Globalist 2030 agenda push by World Economic Forum set for launch as elite make final drive towards total control by

Let’s be clear about one thing: The push towards all-electric transportation has nothing to do with ‘saving the planet’ from emissions hell and everything to do with controlling how we travel.

Electric vehicles are not the panacea for cleaning up the environment the tyrannical left-wing elite claim they are because they require literally raping the earth to obtain the ingredients (lithium, primarily) for the batteries — not to mention the fact that the lithium is mined by poor children of color who work like slaves for pennies a day.

In fact, the entire ‘green’ agenda is about control, not saving mother Earth, because it requires us to consume less and rely far more on being grouped into megacities where the power elite can enforce their will on us. Individualism is their enemy; self-reliance is undesirable to them.

Earlier this week, the corporate-led World Economic Forum (WEF) announced that world leaders would be convening later this year to “accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030,” a plan that lacks accountability, The National Pulse reported.

Both the United Nations (UN) and the WEF seem to be dismayed by the lack of progress made towards their “Great Reset” ideology and the Agenda 2030 plan, which is a socialist successor to the failed “Millennium Development Goals,” the outlet reported.

The WEF, headed by German engineer Klaus Schwab (whose father was once involved with the Nazi Party), has acknowledged that previous attempts to implement their plans have been hindered by “unforeseen setbacks” such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the adverse effects of climate change, and the escalating costs of food and fuel worldwide due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Global leaders and their representatives have been summoned to “strategize” and accelerate the progress of what the WEF calls “arguably the greatest-ever human endeavor undertaken to create peaceful, just, equal, and sustainable societies.”

But again, do not let the flowery language fool you: They seek to bring the world under their control so that we live their visions of a ‘peaceful, just society’ — which will mean giving up on our democratic systems and turning over all power to them, the tiny minority of mega-wealthy elitists who fancy themselves as god-kings.

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs has argued that “[p]ractical solutions that can accelerate progress on the [Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs)] will be urgently needed.”

The outlet notes further:

The seventeen SDGs comprising Agenda 2030 were first compiled in 2015 and were agreed upon by 191 UN Member State governments, though not necessarily their voting publics. These “goals” include laudable aspirations such as “ending poverty”, and eradicating world hunger, amongst more nefarious globalist goals in areas of gender ideology and hard-left socialist economics.

Since Davos 2o21, the WEF has publicly discussed how these goals can be used to achieve the ‘Great Reset,’ which would see ordinary people able to own nothing personally. The WEF claims this will increase happiness in the world.

The WEF is prioritizing “civic participation” as a means to advance its plans. They define this approach as addressing issues such as “economic inequality, gender disparities, corruption, and environmental degradation.” And how do the elites plan to ‘deal’ with these issues? The only way to do so is to take from people who have accumulated some degree of wealth and redistribute it to others who have done nothing to earn it — classic socialism. Add in the tyrannical aspect, and you get some hybrid form of communism and socialism.

“In the quest to build back better,” says the WEF, “civil society is proposing new ways of achieving the SDGs and creating a better post-pandemic world.”

Lofty goals, but people all over the world should get to decide these things for themselves, not have their futures ‘planned out’ by a handful of globalist busybodies who think they are masters of the universe.

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2 thoughts on “Globalist 2030 agenda push by World Economic Forum set for launch as elite make final drive towards total control by

  1. In regards to all the onslaughts they are presently inflicting on us… yesterday I heard someone call it a blitz, where the onslaughts are now more intensive and sudden, and they keep coming. Maybe it is better to call it a salvo, because in addition to being intense and sudden, the onslaughts shoot many disturbing and contradictory mind-tampering contrivances at us, laden with threats, fear porn, and the ever-useful doublespeak. Case in point, The WHO says ‘pandemic’ is over; it’s no longer a global health emergency. Gee, thanks a lot, after you wrecked life as we’ve known it for many millennia. But a few sentences later The WHO says, “but the virus is spreading.” In other words… We’ve ALWAYS got something up our sleeve.

    I have NEVER felt it so important to protect my mind as I do right now. They want us to become insane, unsure, insecure, bewildered, even delusional. I want to place common sense, logic, sound judgement up on the pedestal of human capability. Along with clear-thinking and discernment. The mind knows right from wrong and in many cases can discern truth from lies. The mind is able to discard that which hinders its existence and the existence of the body of the person who houses it. If cared for, it will always default to a free and healthy existence.

    I say guard the mind, even love the mind. Clean it daily of any intrusion that attempts to convince it that it is unfree or in need of other than itself to make sense of things. The mind is a kind of best friend, capable of staying true to the end. I say, TRUST IT!!


    1. Monday madness. Man, are American Nationals being played, or what?!! And the biggest thing being played right now is the race card. What kind of idiots will not see through this and sniff out the “divide and conquer” technique?

      All the shootings get framed in racism, with tinges of ‘nationalism.’ The universities have created Affinity Spaces where you get to only hang out with your own race and ‘feel safe’ and ‘experience familiarity.’ They are even having some graduation ceremonies that will be separated by race. Is this 1950?!

      They sure don’t want us working together to face our common enemy. But thinking minds see through it and refuse to buy in. Skin color has NOTHING to do with honor. I’m seein’ some great minds go in the toilet. Minds that have researched and studied the lies and atrocities of history. Minds that help the world understand our enslavement. Then they turn right around and act like enslavers themselves, putting down others as inferior to themselves.

      This is pretty elemental stuff, stuff that we moved passed decades ago, and now the fires of division are coaxing us back to the divide. I WILL NOT GO!! I WILL NOT BETRAY MY COMMON SENSE. I will work alongside ANYONE who is working for The Bill of Rights, that great document that serves each and every INDIVIDUAL!! As Henry always says, “THE BILL OF RIGHTS IS COLORBLIND!!”


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