Great NYT map of US federal land ownership

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States With the Most Land Owned by the Federal Government

The top states with the greatest percentage of federally owned land are all the Western states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Nevada 84.5%

Alaska 69.1%

Utah 57.5%

Oregon 53.1%

Idaho 50.2%

Arizona 48.1%

California 45.3%

Wyoming 42.3%

New Mexico 41.8%

Colorado 36.6%

Washington 30.3%

Montana 29.9%

Hawaii 19.4%


One thought on “Great NYT map of US federal land ownership

  1. The federal government does not own any land they management for the people. The federal government is doing a terrible job of management. I use to work for the Dept of the Interior, I saw the horror every day.

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