100% Proof Erdoğan ordered the attack on protesters in D.C

Published on May 21, 2017 by Activist-News

Over the last few days a certain video has been circulating the internet, one of a Protest in Washington DC outside of the Turkish ambassador’s residence. Erdoğan was in town on the 16th of may and was met with a crowd of very angry protesters. The footage shows Erdoğan guards violently disrupting the protest, even though this was completely illegal, they did so anyway. Police had prior knowledge of the protest before it started and from what people on the ground were saying, police had no reason to stop the protest. Some people are claiming that it was actually unmarked or undercover police officers that was causing the chaos, however, some other footage paints a much different story.





One thought on “100% Proof Erdoğan ordered the attack on protesters in D.C

  1. Oh, look. The Aristocracy is attacking the unarmed peasantry again.
    How delightful.
    What a wonderful Democracy we live in.

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