth of slavery being the cause of the war.
    Lincoln threatened war in his inaugural address when he stated that the duties and imposts would be collected from the seceded states “by force if necessary”. He could not bear to lose the revenues being unconstitutionally extracted from the South because the South was footing over 80% of the federal
    tax bill while the rich Northern industrialists and bankers were reaping the benefits. The war was all about ending self-government, subjugating the people of the South, looting the natural resources of the South for the benefit of the North, and establishing a strong, centralized government that would have
    control over the states. The CSA seceded and fought for the same reasons that our Founding Fathers seceded from and fought Great Britain. The war had nothing to do with slavery. If slavery was the cause, as the Marxists contend, then isn’t it strange that not one letter, not one, has been found from either Confederate or union soldiers stating that this is what they were fighting about? Instead, numerous letters found from Confederate soldiers state that they were fighting for independence and in defense of their homes and families. Letters from union soldiers state that they were fighting to “restore the union”. The Confederate Battle Flag and all the Confederate monuments have nothing to do with slavery or white supremacy, but a people who defied tyranny and fought to preserve the Constitution and the principles upon which our Founders established a new country. Lincoln was for white supremacy. Just read his quotes about the inferiority of the black race and how he had never been in favor of making voters or jurors out of them. Yet he is worshiped as the Great Emancipator. He freed nobody. The 13th Amendment ended slavery.

    These lunatics taking down Confederate monuments are no different than Nazis or ISIS by attempting to destroy and rewrite history. And quit putting the blame for slavery on the South. It was the Yankee slave traders who brought the slaves to America, flying Old Glory on the masts of the slave ships. Not one single slave ship ever flew a Confederate flag. These “take’em down” idiots are puppets for the global puppet masters seeking to destroy every bit of our history. It won’t stop with Confederate monuments. Washington and Jefferson will be next. What about the White House and other beautiful historic buildings in Washington D.C. built by slaves? Will they be taken down too? The hypocrisy of the Marxist left is easy to see. They tolerate only what they agree with, but expect EVERYONE else to tolerate the left’s views. Communists is what they are. A blight on our soil and a disgrace to the great people of history who fought to make us free.

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